Hairstyles for Really Long Hair for Men and How to Maintain Them

– Hairstyles for Really Long Hair –

Previously thought to be popular primarily with rock gods, surfers, and skateboarders, the community of long-haired guys continues to grow fast as a result of trendy appeal.

Long hair is fashionable and flexible, with styles ranging from shoulder-scraping to manes reaching the lower back. Long hair may be done for every occasion, whether it’s pushed back, textured, or dramatically split.

Do you want to know how to style long hair for men? It seems like just yesterday when men’s long hairstyles were limited to cultural enclaves. However, times have changed, and men’s hairstyles have evolved in tandem.

As a result, what was once associated with rock gods and surf dogs is now practically commonplace among the modern crowd.

To demonstrate this point, well-known celebrities such as Jason Momoa, Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth, and Keanu Reeves have all recently sported long haircuts.

But, with so many options for how to wear your hair, it might be difficult to choose just one. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the perfect style for your long hair.

All that remains is for you to choose your favorite from our list of the greatest easy long hairstyles for guys.

How to Style Long Hair for Men

The road ahead will not be easy, but it will undoubtedly be rewarding. All the jealous baldies will shoot sneers and crook eye glances your way as you stroll down the street, exuding sexual prowess.

But that’s what it’s all about when it comes to men’s long hair. Looking nice and feeling even better, and if you believe you’re up for the challenge of a long haircut, let us be your guide.

As any barber or men’s hairdresser can tell you, the variety of long hair kinds and styles is nearly limitless. However, there are some tried-and-true hairstyles that never cannot wow, assuming you know which ones work best for you.

Consider the following men’s long haircuts before your next trip to the barbershop.

The 23 Best Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

Below are some amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair:

1. Ponytail

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

A pony is a simple and quick technique to arrange long hair for those in-between days or for the man at work.

Pulling hair back with a drop of serum to ensure optimum shine, one can either keep the natural part or pull hair straight back for a slightly more tousled look.

In terms of slickness for this appearance, knot the tie over two or three times for hold and comfort.

Allow a few strands at the front to fall by the face or be tucked behind the ears to keep the appearance from looking overly restricted or harsh.

2. Curl and Wave

This is an Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Wear your wavy mane long to show off its volume and free-flowing nature.

The lengthier length will highlight your curls to their best advantage, but be sure to have your hairdresser cut a form into your mane.

Once the waves are made, you can leave them alone or, as seen in the photo, create an off-middle portion, apply a flat boar-bristle brush to the bang region, and smooth out the front.

This will soften the overall appearance of a wavy style.

Use humidity-fighting and frizz-controlling products. Finish with a few drops of a liquid shine product put into your palms and distributed through your wavy locks.

3. Braids

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Braids are a great alternative for men with long hair who want to stand out.

They’re not only one-of-a-kind, but they’re also adaptable and can be customized to suit a variety of styles.

Try wearing your hair in one long and loose plait at the back of your head for a discreet braided effect. Alternatively, for a more eye-catching look, do a series of tight braids starting at your scalp and working your way through your lengthy mane.

For a double dose of elegance, pair your braided look with a man bun or ponytail.

4. Long Textured Waves

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

This gritty look is all about texture and dimension.

Harry Styles popularized the look, which includes a deconstructed pompadour and medium texture and density waves.

This look is wearable for almost any face shape but is best suited to those with some natural movement and a layered cut.

To replicate, apply a styling mousse to clean damp hair, scrunch liberally, and either leave to air dry or dry with a diffuser directing the front section of hair backward.

Then, when the hair is nearly totally dry, take the front portion and softly backcomb it before finishing with a flexible hairspray. This is the hair of heartthrobs, with a playboy allure and young vigor.

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5. Messy Casual

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Perhaps no style is more desirable among males than one that appears both easy and stunning (or sharp and relaxed). To get this look, use a small amount of all-natural hair products. You’ll be the stuff of legend if you pull it off.

6. Dreadlocks

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Braids and dreadlocks used to be two unique styles, despite their similar spirit.

Whereas braids conveyed sharpness and self-control, dreadlocks suggested you were the type of guy who smoked before breakfast.

A tightly managed head of dreads, on the other hand, can be anything but natty nowadays. It’s no surprise, then, that these men’s hairstyles are commonplace in clubs and on runways alike.

