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Top 11 Low-Cost Handyman Franchise Opportunities (2022 Update)

Are you looking for the top low-cost handyman franchise opportunities around the world? Then this article is for you. In this article, I’ll be listing the top handyman franchise. Sit tight and enjoy while I give you details on the best handyman franchise.

handyman franchise

Because of the rising demand for repair and maintenance work like replacing door frames, laying drywall, and fixing broken sinks, the popularity of handyman markets is skyrocketing. 

These markets serve as a link between employers who want to hire skilled individuals and the workers themselves who are looking for work.

The handyman franchise industry has advanced significantly, and there are many software options available to create and launch a handyman marketplace, making it difficult to pick the best one. 

What is Handyman?

Depending on the customer’s demands and skill level, a handyman provides a variety of house repair services. The handyman, also referred to as a fixer, performs both interior and outdoor repairs.

The handyman franchise is a fantastic side hustle because it has low overhead costs and excellent profit margins.

A Succinct History of the Handyman Franchise

They established a residential and commercial repair and maintenance business called Mr. Handyman in 2000 and started franchising the following year. It works hard to develop a strong reputation for client satisfaction. 

In over 225 locations across the United States, Mr. Handyman franchisees assemble teams of construction and repair specialists. 

For thousands of customers, including baby boomers, homeowners who are maintenance-conscious, and millennials who are just coming of age, Mr. Handyman franchise offers alternatives.

A one-of-a-kind franchise that offers first-rate services for home and company development Mr. Handyman. 

You can join other franchisees that appreciate having the freedom to be their own bosses without having to launch your own home maintenance and remodeling company from scratch.

Facts and Trends Regarding Handyman Franchises

Industry of Handyman Franchises

The handyman franchise offers A variety of maintenance and repair services for homes and businesses. These services typically comprise but are not limited to.

1. Service for heating and cooling

2. Repairing plumbing

3. Installation and repair of drywall

4. Installing electrical systems

5. Woodworking services

6. Painted surfaces

7. Installation and repair of appliances

8. Installation and repair of flooring

9. Fixing the roof

10. Washing the gutters

Some repair and maintenance franchises might provide a wide range of services, but other franchises might specialize in a particular area, like painting or plumbing. From simple tweaks to lengthy ones, we can consider sophisticated projects.

The industry’s intimate linkages to the residential construction sector, per IBISWorld, “have aided in its rise in recent years.”

In addition, as private expenditure on home improvements has expanded, so has the demand for handyman service franchises.

The recent pandemic shutdowns and the increased attention they brought to the state of people’s homes sped up that steady growing trend. 

handyman franchise

Only half of the eight primary business sectors that franchise businesses operate in that FRANdata examined for its 2021 Franchise Economic Outlook had positive growth in 2017. 

And of the four, the growth rate of the commercial & residential services sector, which includes handyman services, was the highest.

Ace Handyman Services, Footprints Floors, Fresh Coat, Handyman Connection, Kappenberger & Son Painting and Handyman, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Handyman, Wow! One Day Painting and more are well-known businesses in the handyman franchise sector.

Top 11 Handyman Franchises

We have developed a list of the best handyman franchise to aid business owners in their decision-making. Short-listing according to features might further aid preferences and pricing.

1. Honey Do Service Inc.

Starting outlay: $85,630 to $122,200, 6.0% in royalty fees, 16 franchised business locations since 2008 at Bristol, Virginia where it all started.

One of the reasonably priced, very reliable investments in the handyman service sector is The HoneyDo Service, Inc. 

When it comes to the unquestionably popular house remodeling and improvement sector, this company aids customers. You can’t go wrong with a witty brand name either, which aids in drawing in potential clients.

This could be your chance to start and own a franchise from them after all these years of service. The key query is whether it is worthwhile. 

The Advantages of Franchising the Honey Do Service 

1. Since HoneyDo Service is one of the busiest local handyman franchise services in the field, its capacity to meet objectives and deliver high-calibre work will continue to expand.

2. With a small initial investment, it enables budding entrepreneurs to launch their franchises and receive a stable income.

3. Because there is no need for inventory in this business, owners can keep more of their money and spend less on inventory. This is enticing, especially if your business is just getting off the ground.

2. HandyPro

Initial outlay: $70,004 to $128,433, 6.0% in royalty fees, 10 franchised business units since 2000 with its headquarters at Plymouth, Michigan.

