353+ Impactful Fundraising Slogans for Non-Profits and Charities

Fundraising is a difficult and time-consuming task that necessitates some catchy but meaningful slogans in order to contribute to a worthy cause. Crafting is not always easy, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

fundraising slogans

Catchy Fundraising Slogans

1. A little change makes all the difference.

2. Actions speak louder than words! Give today.

3. Breathing life into the future.

4. Building a legacy.

5. By giving a little, you will help out a lot.

6. Change Lives. Change the World.

7. Charity doesn’t hurt.

8. Children Need You.

9. Clean Water. Healthy Fish. Happy People.

10. Dirty water kills.

11. Do a good deed, give to those in need.

12. Do your part with a caring heart.

13. Quantity does not matter, giving does.

14. A small donation can make a huge difference.

15. Be a part of problem solvers.

16. Help us in the better world.

17. Hungary people look up to you.

18. Charity is satisfaction.

19. Donating is an investment.

20. Money release causes eternal peace.

21. Feed the needy by donating.

22. Your extra is someone’s need.

23. Give the poor a chance.

24. Feed people and fill your spiritual appetite.

25. Give today for a better tomorrow.

26. Your help can bring change.

27. Play your role in the constructive cause.

28. Giving speak louder than speech.

29. Donate to affected ones.

30. Show you care, give a share.

31. Some money will you spare to show you care.

32. Sport can give new life to children.

33. The greatest casualty is being forgotten.

34. The Strength of a People. The Power of Community.

35. There is clarity in charity.

36. There’s no place like home.

37. Together we can make a Difference.

38. Too busy to change the world? Spare some change.

39. What have you given today?

40. When people help people, change happens.

41. Will you be a honey and help me raise money.

42. You Make a Difference…(We Make It Easier).

43. Your change can make a change.

fundraising slogans

Charity Slogans

44. It all starts with charity.

45. See the power of charity.

46. Play your role in the constructive cause.

47. Giving is much better than speaking.

48. Your extra is someone else’s need.

49. It is better to give than to receive.

50. Charity is a lifetime investment.

51. There is power in giving.

52. When you give, you also receive.

53. Giving is an act of supporting.

54. Those who give will live longer.

55. Give and you shall receive.

56. When you give, give with your whole heart.

57. Giving time is the best time.

58. An act of giving is an act of humility.

59. Charity is everywhere.

60. Be the light in the dark.

61. Even a little is enough for happiness.

62. Because they matter, too.

63. Giving can move mountains.

64. All givers are superheroes.

65. Because their future is in your hands.

66. Even small donations can give big smiles.

67. Help us give them a fighting chance.

68. Your help matters, no matter how big or small.

69. You’re the hope of others.

70. Charity is a continuous act.

71. Be the change.

72. Wise people give.

73. For the happiness of others.

74. No one has ever turned out to be poor from giving.

75. Fundraising is the delicate specialty of showing the delight of giving.

76. Help us build a legacy.

77. Be the source of positivity.

78. Be a part of the movement.

79. Play your part.

80. Help us make a difference.

81. Be part of something great.

82. Humanity starts when you give.

83. Believe in the better tomorrow of others.

84. Help and be blessed.

85. Giving can help save a life.

86. Help for hope.

Food Donation Slogans

87. You can help beat hunger!

88. Eat away at hunger.

89. Share because you care.

90. Let’s work together to end hunger.

91. Changing lives one meal at a time.

92. All they need is food.

93. Feeding the people in our community.

94. Let’s be one community in this cause.

95. A cause to end hunger.

96. End hunger in our community.

97. No one goes hungry.

98. Show them some love.

99. When you give, give from the heart.

100. All kids deserve to eat.         

101. Race against hunger.

102. Let’s band together to end hunger.

103. Hunger can eat our dust!

104. Lend the hungry a helping hand.

105. Let’s have a hunger-free community.

106. Show love when you donate a can.

107. Be the heroes of hunger.

108. The hungry are waiting on you.

109. A donation to remember.

110. Take a bite out of hunger.

111. If you’re hungry, they’re hungry, too.

112. Food for thought – give a can today.

113. Stop the hunger.

114. Let’s feed the hungry.

115. They’re hungry for donations.

116. Hunger no more.

117. Grab life by the fork.

118. Eat outside the box.

119. Meat you here!

120. Your hunger’s at steak!

121. A taste you’ll remember.

122. Life is dull without good food.

