18 Best and Legit Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music From Anywhere

– Get Paid to Listen to Music –

Did you know you can make money by listening to music and writing reviews about it? Among the many ways of earning money online, listening to music is one of them.

get paid to listen to music

Just by signing up for the websites mentioned in this guide, you can boost your pocket money by a good margin.

There are many platforms that exist that help you monetize your influence. However, these platforms do not reward your submission rate and often leave you chained to your desk reviewing music for hours on end.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a tool that enables you to easily review music on the go, get rewarded for your volume of submissions, and make your life easier! If you manage a radio station or playlist, then you are already reviewing music every day of the week anyway, so why not get paid for it.

10 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music 2022

Below are amazing ways to get paid to listen to music:

1. Create a Blog About Music

Blogging is the most challenging way to get paid to listen to music 2022. But it is also the highest-paying. Are you thinking of creating a music blog? 

You should know that a successful music blog requires a lot of time, capital, and resources. For example, let’s suppose you’re targeting fans of country music. You must focus outreach on things like:

  • Live country events
  • Country music concerts/festivals
  • Social media pages related to country music
  • Local music joints

Connecting is an essential component. You must develop connections with local artists, music labels, and organizers of music festivals and events. This can lead to you making a supplemental income from your blog. 

2. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

You’ve probably heard of Nielsen TV rating. The company that pays you for watching TV? Yes, the one that networks use their data to find out how many people watch certain shows.

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. This is from the same company but this one is for research and data gathering of internet usage.

3. Musicxray

This is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. Musicxray is one of the most popular platforms for singers and songwriters, especially up-and-coming artists, to get their music out there in front of potential fans.

As a fan, you get paid to listen and rate music in various genres, anything from Folk and Country music to Rap, Pop, Hip Hop, and everything in between.

Once you have reached $20 in earnings, you can cash out via PayPal.

4. Slicethepie

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. Slicethepie is a review site focused on music and fashion. That’s right, you can also get paid for reviewing fashion.

As for the music part of it, you basically have to listen to and review the latest music tracks from artists from around the world.

To be eligible for payment, you have to listen to each track for at least 60 seconds. Once you’re done with listening, you answer a few questions about the track and what you liked and disliked.

5. Hitpredictor

If you are familiar with focus groups and paid online surveys, you know that a lot of companies use feedback from panelists to fine-tune their products before releasing them to the market.

 listen to music

Hitpredictor helps artists do exactly that by paying you (the user) to listen to music and share your opinion.

6. Earnably

Earnably is a rewards site much like Swagbucks that pays you for doing various tasks some of which you probably already do anyway.

Tasks include shopping, filling out surveys, as well as watching videos, and listening to the radio.

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. Yes, you literally get paid for watching videos and listening to the radio.

7. Playlist Push

How cool would it be if you could listen to songs and get paid for reviewing them? Playlist Push lets you do exactly that.

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. The idea behind the platform is to support indie artists and singers and help talented singers reach the top level.

8. Rate Songs

Multiple websites will pay you to rate music. Music Xray and Hit Predictor are the two safe and reliable options that pay you for rating songs.

For both websites, you simply have to listen to songs. Hit Predictor focuses on new artists and musical compositions. You get to rate songs by up-and-coming bands and singers. Each time you rate a song, you earn points. 

When you reach a certain number of points, you can exchange the points for different things:

  • Money
  • Prizes (like concert tickets or backstage passes)
  • Amazon/Xbox gift cards
  • CDs
  • DVDs 

9. Take Part in Focus Groups

As mentioned, many online platforms pay you to take part in music research. Nielsen does this by monitoring your activities. 

However, websites like SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks do this by conducting focus group discussions.

Even Music Xray has extensive focus group discussions on its song categories. Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music.

10. Current.us

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. Current.us is an Android / iOS based mobile app that pays you around $600 per year for playing music on your mobile phone.

It’s one of the most rewarding apps if you want to generate passive income by listening to songs. You can earn while you’re working at the office, doing jogging, or even while you’re commuting.

Other Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

1. RadioLoyalty

This is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. And there is an App for RadioLoyalty. You can access the Android Here.

Also, you can access the RadioLoyalty app for iOS Here. It’s basically an internet radio where you can listen to radio programming that includes music from thousands of radio stations around the world.

2. FusionCash

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. FusionCash is similar to Unique Rewards. It also pays for doing all kinds of tasks including listening to the internet radio.

Also, FusionCash has a $25 minimum cash-out requirement. Once you have $25, you can request a payment by check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

By the way, they pay you a $5 bonus just for signing up (which is free!)

3. RadioEarn

This is another great way to make some extra money for free by simply listening to the radio.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Start earning by clicking on your radio link(s).

It really is as simple as that. If you have a blog or website, you can make much more since they let you use their API to integrate the radio on your site so you can earn more points from your visitors listening to the radio.

4. Research.FM

This is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. Research.FM is a music research company that pays you to provide feedback for radio stations on what kind of music to play.

The company basically asks its users to fill out a survey via email. The users then have to listen to a sample of music and fill out the survey.

You can redeem your earnings by getting an Amazon Gift Card.

5. Complete Paid Surveys

Apart from focus groups, you can also complete online surveys. Websites and apps like LifePointsPinecone Research, and InboxDollars conduct surveys related to new songs and artists. 

With these websites, you can earn up to $350 per month. All you have to do is listen to songs or watch videos and complete survey panels about them. 

6. Review Music

Of course, if you can get paid to rate music, you can also get paid to review it. Websites like Hit Predictor and Slice the Pie pay handsomely for music reviews. 

After signing up, you get a list of songs, and you must review each one. If you’re writing more reviews in less time, you get bonus rewards like Amazon gift cards. 

7. Transcribe Lyrics

Also, this is one of the ways to get paid to listen to music. You can find multiple online transcription jobs that include lyrics transcription.

If you use an iPhone, you can transcribe lyrics for apps like Welocalize and earn around $4 per transcription.

Although Welocalize is a popular transcription service, it is only compatible with iOS users as its music database is on iTunes. 

8. Help With Promotion

Lastly, you can aid websites with their promotional activities and earn money. Earnably, Music Xray, and FusionCash pay you to refer friends to their websites.

Moreover, if you share their advertisements and information, you can earn bonus points. 

For instance, with FusionCash, you earn around $5 per referral. If you’ve invited ten friends to join the site, you make $50. 

3 Things to Consider 

From the previous subtopics, you’ve learned all ten ways to make money listening to music. However, there are three things you should keep in mind:


  1. If you’re a beginner, remember that these gigs don’t pay as well as regular jobs. You can use them as a side hustle but not as a primary source of income.
  2. To maximize income, sign up for multiple sites.
  3. Listen to all songs for at least 60 seconds. In this way, the website can track your activities without cutting pay.

All in all, there are many ways to get paid to listen to music. If you’re a music lover, you should check out these ten ways to make money listening to songs.

While it may sound unbelievable at first, with the right resources, you can eventually make a living listening to music.

However, it’s not just about fun or making extra money. If you listen to music and get paid, you’re gaining experience in the music industry.

Those trying to make it in the music business may find this to be an excellent learning opportunity. Please feel free to like, share this information on Get Paid to Listen to Music 2022 with friends and family. 

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