Game Projects that You Can Play for the Sake of Grinding

Many players do not like the process of achieving goals in online or single games. They like the path itself – a difficult start, difficult battles for the first resources and armor, and the ability to face difficult opponents and develop their potential skills.

Game Projects that You Can Play for the Sake of Grinding

Game Projects You Can Play

These gamers often change characters when the process hits a dead end or becomes too easy to keep them happy.

Conventionally, players are divided into three types:

  • Hard players who are ready to do anything to be the best on the server.
  • Grinders who care about the path to success, not the achievement itself.
  • Players, for their own pleasure, would rather buy the missing gold from the Skycoach service than engage in grinding or quests.

World of Warcraft

I would like to start with the classics of the online gaming industry and an interesting project with a pronounced emphasis on PVP and grinding.

Yes, it can be said that all MMO RPGs are focused on farming and then PVP, but in WoW, you can just farm on locations for your own pleasure and never come to the endgame.

Which starts after level 70 for the current Dragonflight add-on.


There are two ways you can go about developing your character and getting resources.

  • Cleaning up locations.
  • Collection of resources.

Both formats are great for enhancing the character by working with resources and destroying monsters, knocking out various equipment, and basically pure grinding for money and fun.

World of Warcraft has a whole range of resources crafters of all stripes need to produce the goods they need for the server.

This will help other players get to that endgame and simply level up to the Dragon Islands level – new content from the current update.

Look for resources in all territories of current and past updates – collect ore and flowers, remove animal skins, and collect meat and cobwebs for fabric processing.

Almost every monster in the world of WoW is a potential source of gold and goods that can be sold to artisans and other players.

For adventurers who just want to go through the story or just farm on the locations, story variations of each of the previous and current updates will be available, from which you can choose which one will be the main one for your character leveling.

It could be the current Dragonflight, the past Shadowlens, or even the Lich King from past, current chronicles.

You choose which way you will level up to level 60 in order to gain access to new content that came out with the latest update.

Game Projects that You Can Play for the Sake of Grinding

Diablo 4

One of the most famous dark RPGs in the network of fighting demons from the underworld got its next sequel and got new mechanics, including for all fans of grind and farming.

You have to clear game locations to gain levels and complete story and secondary tasks.

Attack dungeons for rare rewards and gain access to the next connecting territories to continue completing acts.

A new fortress mechanic that will be difficult but still possible to complete alone or as part of a small group.

You need to clear the location as accurately as the dungeons, only on the surface and within the fortress walls.

Beware of groups of enemies that can easily end the lives of careless travelers. For the successful passage of the fortress, you will receive bonuses depending on the cleared territory.

The Concept of a Replay

Diablo 4, like all previous parts of the game, is built on the concept of replay with a constant increase in difficulty levels and an increase in the value of trophies that will be obtained in such conditions.

This means that you will play through the game three times with the constant addition of resistance and immunities to opponents and bosses.

Still, you can equip your character with the best-sacred equipment in order to effectively enter the endgame and be able to play against other players in PVP mode.


Players will be able to play and farm in any location until they feel it’s time to move on.

This can be a speed run across all key locations and acts, a global sweep for the sake of levels, or getting all kinds of trophies that are only available at these levels.

Game Projects that You Can Play

Escape from Tarkov

One of the brightest games in the battle royale genre, with a bias towards grinding and survival.

You need to save your life and property from constant clashes with enemy gangs and representatives of the opposite PMC, which does not correspond to your side of the conflict and ideology.

You have to make combat sorties to get yourself weapons, cartridges, accessories for weapons, grenades, protective equipment, and medicines.

At hand will be a map of the area, which at any time can be deployed, and landmarks for subsequent movements.

All the property found must also be conveyed to the base in order to fully receive it into your possession; otherwise, in case of death, you will simply lose everything that you had and found.

The luckiest players will be able to find special laboratory maps during their wanderings.

This is the right to access the location of the same name, where, after abandoned research, there are a lot of equipment and useful items that can be used to strengthen your hero or simply sell to other players.

At the end of a combat sortie or a trip to the laboratory, you need to bring everything to the exit point and hold the position for time.

This is to correct it or pay for an emergency evacuation to speed up the process. The most important thing is that you need to remember the exact entry and exit points on the location.

Because sometimes you have to go out with a fight, and there simply will not be time to get a card.

Final Fantasy 14

One of the most important WoW competitors in the open spaces of MMO RPGs with graphics close to the single-player parts of the entire FF series with famous heroes

To a large extent, Final Fantasy uses the same principles as WoW because the project was inspired by this particular MMO RPG when porting the single-player version of FF online for a large number of players.

Unlike World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy has more emphasis on the grind.

You can simply farm locations following the example of WoW, complete tasks from NPCs, or find orders from various guilds.

That is, hunters and others who themselves are looking for performers to clear locations.

The second point is that random and spontaneous events are constantly taking place on the territory of FF, where you can earn gills – an analog of gold and experience, destroying monsters during their respawn.

To summarize, FF differs from WoW to a greater extent in graphics and additional features, as well as in a smaller number of PVP, since none of the races has obvious antagonists and enemies.

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