123. Where every flavor tells a story.

124. For the love of delicious food.

125. Sensory indulgence unlocked.

126. Your culinary adventure awaits.

128. A pinch of passion in every dish.

129. Living the green life.


Clothing Donation Slogan

130. Give Them Warmth.

131. Clothes Will Warm A Trembling Heart.

132. Cover Them With Warmth.

133. Clothe Them Completely.

134. Bring Warmth To Every Home.

135. Let Them Sleep Soundly In Winter.

136. Hug Them In Their Dreams.

137. Old Things Are Gems To Others.

138. Give Clothes, Give Life.

139. Your Shirt Can Save.

140. Send A Shirt To Save.

141. Shirts Bring Smiles.

142. Shirts Can Spread Happiness.

143. Clothe Them For Life.

144. Hug Them For Life.

145. Hug Them, Put Clothes on Them.

146. Make Every Strand Matter.

147. Make Every Cloth Matter.

148. Your Old Clothes Are, For Others, Designer Clothes.

149. Pack Them For Goodness.

150. Let Them Wear Happiness With Every Seam.

151. Share Seams Sewn.

152. Hope in Every Stitch.

153. Needles and Thread For Warmth.

154.  Your Trash, My Treasure.

155. Let Me Be Your Trash Bin.

156. I Want To Wake Up Warm & Restful.

157. Send A Shirt To Send A Smile.

158. Sewing to Save.

159. A Shirt Sewn Is A Life Saved.

160. It’s An All-Year Season Donation.

161. Winter Is Here; Donate To Give Cheer.

162. Share What You Have Selflessly.

163. You Fit Us, We Fit Them.

164. Let Me Warm You.

165. Give Warmth For Every Soul.

166. Old clothes still can warm many people.

167. This Winter, donate.

168. Can’t fit? Give them away.

169. Because they’re people, too.

170. Clothes for change.

171. Donate any outfit.

172. You can donate clothes, too.

Fundraiser Taglines

173. Donate what you can.

174. For the ones in need.

175. Every penny counts.

176. Any amount can make a difference.

177. Because they deserve a better life.

178. Your change is power.

179. Change starts when you donate.

180. No one turned poor from donating.

181. Your donation means a lot to them.

182. The voice of the environment.

183. What have you given today?

184. Share hope.

185. Your change, their future.

186. Help make their dreams come true.

187. Let’s grant their wishes.

188. Change is hope.

189. Because they have dreams, too.

190. Give them hope for a tomorrow.

191. Spare change is their hope.

192. Be the ray of hope.

193. Every bit counts.

194. Donate so they can rise again.

195. Help them realize their dreams.

196. Bigger than donations.

197. Be a part of the cause for humanity.

198. Show you care, give a share.

199. Help us achieve justice.

200. Let’s open doors to a brighter tomorrow.

201. Enlighten their lives.

202. Be the light in the darkness.

203. Money Donation Slogans

204. Make a cash money contribution.

205. Their healing begins with your donation.

206. Help others and be happy.

207. Give and God will do the rest.

208. Don’t turn away, give today!

209. Participate in changing the world.

210. Be the change with your spare change.

211. Your gift will make them happy.

212. Creating a brighter tomorrow.

213. Donating for the future.

214. Let’s help them today.

215. Donating is an act of kindness.

Tagline Ideas

216. They are hoping for help.

217. Give what you can.

218. We all deserve a second chance.

219. Quantity does not matter, giving does.

220. Great futures start here.

221. Let’s begin the change.

222. Breathe life into their future.

223. Help them become optimistic.

224. You are a blessing to bless others.

225. Everyday is a good day to donate.

226. Each donation matters.

227. Help them feel loved.

228. Help us keep them safe.

229. You’re alive to help others.

230. Help to mend their broken hearts.

231. Help fulfill their wishes.

232. Your help can change their day and future.

233. Giving is all that matters.

234. They are waiting for change.

235. Extend a helping hand.

236. Be the game changer.

237. Share your blessings.

238. Every cent counts.

239. Your extra can make their day.

240. Bring smiles to their faces.

Final Words

Starting a crowdfunding campaign is an excellent method of raising funds for a particular cause.

Fundraising activities, whether for feeding the hungry or finding a cure for breast cancer, will increase support.

Use these catchphrases to promote your cause.


Frequently Asked Questions

Words are used to promote generosity and helpfulness, especially toward the needy or suffering.

Slogans, whether read or heard, should be pleasing to the ear; rhythmic and fluid-sounding slogans are much more recognizable and memorable for later recall.

Decide what you want to say.

Keep it simple. 

“A catchphrase representing a product and a company, communicating the key message you want consumers to associate with your brand.”

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