This handyman franchise business provides an economical answer to a wide range of building repairs and upkeep, much like any other handyman service. 

You can start a business with an initial investment of between $70,640 and $128,643. Since there are just a few franchisees in this business—which has been operating for over 20 years—most of the areas are still unclaimed.

Facts about HandyPro

1. This franchise in the category will refund the client’s franchise cost if the predetermined sales goals in the franchise are not achieved.

This is a pretty wonderful perk, particularly in the early stages of running a service company while you’re still developing a clientele.

2. To guarantee that the company bearing its name is successful and will maximize its earning potential, this franchise offers intensive initial and continuous training and unrestricted help.

3. Small, affordable industrial premises or homes can conduct business. This means that not all costs must be paid in order to keep the firm running, which will aid the franchisee in recovering their initial investment. 

3. Mister Sparky

Initial Investment for Mister Sparky is $123,873 to $301,553, 6.0% in royalty fees, and 103 franchise units, it started in 2006, and it has its Headquarters in Texas, Houston

Mister Sparky ticks all the right boxes for customers by offering safe, high-quality electrical services backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Compared to other handyman franchises, the initial investment is more, but the offered electrical services make this one special. With this franchise, you won’t be doing little one-off repairs around the house.

Advantages of Mister Sparky Handyman Franchise

1. A mobile electrician is available here. They can leverage their special ability to provide electrical services as a competitive advantage and establish themselves in the neighborhood market.

2. This company will remain in the lead because of its continually updated marketing toolkit, system, and technologies.

3. Last but not least, when you buy a franchise from this organization, owners will get help from them with hiring, training, and keeping top people in order to attract clients and make the business stand out. 

This support might be quite beneficial to you if you’ve never run a business.

handyman franchise

4. Fresh Coat

Initial Investment for a Fresh Coat is $54,000 to $77,000, with 6.0% in royalty fees, and 165 franchised business locations Since 2005, and its headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fresh Coat is a respectable choice if you want to run a company that specializes in providing color and painting services in houses or other buildings.

This franchise specializes in running a painting company that offers interior and exterior painting, as well as wallpapering services, to clients in both the residential and commercial sectors. 

They have been in the service sector since 2004, and as of right now, they continue to offer excellent painting services at fair prices. Affordably speaking, the initial investment ranges from $54,000 to $77,000.

Advantages of Owning a Fresh Coat Franchise

1. Capital is available. Fresh Coat has connections with several banks and lenders that could assist you to speed up the process and provide loans to open up a franchise if you want to get a franchise from this firm but do not have the money to buy and start this business.

2. Fresh Coat has many business streams, including painting for both residential and commercial spaces. This increases your versatility in terms of the clients you can deal with.

3. Finally, they have unveiled a thorough commercial training program that gives business owners the tools they need to establish a thriving, thriving commercial painting sector. This prepares you to offer a professional paint job even if you have little.

5. House Doctors

Initial Investment for House Doctors is $98,900 to $129,550, 6.0% in royalty fees, 52 franchise units handyman franchises since 1997, with its headquarters at Ohio’s Milford.

For $98,900, you may start a House Doctor franchise and expand your business. 

The franchise also has connections to outside sources that can fund and pay for things like a potential franchise fee, startup expenditures, inventory, equipment, and accounts receivable—even payroll. 

Benefits of Using this Handyman Franchise

1. With this handyman franchise, you can expand your business through a variety of revenue streams. This encompasses streams like commercial, renovation, handyman & to-do lists, and energy-efficient upgrades. 

2. This enables you to take advantage of trends related to the home services sector.

Since this is your first franchised firm, you won’t need to spend much because of the low overhead costs of this enterprise.

3. Last but not least, this brand operates in several meaningful growing industries, including house renovations, enhancements, and repairs.

6. Handyman Connection

$99,000 to $149,000 as a start-up cost, 5.0% in royalty fees, and 60 franchise locations, it started in 1991, with its headquarters at Ohio’s Blue Ash.

Home remodeling projects may be dirty, demanding, time-consuming, and risky. You address these issues for homeowners as a Handyman Connection franchise holder.

Since this franchise’s inception in 1991, customers have been calling to request their help when it comes to expert craftsmanship and superior customer service.

There’s a reason this successful firm has expanded to over 60 franchise locations.

Benefits of Handyman Connection

1. There is always a need for home renovation and maintenance. This is true right now when new housing prices are skyrocketing across most of the nation. 

