donut names

305+ Funny Donut Business Names That Make Customers Smile

Because donuts are enjoyable, coming up with names for the donut can be a lot of fun! Here are a few suggestions to help you give your doughnut a funny name.

donut names

Entering the doughnut industry? You’ll be glad to know that 201.02 million Americans consume donuts annually.

It would be an understatement to say that Americans adore these delectable fried pastries.

As you probably already know, Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme are just two of the well-known brands in the donut business.

However, the management of these franchise enterprises requires little to no originality.

Funny Names for Donut

Here are some funny donut names you might want to think about. These are suitable for an old fashioned or donuts with sprinkles.

  1. Sweet Holes
  2. Why So Jelly?
  3. Jam Packed Donuts
  4. Oh Nuts! Donuts
  5. The Zombie Donuts
  6. Jelly-cious Donuts
  7. The Magic Disappearing Donut
  8. Worry-Free Donuts
  9. Glaze Your Life
  10. Sweety Nut Doughs
  11. The Frosted Donut
  12. The Flabby Donut
  13. Amazing Glaze Doughnut
  14. The Duh-Nut
  15. Sweet Cheeks Donuts
  16. Hole In One Donuts
  17. Marry Me Donuts
  18. Oh So Jelly Donuts
  19. Filled Up Donuts
  20. Happy Hour Donuts
  21. Sweet Tooth Donuts
  22. Delicious Hole Donuts
  23. Sweet Circles
  24. Lifeline Donuts
  25. Sweet As Can Be Donuts
  26. Frosty The Donut
  27. Black and White Donuts
  28. The Sweet Glazers
  29. The Nutty Professor
  30. The Sweet Dozen
  31. Nuts About You Donut
  32. Hot Dynamite Donuts
  33. Explosive Donuts
  34. Frost Bite Donuts
  35. The Dapper Donut
  36. The Donut Hole
  37. Big Mouth Donuts
  38. Open Wide Donuts
  39. Bon Bon Donuts
  40. Duke of Dough
  41. The Ecstasy Donut
  42. The Nutty Donut
  43. The Ducky Donuts
  44. Donuts About You
  45. Donuts About Dough
  46. My Donut Box
  47. Royal Donuts

Best Donut Names

Donuts are one of the few foods, in contrast to most others, that could be deemed adorable.

Also, here are some ideas if you want to give your donut cute names.

  1. A Moments of tasty Donut Surprise
  2. a life full of Donut Treat
  3. Taste that best, Taste the Donuts
  4. Giving your Hunger a new Option
  5. A Trendy Donut means Hungery Stomach
  6. You will Love Our Donuts
  7. Good Donuts for Good Moments
  8. The joy of Getting Best Donuts
  9. Desire meets a fresh Donuts
  10. Your Favourite Donut Place


Amazing Donut Names

  1. You need a donut, not just the police
  2. Straight out of the oven
  3. Dripping chocolate on fresh buns
  4. Donuts make you happy, not people
  5. Fresh taste for you
  6. One in every flavor
  7. Get a donut firs
  8. Bottom of Form
  9. I Do-nut share
  10. Eat one whenever you want
  11. Never a bad time for donuts
  12. Get a Donut
  13. Donut is Fun
  14. You can’t Buy Happiness, Buy Donut
  15. Be happy, Donut Worry
  16. Food which is with Mood
  17. Feel the Fresh
  18. Donut is more Fun
  19. I Want My Donut
  20. Pure Donut, Nothing Else
  21. From our Donuts to yours
  22. You Deserve a Donut Today
  23. Designed For Donut it
  24. Hope It’s Donut, It’s Donut
  25. We are all about Donuts
  26. Shake the Joy, Wake the Donut
  27. Come Fly the Friendly Donut
  28. Choose Special, Choose Donut
  29. Donut go breakin’ my heart
  30. Donut is life
  31. I Liked the Donut So Much
  32. I’m Only Here For the Donut
  33. Donut Is Our Middle Name
  34. The Lighter Way to Enjoy Donut
  35. Have a Time. Have a Donut
  36. Dont Just eat It, Donut It
  37. A Donut which straight gone to Your Tummy
  38. Nothing Comes Between Me and My Donut
  39. Pretty please with sprinkles on top
  40. Sprinkle the joy of Eating
  41. Feel the Joy of Eating
  42. Its Donut Time
  43. Good to Taste my Favourite Donut
  44. Get the Donut Out
  45. There’s More Than One Way to Eat a Donut
  46. Get Serious. Get Donut
  47. Give That Man a Donut
  48. Don’t Live a Little, Live a Donut
  49. Only Donut Has the Answer
  50. Come to Life. Come to Donut
  51. Sharing the Donut to Your Life
  52. Whatever sprinkles your donut
  53. i Got the Donut
  54. Sweet As the Moment
  55. Stick It in the Donut
  56. Schhh… You Know Donut
  57. we all Scream for my Donuts
  58. Look a Little Lovelier Each Day for Donut
  59. It’s the Donut You Can See
  60. All the Donut to Fit your Desire
  61. All Season, All Donut
  62. We made what you like
  63. THe best HOmemade
  64. A Donut is Joy for me
  65. Meet the Super Donut
  66. Addicted to donuts
  67. Do nuts eat donuts?
  68. Money can’t buy happiness but a donut is possible
  69. More donut is music to my ears
  70. Donuts till I die
  71. In love with donuts
  72. It’s hard to survive without donuts