7. Half-Up Half-Down

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

The drama of a man bun meets the sleekness of flowing hair.

With your jawline and neck clearly exposed, you’ll score major points with the women while also keeping your hair out of your face — a win-win situation.

When worn with longer strands, this style is most striking.

A hallmark of the long-haired guy and later placed back on the map by Chris Hemsworth in his turn as Thor, this look is most striking when worn with longer strands.

Pull the top third of your hair back into a tie and loop over into a knot, allowing for some flexibility by not tying it too firmly.

With day-old hair, most androgynous, preserve the appearance of devil-may-care by putting some dry shampoo into the roots and spritzing the ends with water or sea salt spray.

8. Man-Bun

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Take caution with this one because it’s been the punchline for a lot of jokes.

The men who make it work, on the other hand, seem to attract all the proper eyes.

Wrap everything up in a neat, manageable box and place it at the back of your skull. Just remember to keep it tight, but not so tight that you’re ripping the roots out.

9. Beachy

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

To have beachy hair, you don’t have to live near the water.

Grow your hair out to around chin length, with the majority of it being the same length all over. To give movement to the bottom, have your stylist do some minor layering or texturizing.

Ask your hairdresser for an ombré highlight or balayage to give your hair a sun-kissed glow.

The aim is to make it appear as naturally sunlit as possible. Traditional accents, such as foils or a mesh cap, might appear to be put too purposefully.

For extra texture, finish with a sea-salt spray like Herbivore Coconut Sea Mist Texturizing Spray ($20).

10. Long Straight Hair

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.


A gorgeous head of long, straight men’s hair is a true gift from above, according to the nearest baldy.

The same baldy will respectfully beg that you not take your gift for granted. Sure, you may let your Adonis-like follicles speak for themselves, or you can take additional precautions with them.

Consider using a salt spray to give your hair a firmer grip while it’s moist. Also, rake the hair back with your fingers to produce a part, which adds a natural element to the look.

11. Long Undercut

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

If you want to give your long hair a fresh lease of life, consider incorporating an undercut into your design.

Shaving the sides and back of your hair creates an instant contrast between these portions and the lengthy hair remaining on top of your head.

Then, simply let your long hair fall to one side for an excellent attitude-filled look.

Alternatively, this style may be worn with a ponytail, man bun, or topknot, which are suitable for the warmer months as well as formal occasions.

12. Long Slick Back

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

The slick back style is as simple to produce as it is sophisticated for men with medium-length hair.

The slick back is a more undone alternative to a bun or ponytail that goes equally well with a fitted suit as it does with streetwear.

A high-shine appearance is ideal for fine hair and may be produced by raking fingers through clean hair with a medium hold gel.

Guys with wavy or textured hair may pull off this style as well by brushing the front part of hair back with a pomade or mousse for more grip.

Curls can be kept mostly intact or slightly broken up for a more worn-in look.

13. Slick Back with Fade

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Make a statement with a long(ish) smooth back bordered by a neat undercut, taper, or fade. When you combine that with a beard, you’re certainly a guy of the twenty-first century!

14. Thick and Shiny

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

If you’ve been gifted with a thick, full head of hair, flaunt it by letting it grow out.

Consider having lengthy layers cut all over your head, with layers framing your face.

A severe part may be achieved by blow-drying the hair in one direction strongly off to the side that normally flows.

Blow-dry the remaining hair roughly with your fingers as it dries on the heat. Generally, the lighter your hair color, the less shine it has, and the darker your hair, the more shine it has.

If you believe you require more shine, try a shampoo and conditioner that contains shine-enhancing ingredients. Once dry, use a light hold shine pomade for control and extra brilliance to keep your thick hair from looking dull and dry.

15. Long Hairstyle with Beard

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Long hair makes a big statement on its own, but when paired with a beard, it becomes much more potent.

So, if you want to make your lengthy mane even more unique, consider adding some face fluff to it. Just be sure you choose the appropriate length and style for the appearance you want to achieve.

Long waves, for example, seem wild and savage when matched with a huge bushy beard, but a silky mane mixed with some slight stubble looks more polished and work-appropriate.

16. Long Curls

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Why not flaunt your lusciously long and curly hair in all its glory?

Long curls, with their natural texture and volume, may be a terrific appearance for people with a laid-back attitude.

To get this style, you’ll need to keep your curls in good condition and reduce any extra frizz. As a result, remember to condition your hair on a regular basis while not over-washing it.

