Places to Get Free Stuff Without Surveys or Credit Cards

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Everyone loves free stuff, even if we do not need it. It is hard to turn away with a price tag that says free. In this article, we will concentrate on where to get free stuff without surveys and credit cards.

Places to Get Free Stuff Without Surveys or Credit Card

Places to Get Free Stuff Without Surveys or Credit Cards:

There are some cool ways you can do it without wasting the time to complete all those surveys to get freebies. In addition, it is for you who are not able to provide details on who you are and where you live, given that some of the basic information is also required to get free things in an online survey.

Luckily, without surveys that are not a scam, there are enough websites offering totally free samples by mail.

Places to Get Free Stuff Without Survey

Places to Get Free Stuff Without Survey


This is an ideal website for you who are looking for stuff that won’t cost you anything at all. Furthermore, this place never attempts you into purchasing anything or doing surveys after surveys to claim the products.

2. has a super-friendly website that offers free samples as well as rewards for people who want to participate as members.

The platform also provides information on daily contests like discounts, deals, sweepstakes, and hosts. If you visit, by completing a number of different tasks, you will also have a chance to win points.

The site dishes out points for activities such as:

  • Referring friends to join the site
  • Answering random riddles correctly
  • Clicking on a link in an email they send
  • Participating in polls
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Taking advantage of sponsored offers, etc.

Their top 50 points earners each month are guaranteed a prize (a $25 gift card for the top 10), and they give out other rewards as well.

3. InboxDollars

Places to Get Free Stuff Without Survey

InboxDollars rewards you for the things that you are already doing already. Think web search, play sports, take surveys and watch videos.

Most surveys “range from $0.50 to $5.00, and take 3 to 25 minutes to complete, according to their website. Some online surveys cost $10, $20, or even more if you fit an advertiser’s demographic profile.

4. Swagbucks

Without question, Swagbucks is one of the best ways to get items online. You can gain points with Swagbucks by searching online (what you probably already do anyway), shopping, taking surveys, watching videos, and more.

However, you can get free gift cards to many famous stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and hundreds more, with the points you earn with Swagbucks.

You can add cash to your Paypal account, too. Anybody 13 or older can join Swagbucks.

5. Free Stuff

The Free Stuff creators constantly search the internet for free stuff you may say. While not offering the online freebies directly, they will be connecting to websites that do.

While the Free Stuff website is updated on a regular basis, free things come and go quickly so you can find some expired items. You do not need surveys for free stuff here.

6. Complimentary Crap

This is the destination for those who are looking for samples for free by mail. The updates are regular on this blog and the samples are categorized, making it truly easy for you to navigate the website.

7. Influenster

Influenster will give you a VoxBox after you build a profile with information about your lifestyle and mark preferences.

This package is filled with free samples from brands such as Pantene and Downy.

Often you’ll have to go the extra mile and do things like check items you’re using right now or take a picture of yourself with a particular shampoo brand.


8. Freeflys

Freeflys is a popular freebie website that even earned a regular spot on the popular Today show.

Also, Freeflys organizes its free samples by type, including food samples, beauty samples, health samples, children’s samples, and more.

They also share hundreds of coupons for everyday items and sweepstake entries available as well.

There is a space where you can register to receive daily emails about free samples and other deals from Freeflys, or you can browse free without signing in.

9. I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things delivers free sample offerings twice a week to your inbox. You are not going to have to pay for shipping or do anything to claim any of the samples.

Subscribe to the newsletter, and wait until the emails arrive. It is as easy as it sounds, really.

10. Just Free Stuff

Only Free Stuff is a detailed site that offers deals and free samples on anything you might think of.

They share info about how to get free samples or products about educational goods, games, eBooks, clothing, and more alongside basics such as makeup, baby, and pet samples.

The platform also includes a part of a free CD. When I clicked on that label, there were free CD offerings focusing on various topics such as personal finance education and there was also a Disney cruise planning CD.

They also share coupons and contest info, and have another category named “Bored?” ”. Therefore, if you want to know what this category is, you will have to go and visit the site. You do not need surveys for free stuff here.

11. National Consumer Panel

You will get a handheld scanner or access to the NCP mobile app as a panelist for the National Consumer Panel (NCP).

On a shopping trip, you can then use the scanner or software to check the barcode on all the items you or others purchase in your family.

The data you provide will be shared with suppliers and will affect the goods they place on the shelf. You will earn reward points per week for items like electronics, kitchen appliances, and athletic goods that can be redeemed.

12. is another amazing website that provides information on lots of free samples. They share gift information for categories such as free books, food, cosmetics, feminine care, beauty goods, books, audiobooks & magazines, pet goods and more.

You do not need to join in making the most of their free sample offerings. Like other pages, however, does mention that if you register for their email list, you will have access to more free things.

You are going to be first in line for promotional deals so you do not miss freebies that have a restriction on “while supplies last.”

Some of the cool freebies on the web at this writing included free ice cream (woohoo!), free shampoo and fragrance samples for both men and women, and free cat and dog food samples. You do not need surveys for free stuff here.

This site also has a blog that posts some of the larger, more tempting free stuff offers that they find.

13. Cashbackbase

Places to Get Free Stuff Without Survey

Cashbackbase was built to help you score Amazon’s finest offers. It provides discounts of 100 percent on some items and small discounts on others.

Only sign up for an account and get in touch with the sellers to order the free goods you want.

It is a perfect way to get the free stuff with limited effort on Amazon. You may score freebies including wireless earbuds, neck pillows, flameless candles, and mounts on magnetic phones.

14. Sample a Day

Sample a Day does as it says: shares every single day a new free sample bid. There are plenty of scammer sites providing free samples according to the website. Fostering only scam-free freebie deals is part of the Sample a Day project.

The site shares coupons and prize giveaways too. They also have a cool section on their site where they make readers aware of any contest or giveaway scams they might find. You do not need surveys for free stuff here.

15. FreeBeeBuzz

This site is fairly comprehensive, giving us updates about deals, bargains, coupons, and freebies on products you’re after.

Generally, it’s highly recommended to try out the items you’re interested in first before buying them and this website surely will satisfy you in this aspect.

16. Freebies4Mom

This site leans towards advertising free samples that favor moms, but it still has plenty of other free sample offerings to make it worth checking out for non-moms too.

When looking at the Freebies 4 Mom site, there were pool cleaning kits, free food samples, and free health and beauty products for men and women alike.

We hope you found this article helpful, Do share it with your loved ones and active media accounts. Also, let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

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