Catchy Donut Slogans

  1. Sorry! no sharing donuts
  2. A donut a day keep the miseries away
  3. A “Do Nut” hate you
  4. My donuts is mine and you’re donut is mine as well
  5. My medicine is donut
  6. Let there be donut
  7. Make friends share a donut
  8. Donut go
  9. I don’t eat donut I enjoy it
  10. Feasting on donut is dream
  11. When I am rich donut for each
  12. There is no perfect way of having a donut
  13. The aim is donut
  14. Do not leave without a donut
  15. Everyday is a good day for donut
  16. The more donut, the happier I am
  17. I happy with donut
  18. As sweet as a donut
  19. Donuts for the nuts
  20. No donut no life
  21. No donut no fun
  22. Happiness is having two donuts at the same time
  23. Everyone deserves a donut
  24. Donut is joy
  25. I workout to have more donuts
  26. Let your donut partner up with the coffee
  27. Donut is an emotion
  28. Keep calm and eat donuts
  29. Life is good with donut
  30. Life is sweet with donuts
  31. I am fit to eat donut
  32. You need abs, I already have donuts
  33. Donuts before everything else
  34. Donuts never make me bore
  35. I feel the donut vibe
  36. I diet to have donutDdo nut know how much I love it
  37. Bring more donut
  38. Donuts fuels me
  39. Energized by donut
  40. Make every donut count
  41. Leave no donut behind
  42. Coffee, donuts, sprinkles repeat
  43. Make more donuts
  44. If you love donut, I can marry you
  45. It’s the donut dream
  46. Vote for Donut
  47. Donut is my drug
  48. Gift me donuts
  49. Be sweet, be like a donut
  50. Donut for all
  51. It’s always a donut day
  52. Donut for the hungry
  53. We belong to the donut squad
  54. Give the brave a donut
  55. A donut today means a donut every day
  56. It’s donutty fun
  57. Donut; the way you like it
  58. Your donut your way
  59. I don’t share donuts
  60. Share memories, share donuts
  61. Share love, share a donut
  62. Donut makes me handsome/pretty
  63. It’s donutty good
  64. You earn a donut, you don’t buy it
  65. Love, fun and donut
  66. Donuts worth falling for
  67. Keeping your sugar in check
  68. The best donuts in town
  69. Recommended by sheriff
  70. Have a donut
  71. Have a break, grab our donut
  72. It’s time for donuts
  73. Fall in love with donuts again
  74. Get crazy for donuts again
  75. The donuts you can enjoy
  76. One for the donut, two for the sprinkles
  77. Even the Gods love donuts
  78. I don’t know
  79. It’s donuts amazing
  80. Eat donut every day

Cool Donut Name Phrases

  1. A donut can make your day
  2. Perfect donut for the imperfect me
  3. A Moment of tasty Donut fun.
  4. Life is full of Donut happiness.
  5. Taste that sweet, Taste the Donuts.
  6. Giving your taste a new variety.
  7. A Sweet Donut means a Hungry Stomach.
  8. You will enjoy Our Sweet Donuts.
  9. Good Donuts for Good Moments
  10. The joy of providing Sweet Donuts.
  11. Passion meets a Sweet Donuts.
  12. Your lovable Donut Place.
  13. Get a sweet Donut.
  14. Sweet Donut is a joy.
  15. You Can’t Buy a smile; buy Donut.
  16. Be happy; buy a sweet donut.
  17. Sweet donut, which is with Mood.
  18. Feel the sweet donut.
  19. A sweet Donut is more joy.
  20. I Want My Sweet Donut.
  21. Best Donut, Nothing Else.
  22. From our Donuts to yours.
  23. You need a Sweet Donut Today.
  24. Made For Donut it.
  25. WishIt’s Donut, It’s Donut.
  26. We all have Donuts.
  27. Shake the happiness, Wake the Donut.
  28. Come Fly the Flying sweet Donut.
  29. Choose Best, Choose Sweet Donut.
  30. Sweet Donut is life.
  31. I liked the Sweet Donut So Much.
  32. I’m Only Here For the Sweet Donut.
  33. Sweet Donut Is Our only Name.
  34. The easier Way to Enjoy Donut.
  35. Have fun. Have a Sweet Donut.
  36. Don’t Just See It; eat sweet Donut.
  37. A Sweet Donut which directly goes to Your Tummy.
  38. No one comes Between My Sweet Donut and Me.
  39. Pretty please with gems on top.
  40. Sprinkle the fun of eating donuts.
  41. Feel the happiness of Eating donuts.
  42. It’s Sweet Donut Time,
  43. Good to get my Favorite Sweet Donut.
  44. Get the SweetDonut Out.
  45. There’s a different Way to Eat a Sweet Donut.
  46. Be Serious. Get a Sweet Donut.
  47. Give That person a sweet Donut.
  48. Don’t Live a Little, have a Donut.
  49. Only Sweet Donut Has the Answer.
  50. Come to Life. Must eat a sweet donut.
  51. Sharing the Donut to Your friends.
  52. Whatever sprinkles your sweet donut.
  53. I Got the Sweet Donut.
  54. Donut as Sweet as the Moment.
  55. Sshhh!… You Know, Sweet Donut.
  56. We all Scream for our Sweet Donuts.
  57. Feel a Little pretty Each Day for Donut.