Also, invest in moisture-rich hair treatments and allow your hair to dry naturally as much as possible because blow-drying can create frizz and damage. Then it’s only a matter of deciding whether to wear your curls brushed back or parted.

17. Face-framing Shag

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Yes, shaggy may be seductive.

If you have a natural wave in your hair, this is a wonderful choice for creating a longer-length look. You may experiment with wearing your bangs forward, sideways, or pushed back.

Wear it full around your face or tuck it behind your ears. Longer hair allows you to experiment with fresh looks while keeping the same haircut.

Your stylist should trim long layers for mobility, with sides somewhat shorter. This style should be low-maintenance for you; however, longer lengths may reveal more oil.

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18. Long Blonde Hair

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

While men of various hair hues may pull off long locks, long blonde hair stands out the most.

When worn long, blonde hair looks dazzling and stunning due to its light color and natural sheen.

Long blonde hair also evokes thoughts of Norse gods, making it look incredibly manly and impressive. Of course, wearing it with a beard will help as well.

If you like a surfer look, go for long blonde waves that fall just past your shoulders and avoid too much facial hair.

19. Long Hair with Middle Part

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

On a lengthy mane, a sharp portion may be quite eye-catching.

The center part is best reserved for individuals with symmetrical hair and straighter hair.

To get an arrow straight part, use a fine-toothed comb to freshly washed hair and draw a crisp line from the hairline directly back before running fingers through ends with a drop of serum.

An unclear side part is a good option for males with softer features and more textured hair. Sweep the bigger part of the hair to one side and encourage it to stay in place by tucking it behind your ear, guided by a natural cowlick or preference.

Apply a texturing spray on the roots to add more grip, then use hair wax to define the part near the face.

20. Long Hair for Asian Men

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

Long hair has long been a feature of many Asian cultures.

And while many Asian men nowadays prefer a shorter style, many still want to wear their hair long.

It’s also not surprising. Long hair not only reflects a rich ancestry, but it also looks genuinely trendy on Asian males.

Furthermore, because Asian hair is frequently thick, strong, and fast-growing, it makes an ideal foundation for a long length. Similarly, many Asian men have straight strands of hair, which are great for creating an outstanding mane of hair.

21. Bro Flow

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

The bro flow is one of the most effortlessly cool hairstyles for guys with long hair, loved by celebrities and trendy individuals all over the world.

This style is adaptable and may fit a variety of hair textures.

It has the ability to produce a comfortable and sophisticated image, making it ideal for a laid-back yet confident man.

It’s functional, brushed backward yet falling more naturally, so it not only keeps hair out of your eyes, but it also draws attention to your features. You won’t have to spend a lot of time styling it, and the cut takes little upkeep.

22. Long Crazy Hair

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

One of the enticing aspects about long hair is the variety of ways it may be styled.

If you are a man who enjoys experimenting with new appearances, you will be able to discover something to fit your face shape and personal preferences.

Long, wild hair is not for everyone; it is for the man who enjoys standing out from the crowd. Crazy hair is a fashion-forward style to style that emphasizes volume and works well with textured hair to get a windswept look.

Having wild hair may be quite seductive and draw a lot of attention. To pull off this look, you’ll need a stronghold product and a lot of confidence.

23. Long Afro

This is one of the Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

Long afros are eye-catching and create a statement.

They are a look to be proud of, and there are many different ways to wear your Afro hairstyle.

Longer is the way to go for some men. Unlike shorter hairstyles and neater cuts, this look is all about having fun and going for a more relaxed and unkempt look.

It’s a great way to emphasize your natural texture and embrace the volume, but make sure your hair is in good condition so that dryness or damage doesn’t detract from its coolness.

24. Long Curly Mohawk

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

The mohawk is not a hairstyle for the faint of heart.

It has a rebellious attitude and is not appropriate for business settings.

Instead, it is designed for males who wish to express themselves via their hair and often has both sides shaved with a lengthy strip down the center. You may add softness and a more modern update to this appearance by using curly texture.

You may keep the sides short but not clean-shaven for a less striking look. Alternatively, you may play up the volume of your curls for a large and dramatic look that is unmistakable.

25. Windblown

This is an amazing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

After getting your hair cut with long layers all around, you should style it away from your face while defining the layers.

This outfit is supposed to appear casual and airy.

