Atlanta Brunch Spots to Visit this Weekend

Looking for good brunch places in Atlanta to visit on the weekends? Try one of these eateries in and around Atlanta that have either just opened, have expanded their brunch offerings, or have recently undergone a substantial brunch menu makeover. This weekend, indulge in your cravings for French toast, mimosas, and mile-high biscuits.

About Atlanta

Even if you only have a day or two to spend there, Atlanta is a fantastic city to explore. 

Because of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta is frequently a meeting point for distant friends (the largest and busiest in America).

Atlanta is one of the most well-liked cities in the south due to its inexpensive airfare, excellent location, and warmth in the winter.

There are many reasons why Atlanta has experienced remarkable growth during the past few decades.


More Things to Know

With its zoo, aquarium, theaters, and nightlife, Atlanta offers activities for people of all ages and interests.

Of course, your group will need to eat while in Atlanta, whoever they may be. Why not convert it to a good brunch place for a treat?

You won’t want to miss these good brunch places if you’re traveling to Atlanta with friends or family. 

At any of these nearby eateries, you may fill yourself on waffles, eggs Benedict, and mimosas or try something different. You won’t regret it whether you go on a weekday or a weekend.

Atlanta Brunch Places to Visit This Weekend

1. The Breakfast Boys

Even if you only have a day or two to spend there, Atlanta is a fantastic city to explore. 

Because of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta is frequently a meeting point for distant friends.

Atlanta is one of the most well-liked cities in the south due to its inexpensive airfare, excellent location, and warmth in the winter.

With its zoo, aquarium, theaters, and nightlife, Atlanta offers activities for people of all ages and interests.

Of course, your group will need to eat while in Atlanta, whoever they may be. Why not convert it to a brunch venue?

2. Breakfast At Barney’s

In addition to offering tasty breakfast, Barney’s does so with style. Breakfast at Barney’s is the place to go if you’re searching for good brunch places.

The extensive menu at Barney’s is sure to please, whether you require breakfast for coworkers, a bachelorette celebration, or just a lunch out with friends.

3. Graffiti Breakfast 

Comfort food from the South is elevated to a whole new level with Graffiti Breakfast. Everything is sustainably produced locally, with a focus on helping others and developing homegrown cooks.

There are many daily selections on the menus, and the cuisine is really excellent. 

4. Gocha’s Breakfast Bar

Don’t eat bacon for breakfast but are still peckish? One of the good brunch places that specialize in vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian fare is Gocha’s Breakfast Bar.

They only have chicken and seafood for meat. Every day of the week, Gocha’s offers breakfast and lunch.

They have incredible fish, shrimp, and grits, but you shouldn’t overlook the jalapeño fish and grits too. If you’re a vegan, you must have the sweet potato impossible nachos when you visit Gocha’s.

5. Babs Midtown

Babs Midtown is located in midtown Atlanta, just as you might expect. They offer a variety of breakfast and lunch options and are well-known for their coffee and laid-back, pet-friendly ambiance.

The menu is constantly changing, and they specialize in a la carte options. Babs offers a variety of amenities, including a cozy ambiance, a convenient location, fine dining, and dogs.

6. Sun in My Belly

Another appropriate eatery is Sun in My Belly. It truly feels like a beam of sunshine when you eat the healthy, fresh meals they serve.

The choices (and costs) at Sun in My Belly have recently decreased, but the food is still wonderful. Get some sun in your belly and stroll over to College Avenue if you’re seeking regional gourmet meals.

7. Egg Harbor Cafe

There are three Egg Harbor Cafe locations across the country, making it a small chain. You’re fortunate if you live in Atlanta because it’s close to the only Egg Harbor in the South.

The eatery specializes in traditional brunch fare including french toast and eggs benedict.

If you have special dietary restrictions or are just trying to eat healthier, Egg Harbor is one of the good brunch places for you.

8. The Nook at Piedmont Park

The Nook in Midtown is the place to go if you want a venue with a lot of personalities and numerous honors.