Donut Name Taglines

  1. It’s the Donut You Can taste.
  2. All the Donut to Fit your want.
  3. All-Season, All Sweet Donut.
  4. We made sweet donut-like you.
  5. The best Homemade sweet donut.
  6. A Sweet Donut is happiness for me.
  7. Meet the best Sweet Donut.
  8. In love with sweet donuts.
  9. Does fun eat sweet donuts?
  10. Money can’t buy sweetness but a donut is manageable.
  11. A more sweet donut is a rhythm to my ears.
  12. Sweet Donuts till I die.
  13. Extraordinary donuts.
  14. It’s tough to live without donuts.
  15. Sorry! no sharing my sweet donuts.
  16. A donut a day keep the worries away.
  17. A “Do-Nut” dislike you.
  18. My donuts are mine and your’s donut is mine too.
  19. My medicine is a sweet donut.
  20. Let there be a sweet donut.
  21. Make companions share a donut.
  22. Sweet Donut time.
  23. I don’t eat donuts; I love it.
  24. Indulging in the donut is a dream.
  25. When I am happy donut for each.
  26. There is no best way of eating a donut.
  27. The goal is a donut.
  28. Do not leave without a donut.
  29. Sunday is the best day for a donut.
  30. The more donut, the crazy I am.
  31. I am crazy about a donut.
  32. As graceful as a donut.
  33. Donuts for the special ones.
  34. No donut, no joy.
  35. No donut, no passion.
  36. Joy has more than one donut at the same time.
  37. Everyone wishes for a donut.
  38. Donut is craziness.
  39. I work out to eat more donuts.
  40. Let your donut friend up with the coffee.
  41. Sweet Donut is a feeling.
  42. Keep calm and enjoy donuts.
  43. Life is awesome with a sweet donut.
  44. Life is happier with donuts.
  45. I am mad to eat a donut.
  46. You need abs, I earlier have donuts.
  47. Sweet Donuts before anything else.
  48. Sweet Donuts never make me upset.
  49. Enjoy the sweet donut vibe.
  50. I exercise to have sweet donuts.
  51. I don’t know how much I am crazy about it.
  52. Buy more sweet donuts.
  53. Donuts energize me.
  54. Fueled by the sweet donut.
  55. Make every sweet donut count.
  56. Evacuate no donut behind.
  57. Coffee, donuts, chocolate, repeat.
  58. Make more sweet donuts.
  59. If you are crazy about a donut, I can marry you.
  60. It’s the sweet donut dream.
  61. Vote for Sweet Donut.
  62. Sweet Donut is my medicine.
  63. Present me sweet donuts.
  64. Be attractive be like a donut.
  65. Sweet Donut for everyone.
  66. It’s always a sweet donut time.
  67. Sweet Donut for the lovable.
  68. We belong to the donut group.
  69. Give the brave a sweet donut.
  70. A donut now means a donut every time.
  71. It’s sweet fun.
  72. Donut; the way you enjoy it.
  73. Your sweet donut is your way.
  74. I don’t distribute sweet donuts.


Do you say doughnuts or donuts? Whatever way you spell it, the dough rings are always small and delicate.

Donuts should remain fresher for longer when properly stored.

Donuts are one of the few foods.

The majority of the time, storing donuts at room temperature in a bag or sealable container will produce the greatest results.

Before eating, we advise giving the donuts a quick microwave to bring them back to life. The flavor will be just as the day they were prepared, fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Strawberry Frosted Doughnut.

Dutch Doughnuts 
According to historical records, the Dutch began creating olykoeks, also known as “oil cakes,” in the middle of the 19th century. These first doughnuts were only cake balls that had been fried in pork fat until golden.

The most popular type of doughnut, according to 36% of Americans, are those that have glaze on them.

Twisted doughnuts are yeast doughnuts or pastry sticks that are deep-fried in oil and produced from wheat flour or glutinous rice flour.

By a wide margin, their Cinnamon Caramel Doughnut won the title of most favored donut in America.

“Oily cakes” was the original name given to them.
Early Americans gave the sweets the name olykoeks, which means “oily cakes,” taking very literally the fact that they were cooked in oil. Soon after, a woman is supposed to have mixed nuts into the dough before frying it, giving rise to the word “donut.”

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