18 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Watch Netflix 2022 Online

– Get Paid to Watch Netflix 2022 –

If you love watching movies now and then or during your spare time, then you may have missed out on a big opportunity. You have actually missed out on earning a buck-load of money all these years spent watching movies on Netflix.

Get Paid To Watch Netflix

If you are like me and love to spend most of your free time binge-watching Netflix, you absolutely can get paid.

Yes, you can get paid for some or even all the time you spend binge-watching Netflix–you enjoy the experience and still get paid some. This article tells you exactly how it works.

18 Ways Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2022

The following section highlights the ways of making money while watching Netflix movies online

1. Get Paid to Watch Netflix 2022 Officially

One method of making money through Netflix is by becoming an official worker of the popular online streaming site.

The site hires many people to watch movies online for various purposes like becoming a film critic or in other capacities that are geared towards enhancing their services.

This is no reason to feel bad as we still have exciting ways of making money from Netflix that are open to all and sundry.

2. Get Paid By Swagbucks When Binge-Watching Netflix

Another means of making money online while watching Netflix movies is through Swagbucks.

You can get paid watching movies on Netflix when you become a member of Swagbucks. Truthfully, this is not another get-rich-quick-scheme.

Also, you get to see interesting videos on Swagbucks that would earn you money while watching what you love.

To learn more and sign up with Swagbucks, visit the link Swagbucks

3. Inbox Dollars

There are websites that pay you for watching videos online and Inbox dollars is one of them. Some of the sites pay you to cash directly while others use gift cards.

You would need to watch short videos and leave your thoughts about the videos. It is a survey website where viewers give their opinions about videos.

This is not a scam as you can check up about Inbox dollars review on iOS or Google Play-store to see users review the app.

To sign up with the app and start making money, visit the website at Inbox Dollars

4. MyPoints

Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2022 on MyPoints. This is a similar website and app as the one explained above although it is a bit different in its way of operation. They require users to review the playlist where they earn points.

The way it works with them is you earn points to watch playlists, rather than watching individual videos.

All you need to do to earn with MyPoints is to start a playlist on the app after which they accord some points to you at the end of the playlist.

These methods are different from the ways to make money watching Netflix movies online but they share a lot of similarities because you get to earn money while watching movies.

To become a member of MyPoints and start earning money, visit the website MyPoints

5. Let This Bot Find Where You’re Wasting Money

You can save money from your excessive online subscription when you sign up with a popular Facebook bot called trim. Are you spending excessively on Netflix?

Let the bot called ‘Trim’ run an analysis on your bank account to help you cut waste.

6. Viggle

Unlike the other services on this list which allow you to watch videos on your desktop or laptop. This app is only available as an app for both iPhone and Android users.

Unlike other websites and apps, you can watch actual shows on Viggle and earn points by watching the ads and commercials.

These include shows from cable channels such as HBO, the Disney Channel, and AMC.

You can redeem points for retail gift cards or on a prepaid cash gift card. It’s not exactly clear how you can earn points from Viggle so don’t spend hours on this app if you don’t see a huge payoff.

 watch netflixGet Paid To Watch Netflix

More Programs That Pay You to Watch Films and Tv Programs

8. Perk

9. App Trailers

10. EarningStation

11. Nielsen Digital Voice

12. HitBliss

13. Creations Rewards

14. InstaGC

15. Instant Rewards

16. GrabPoints

17. Paid2YouTube

18. Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2022 Officially


Netflix doesn’t provide an exact list of qualifications, but it’s safe to assume that having a Netflix account isn’t the only requirement.

In a 2018 FastCompany interview with a Netflix tagger, she reported that she has a screenwriting degree and a Master’s in Critical Film Studies.

If you have a background in the film or entertainment industry or majored in film studies or something similar, you may have the right qualifications.

Get Paid to Watch Netflix 2022 with Netflix Careers

As of now, the only place you can find Netflix tagger jobs is on their website. So if you want to work as a Netflix tagger, it pays to be vigilant.

Bookmark the Netflix careers website and check it at least once a week to see if a tagger position has opened up.

It’s likely that Netflix gets hundreds of applicants for this position, so be sure your resume is updated and ready to send quickly.

Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Where to Apply?

Update: the old URL no longer exists. So I am assuming they either no longer offer this position or have no specific URL dedicated to it.

Either way, you can search for any Netflix job by going to their official job site at

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your information, and hit “SUBMIT APPLICATION.”

If you love watching movies now and then or during your spare time, then you may have missed out on a big opportunity. You have actually missed out on earning a buck-load of money all these years spent watching movies on Netflix.

There are so many ways to Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2022. I believe you’re shocked but believe me; it works.

You can make money watching videos, but it won’t be enough to replace a full-time job. Think of it as an easy supplement to your 9-to-5 gig.

Still, if you have a stressful day job and still want to earn money in your spare time, consider a TV watcher job.

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