Also, you won’t want to miss out on the weekday specials, even if the Nook only serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

They offer half-priced wine on Monday, tacos Tuesday, and trivia on Wednesday (and in our opinion, all of those are worth attending). The cocktails served each week are also fantastic.

9. Highland Bakery 

The majority of the good brunch places on our list began as breakfast or lunch spots before turning their attention to brunch.

On the other hand, Highland Bakery has consistently concentrated on the sweeter aspects of mornings. All day long, breakfast and lunch are available, and the freshly baked delicacies are even better.

Highland Bakery also offers fantastic sweet potato pancakes, muffins, and cupcakes, in addition to their outstanding fried chicken, which they add to practically everything.

10. West Egg Cafe

Motivated by the well-known West Egg from F. The West Egg Cafe, which appears in Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, lives up to its reputation with lavish meals and a refined ambiance.

It offers traditional Southern comfort food in a stylish and contemporary setting.

The West Egg Cafe has established itself in Atlanta and is on this list by offering bar seats, a coffee bar, and daily specials.

Currently, they have contactless dining alternatives as well as fantastic coffee and mimosas (although, sadly, the mimosas do not have unlimited refills).

 11. Ria’s Bluebird

Near the Atlanta Zoo and Grant Park is a sweet little brunch and lunch spot called Ria’s Bluebird.

There is a solid reason why the eatery is a local favorite. Weekly specials at Ria’s Bluebird are always enjoyable, regardless of what they are.

Only open on weekends, Ria’s Bluebird makes up for it with fantastic breakfast (and lunch) options. The tofu scramble is outstanding if you are a vegan or vegetarian.

It includes black beans, broccoli, pickled onion, grilled tomatoes, spicy tofu, and vegan pesto. However, if you want meat, I can’t suggest the brisket breakfast enough.

12. Folk Art 

Another eatery that lives well to its name is Folk Art. Every wall in the restaurant is decorated with local art, giving off the impression that it is both a house and an art gallery.

Folk Arts is renowned for its distinctive flavors and filling fare, it has been highlighted on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and is still a neighborhood favorite.

Chicken and waffles are available in many places. The best, though, might well be Folk Art. They added a peach and bourbon compote to this southern classic, and it is extremely delicious.

13. Thumbs Up Diner 

Three of the seven sites for The Thumbs Up Diner are in actual Atlanta. But their main office is in the historic part of Atlanta’s city center.

If you’re in downtown Atlanta, you should stop by as it serves traditional breakfast and brunch dishes including waffles, hash browns, and skillets.

The Thumbs Up Diner is an excellent choice if you want traditional diner food in a convenient setting.

14. The General Muir

General Muir is a terrific choice if you want to brunch with a more New York vibe. It is a traditional deli-style eatery, serving sandwiches, subs, and brunch fare.

Georgia has two General Muir locations, Sandy Springs and Atlanta. For a loaf of excellent rye bread, it’s worth traveling to the Atlanta location’s connected bakery.

The pecan-crusted french toast (with spiced honey butter and bananas!) is to die for if you’re going to brunch.

 15. South City Kitchen 

Due to its location in the heart of Atlanta’s downtown, South City Kitchen is convenient to the city’s major tourist attractions.

However, South City Kitchen is a must-see attraction in and of itself. If you’re in the area on a Saturday or Sunday, don’t miss this one. This is one of the good brunch places.

Classics including grits, waffles, and frittatas are on the brunch menu at South City (only served on the weekends).

16. Murphy’s

Brunch and dinner are Tom Murphy’s restaurant’s main menu items. The restaurant has the atmosphere of a popular city eatery yet charges suburban prices.

Murphy’s only serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, but it’s well worth the wait.

They serve lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. If you’re hungry, the steak is fantastic and the french fries are worth getting an additional order of.

17. Cultivate Food and Coffee

The environment at Cultivate Food and Coffee is noted for being friendly and upbeat.