Texturize your hair with a texturizing spray, such as a sea salt mist, then flip it upside down and blow-dry it while tousling with your fingers.

Once your hair is nearly dry, turn it back up and blow-dry it back and away from your face using a vented brush.

After your hair has dried, rub a lightweight wax between your palms and distribute it throughout your hair.

26. The Man-Bob

This is a mind blowing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

hairstyles for really long hair guys

A typical bob is one length all the way around, with no layers, however it can be oriented straight all the way around or at an inverted angle.

Your hairdresser can then shape your hair to match your natural texture.

The model in this image has natural waves on the back and sides, which have been gently piled with layers.

The front is still lengthy, which keeps it from becoming a shag haircut.

Tucking the strands behind the ears to highlight the jawline can help to keep the look in place. For control and definition, use a mild hold gel or styling cream.

27. Feathered

This is a mind blowing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair.

Jared Leto’s somewhat feathery ‘do frames his face well, highlighting his features with layers and terrific style.

When it comes to styling this style, less is more, so apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner and concentrate on the ends.

Regardless matter how you style your long hair, be sure you’re protecting it.

“Longer hair just means more of it has been exposed to the environment and typical wear and tear,” Butler explains. “This implies that your hair may get damaged and fragile over time, making it prone to breaking.”

28. Long Hair with Bangs

This is a mind blowing Hairstyles for Really Long Hair. What is there not to like about bangs?

Bangs may assist to produce a more youthful appearance by adding volume, framing your face, and hiding symptoms of age such as fine lines and wrinkles.

We may wear bangs in a variety of textures and lengths, making even the most basic haircut more fascinating.

Long hair with bangs is a great choice since it draws attention to your eyes and allows you to experiment with different fringes. Longer hair is also more adaptable, enabling you to wear it up or down and not be limited in how you trim or style it.

How to Maintain Long Hair for Men

Let’s get one thing straight: if you’re into long hair because you don’t enjoy having frequent haircuts, this may come as an unpleasant revelation.

When left to its own ways, long hair may quickly become nappy and incredibly difficult to manage. Stop fooling about and go to a barber or men’s hairdresser if you are guilty as accused.

For the rest of you, please utilize the following long hairstyle recommendations for guys as a jumping-off point.

  1. Make sure you have the correct male grooming equipment on hand. Look for a good wide-tooth comb and a good hairbrush with natural bristles. If you’re going for the ponytail style, use cloth-coated bands rather as rubber bands, which might harm your hair.
  2. Be conscious of the development process. In other words, remember that the long men’s hairstyle journey from point A (short hair) to point B (long, fashionable hair) includes some pit breaks in the shape of medium length hair, which you’ll have to style correctly.
  3. Don’t over-style your hair or make it seem too feminine. When it comes to a fantastic long hairstyle for guys, you want it to appear natural and manly rather than too manicured or permed. To achieve rough, organic texture, use hair treatments such as texture spray and matte paste after drying your hair with a towel. Consider tying it back (but not too tight), which emits both aggressiveness and sharpness.

Other Ways to Maintain Long Hair for Men

  1. Take a methodical approach to washing and drying. Wash your man’s long hair on a regular basis with shampoo and conditioner. Shake off the water before drying with a towel, and make sure to towel-dry your hair gently caressing it in the direction it normally grows.
  2. Wearing tight-fitting headwear and/or using extremely tight ponytails are not acceptable. Such methods might cause hair loss by pulling on the roots of your hair.
  3. Maintain a regular grooming routine. This includes clipping your long hair on a regular basis to eliminate damaged portions and grooming any neighboring facial hair, such as beards.
  4. Maintain a healthy diet and way of life. Long, lustrous hair in males is a sign of a healthy physique. Similarly, a bad diet can lead to ragged, lifeless hair. Avoid binge drinking and smoking. Consider taking all of these precautions regardless of how long your hair is.

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Aside from celebrity endorsements, long hair for guys is something that many of us take for granted, especially after realizing that it isn’t always in endless supply.

Why not strut your thing if you’re one of the lucky few who can genuinely grow his hair out to excessive lengths? Long hair, on the other hand, comes with a lot of responsibilities.

More specifically, when things are left untidy or unmanaged, things can go catastrophically wrong. That entails researching the most popular men’s long haircuts, deciding on a style that brings out the best in you, and working hard to keep it up every day.

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