People are spending more money preserving and renovating their current homes as a result since they cannot afford to buy new property.

2. The business plan for the Handyman Connection franchise is straightforward, requiring little inventory and little expense. The services industry has great potential for financial gain.

3. In order to offer homes high-quality services, you will also engage with and learn from other Handyman Connection franchisees, clients, and home improvement professionals. 

If you’re new to running a business, receiving practical training and having access to seasoned business owners can be very beneficial.

7. Mr. Appliance

Investment range: $60,800 to $139,515, 5.0% in royalty fees, 305 franchised business locations, and it started in 1996, with an office location in Waco, Texas. 

Anyone who has ever experienced a refrigerator or oven breakdown is aware of the type of home emergency this can be. Mr. Appliance comes to the rescue by fixing all kinds of appliances.

You can buy a Mr. Appliance franchise that serves your neighborhood for a start-up cost of $60,800. There are benefits if you have military experience.

However, there are drawbacks to this idea as well. The franchise review rating for this company is 81%. 

There will inevitably be some appliances that you can’t fix. This could lead to bad press for the company and make running it difficult.

handyman franchise

Facts about Mr. Appliance

Over the past two decades, the cost of purchasing new appliances has decreased. Many people might opt to spend several thousand dollars replacing a broken refrigerator rather than having it fixed for a few hundred.

Mr. Appliance handyman franchise has given you, the owner, continual training and support to get you ready for the operations that involve finances, employed/technician retention, and scheduling in order to preserve the sustainability and profit of your business.

Finally, they have supported the owners’ marketing efforts so that they can build their brand or become well-known in the sector.

The most crucial skill you will gain at the beginning of this business is marketing.

8. Handyman Matters

Starting outlay of $82,816 to $127,147, 6.0% in royalty fees, 125 franchised business locations, it started in 2001, with an office location at Lakewood, Colorado.

A nationwide business, Handyman Matters provides upkeep, remodeling, and enhancement services for residential and commercial properties. 

After over 20,000 US consumers were polled to determine the best only in customer service, Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Companies named them one of the top brands for Customer Service in the year 2020.

Ace Hardware offers multi-skilled professionals who can undoubtedly tackle a homeowner’s list of responsibilities recently gained this franchise makes investing in it a winning move as well. 

Even if their employees gave them the lowest rating in a review, their businesses are still renowned for the high quality of work they produce given that they were selected as one of the Best Companies for Customer Service.

Benefits of Purchasing Handyman Matters

1. This organization was passionate about having integrity as one of its aims, besides their quality to provide better services for the public. 

Knowing that they have this gives hope that each franchise owner will be treated with respect hoping they will reflect it in the staff’s behavior, which will help prospective customers develop some trust.

2. This handyman franchise business maintains in-depth training that will be of great advantage not only to the franchise owners but also to the clients who will receive the service, in order to keep their premium work and support.

3. By purchasing a handyman Matters franchise, you can already launch your own company for an initial investment of $82, 816. I’ll describe some advantages that make me think this franchise is worth considering if it’s one business you may choose from on the list.

4. Finally, this franchise has strategic service plans that they are convinced will help your business succeed. They have said that they will resume advantages that reimburse you 50% of your franchise cost if you still cannot generate $200,000 in gross revenue in the first 12 months.

9. Flying Locksmiths

Initial outlay: between $121,596 to $366,396, 8.0% in royalty fees, 89 franchised business locations with its headquarters at Braintree, Massachusetts. As of 2015, Flying Locksmiths install locks and other security measures to keep homes and businesses secure.

This handyman franchise, which has been around for over 70 years, is the greatest when it comes to offering top-notch security, including installing card access systems, CCTV, and even door closers. 

They adhere to traditional family values while using all available communication tools, such as electric strikes and intercom systems.

For this franchise, the minimum initial investment is $121,596. Be sure to include The Flying Locksmiths on your shortlist if you’re evaluating the risk of opening your own company versus franchising. Therefore:

1. Across the nation, demand for this industry is steadily rising. The locksmith market in the United States is estimated to be worth $2.8 billion in 2021, and future growth is expected.

2. This company already has a well-known brand and devoted clients. You have an important advantage, in the beginning, thanks to many favorable evaluations for this company. 