The coffee shop turned restaurant is particularly well-known for its delicious breakfasts and robust coffee, which is equally as significant.

A chicken biscuit with fried chicken, homemade pimento cheese, and peach pepper jelly is one of the fantastic breakfast options at Cultivate. The entire meal is either homemade or locally sourced.

18. Atlanta Breakfast Club

The fried chicken and waffles brunch is fantastic and comes highly recommended.

The ABC is the ideal stop for families with children before a day of fun because it is situated directly across from the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca-Cola museum.

Although it offers breakfast and lunch, brunch fare is its specialty.

Atlanta Breakfast Club is the perfect place to start your day if you’re looking for good brunch places in Atlanta that serve all your favorite southern dishes.

19. Bread & Butterfly

Bread & Butterfly is the place to go if you’re looking for a stylish, elegant little European cafe. The eatery is open from early morning until late lunch.

However, the brunch fare at Bread & Butterfly is superb. The baked items and coffee beverages are the highlights.

20. Canoe

While several of these eateries are located in downtown Atlanta, Canoe offers a slightly more rural atmosphere.

The food, however, is what really draws people to this eatery.

Any item on the menu is fantastic, but the smoked salmon eggs benedict (with citrus hollandaise! ) is a top pick.

 21. Buttermilk Kitchen

Everything at Buttermilk Kitchen is amazing, from the homemade jams to the waffles, so they do this to perfection.

The biscuit basket, which includes three different types of biscuits with homemade jams and butter, is the way to go if grits aren’t your thing.

To accommodate dietary limitations, Buttermilk offers both a vegan and a gluten-free menu in addition to its standard menu.

22. Flying Biscuit Cafe 

The Flying Biscuit Cafe has won numerous honors, including three different corporations’ Best of Atlanta awards.

In both of its Atlanta sites, where it has been operating for more than 25 years, reviews are always positive.

You may carry the biscuits and grits to your gatherings because the restaurant also provides catering services.

Biscuits are the only item the Flying Biscuit Cafe specialized in. With eggs and homemade potatoes, biscuits and gravy is served.

23. Corner Bakery Cafe 

On your way into or out of the city, stop at The Corner Bakery in North Atlanta.

This modest cafe is a fantastic place to have breakfast before visiting the parks around the city if you’re not planning on staying in the city’s core.

Corner Bakery offers a variety of morning items, including yogurt and granola, breakfast paninis, and egg scrambles.

The restaurant also serves lunch; if you choose to eat there for noon, get the bacon and tomato mac & cheese.

24. Ticonderoga Club

The Ticonderoga Club, which accepts reservations every day of the week save Sunday, is one of its most well-known merchants.


Ticonderoga has some of the best-mixed beverages in Atlanta along with seafood and pub favorites (their steak is to die for).

Although the restaurant’s breakfast menu is excellent, it is best recognized for its supper menu.

25. Home Grown

Home Grown takes pleasure in coming right out of the backyard. The restaurant is casual and enjoyable, just like its name would imply.

With Home Grown, they’ve actually succeeded in doing that because the eatery is fantastic and reasonably priced.

The menu at Home Grown changes frequently throughout the year because all of its ingredients are sourced locally.

You can always count on a tasty and inventive breakfast filled with a lot of fresh vegetables.

Wrapping up

You’re likely to find something you enjoy on this list, whether you want a traditional brunch with mimosas and omelets or a more southern take on brunch (chicken and waffles, anyone?).

Find a brunch location and unwind anywhere in the city. On your journey to Atlanta, stop by any of these and bring a piece of this lovely southern city home with you.

Not finding anything you like? For a quiet evening out, check out some of these Atlanta restaurants with private dining rooms or visit one of these rooftop pubs to take in the city’s skyline.

Did we overlook anything? Please let us know in the comments below so we can include it right away.

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Bread, fruits, and pancakes.

Waffles, burgers, pancakes, French toast, and other foods made with bread

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