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Gordmans Credit Card: When you’re a regular Gordman’s shopper, you can get your hands on Gordmans Card from Comenity Bank and get your loyalty spending rewarded! Once you register for and use your credit card account, you can get 15 percent off your first-day transactions.

Gordmans Credit Card

Earn $5 in reward cards for every 100 points won, double cardholders every day, and 20 percent off your birthday! With no annual fee attached, this card is good if you are the spender of a big Gordman.

Gordmans Credit Card Basics

  • Maximum Bonus:15% off
  • Spending Requirement: None
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Bonus Worth: YMMV
  • Expiration Date: None

Gordmans Credit Card Features

  • 15% off your first day’s purchases when you apply for and use your store credit card.
  • $5 Reward** for every 100 points earned–with any form of payment
  • Double Points every day for cardholders!
  • $1 spent = 1 point earned with your store credit card
  • $2 spent = 1 point earned with other forms of payment
  • Birthday Reward–20% off
  • No annual fee

Gordmans Credit Card Pros 

1. You Can Add An Authorized Buyer

You can add another person to your account as an approved customer so that they can also make purchases. The approved buyer will have his own card, but all of their expenses will go to your account.

You will be the only one responsible for repayments because it is your account and you need to keep that in mind. You can add an Authorized Buyer to your account.

2. Cardholders Get Special Discounts And Promotions

As a cardholder, you will be eligible for discounts and deals which other customers will not have. These are sent to you through the channels via which you have agreed to receive marketing communications. You can also be able to get deals each month with your comment.

3. More Points Towards Their Reward Club

The easiest way to gain points for their loyalty program is using the Gordman credit card. With every $1 you spend on the card, you’ll earn 2 points which is four times more than you would earn by using a different payment method. When you cross 100 points, you’ll receive a $5 reward voucher that can be used in-store as you wish.

4. Discount On Your Birthday

For your birthday each year you will be responsible for a 20 percent discount on all transactions you make on that day in Gordmans. You’ll need to have used your card during the year on several other occasions to qualify for this incentive.

5. Discount When You First Use The Card

Pros of Gordmans Credit Card

When you first use your card you will earn a 15 percent discount on the entire order. If you’re planning to spend a lot of money at Gordmans then by applying for and using a credit card you can save a lot of money.

When you receive the first statement or spread the amount you can then opt to pay the balance in full by making smaller payments per month.

6. There Are Several Ways To Pay

There are a variety of ways you can pay your credit card bill which makes it easier for you to pay. You can pay directly by phone or online with your debit card. If you want to make cash payments then you can do so by making a purchase at your local store.

7. Access To Your Account Online

If this is something you want to do, you can handle your account entirely online. You can check your balance at any time , make payments through the online portal.

This makes it much easier to make sure you keep track of your spending because you won’t have to wait for your statement to pass every month.

8. No Annual Fee

There is no tax charged on this card per annum. The APR is slightly higher than you would see on reward credit cards but it helps offset these costs because there is no annual fee.

The only reason you pay interest on this card is if you don’t pay out the balance in full per month.

9. No Limit On The Points That You Receive

There’s no limit on how many points you can gain by using your credit card. It ensures that if you regularly shop at Gordmans you will quickly start earning points that can earn you money off the vouchers.

When you use your credit card so collect these points much faster.

10. It Is Managed By Comenity Bank

Comenity Bank runs the Gordman credit card and handles all transactions. Comenity specializes in supplying hundreds of stores throughout the United States with store cards so you can be confident you’re in expert hands.

They have a lot of experience in running this form of card and if Gordmans were to go through some insolvency, this would also give you some security.

The Bad

  1. High interest charge if not paid in full each month.
  2. Higher than average purchase APRs.
  3. It does not offer a signup bonus.
  4. It does not offer rewards or cash back.
  5. You don’t earn rewards on every purchase.
  6. Does not include any credit card rewards.

The Gordmans MasterCard issued by Comenity Bank offers an actual rewards structure including double points every day for cardholders.

For every 100 points earned, you’ll be getting $5 in rewards certificate only towards Gordmans spending. The 15% off sign-up bonus can be quite useful if you’re contemplating a Gordman’s haul soon.

With no annual fee, the card is decent but is completely dismal when mentioning the high-interest APR. Shopping Cart Trick doesn’t seem to work for this card, so if you’re really trying to get rewards or cashback, there could be better options out there for you (depending on your credit score).

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