3. Customers already know and respect the brand. Not all companies offering home services operate in this manner.

handyman franchise

10. TruBlue Total House Care

$61,850 to $81,000 as a start-up cost, 6.0% in royalty fees, 60 Franchising handyman Franchise Units with its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 2011.

TruBlue Total House Care, a home service business targeted towards senior citizens and busy families, provides non-personal care. 

You can use TruBlue for anything from domestic cleaning to commercial maintenance and repair, yard work, snow removal, and senior home safety modifications.

If you’re on a tight budget, TruBlue Total House Care offers the lowest initial investment of all the mentioned handyman franchise businesses.

Despite that problem, this business franchise could ‌establish itself as the go-to handyman service provider for busy families and senior home care. 

Benefits of this Franchise

1. Low-risk, home-based enterprise. This is one of the least expensive options for a franchise that is just getting started. Compared to other chances, you can get in the black on your investment considerably sooner with a smaller commitment in this handyman franchise.

2. They run a firm that is simple to run and can grow quickly. TruBlue is exceptional for enabling its franchisees to scale up quickly and efficiently.

Besides allowing you to franchise their home-based business because their executive staff will be very helpful in developing this company in your neighborhood. 

3. This franchise was made to be scalable if you wanted to add more home service businesses.

4. Last but not least, TruBlue satisfies the demand for underserved home care services. It can get harder to complete tasks and projects around the house as we get older. 

For the aged and retired who can’t do these kinds of undertakings on their own, the TruBlue handyman franchise offers a crucial service.

11. Mr. Handyman

$117,500 to $149,500 as a start-up cost, 7.0% in royalty fees, and 290 franchised business units, it started in 2000 with its office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Worry less because Mr. Handyman can handle everything for you, from a major problem like a leaky pipe or faucet to a tiny issue like putting together shelves and more.

Before the year 2000 and until the present, Mr. Handyman has provided home repair and renovation services. With this franchise’s projected 290 units and ongoing expansion, it is not surprising that they could flourish in the homes of those who needed them.

Your very own Mr. Handyman franchise might genuinely give you a secured income for a one-time investment of $117,500. 

It won’t be difficult to hire a worker because they may be eligible for advantages from the company like paid holidays or vacation, a flexible schedule, and reimbursement for education, training, tuition, and even certificate costs.

Advantages of Mr. Handyman Franchise

1. This franchise is renowned for having strong moral principles and a high bar for performing fixation work. Customers will undoubtedly trust your wonderful business, your workers, and yourself with this great certification.

2. You don’t need to worry about your staff providing high-quality service because these professionals will make sure that they have at least ten years of experience in the industry they were working in.

3. Last but not least, this franchise may perform a variety of tasks required for home services, which implies that the best overall earnings may be attained.

handyman franchise

Principal Advantages of Owning a Handyman Franchise

Having a franchise can have several advantages over running an independent business. The following are some of the top advantages for people who choose to run a handyman franchise rather than going it alone.

1. Recognition of Names

Persons like to work with people they are familiar with while looking for service providers. Franchises frequently have well-known brand names that have existed for a long time. 

You will use the name, trademarks, and logo of the handyman franchise you purchase to promote your business.

2. Advertising

Getting your brand out there may be expensive, and deciding how to spend your advertising and marketing money can be challenging at times. In a franchise, the franchisor normally handles all national advertising. ‌

Even though you normally control local advertising, you will have standards in place to aid in directing you.

3. Education & Assistance

The training offered is a feature that all franchises are known for. Franchisees will have access to the franchisor’s operations manual, computer systems, and other tools to help them successfully run their handyman franchise while they are in business.

Due to the rising demand for repair and maintenance work like replacing door frames, laying drywall, and fixing broken sinks, the popularity of handyman franchise markets is skyrocketing. 

These markets serve as a link between employers who want to hire skilled individuals and the workers themselves who are looking for work.

Handyman’s Franchise Annual Salary

Owning a handyman franchise company is much more lucrative financially than working as an employee in one. 

A handyman makes, on average, $39,080 annually. However, if you own the company and can maintain it, you may make more than $100,000.

The typical hourly wage for a handyman ranges from $60 to $70 for independent contractors to about $125 for those who work for an organization. 

That would be a lot already, but not all of them are paid equally based on the amount of work they have completed.

Of course, becoming an owner is a little more complicated. The fundamentals of marketing and customer service must be learned. But if you can master these two abilities, you’ll be equipped to transition to ownership.

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