45 Office Fun at Work Activities & Ideas to Engage Your Team

Three out of ten companies can work throughout the year without any fun at work activities and ideas. This can be the reason why employees are not really productive at the workplace.

fun at work activities

When successful firms are asked to describe their culture, you frequently hear something along the lines of “we work hard and play hard.”

Companies all across the world are transforming their workplaces into places where workers can accomplish a lot while still having fun.

Want to get to play one of our suggested enjoyable office games or activities? Keep reading.

Fun Office Activities

1. Two-Day Invention Fest

Assemble the group to produce something. 

You might be amazed at how much fun you can have splitting up into smaller groups and coming up with models, prototypes, plans, or useful failures during an unbroken period of collaboration and invention.

Every day ends with a talent presentation. In the course of the festival, people can discuss their current successes or original ideas.

2. Charity Bike Buildathon

This practice taps into the genuine value of team building by channeling all those altruistic, feel-good emotions. 

When you and your team get up to construct some bikes, have some fun, and then donate them to a charity, everything is set up for you to give back.

To honor your nice actions, rent tandem bicycles and go for a group joyride.

3. Go Outside Together

For those who detest the framework of team-building exercises, this is the activity for you. 

You just need to venture outside together. Discuss anything you like for a short while. You’ll probably smile a lot and want to try it again, too.

4. Weekly Trivia

It’s enjoyable to play trivia. It’s impossible to forget trivia that is based on you and your coworkers. 

To make your work team feel more like a family, take a variety of trivia tests, review the results, and then laugh about them.

Ice cream and ice-breaking activities Before you put the team through a random knowledge exam, warm them up with some sugar and a few light icebreakers.

5. Corporate Scavenger Hunt

When the pandemic struck, HR managers throughout the world started searching for creative, entertaining ways to maintain communication between newly dispersed teams.

Create a brief, shareable video series that tracks your team’s development.

Fun Office Games

Fun Office Games

6. “Chat n’ Chew”

This concept is comparable to the traditional lunch and learns, where people come together to have lunch and learn new things. 

The “Chat n’ Chew” more closely resembles a traditional team-building exercise because you gain knowledge from your teammates. 

Invite your coworkers to discuss fresh concepts or enthusiastically describe new technologies rather than hiring an outside specialist.

7. Improv Night

While taking part in any group improv may not initially appear like a team-building activity, improv is a fun method to develop teamwork and problem-solving. 

Your teammates will offer you thought or premise, and it’s up to you to run with it in order to keep the joke going. It’s almost like a relay. 

You only need to see a professional improv show to realize that while only one person may deliver the show-stopping punchline, the entire crew contributed to making it happen.

8. Mini Game Mash-Up

Play a series of games that will test and pique both your intelligence and sense of humor. 

Create hand-drawn artwork, solve some puzzles, and even engage in a game of “surprise and tell.”

9. Taco Tuesday – With Trivia

It combines trivia nights, happy hour, and taco Tuesday into one fantastic event. 

If you want to cheat, you can do it any night of the week. Bring everyone together, even those who are on different teams. 

They can at least connect over trivia if they can’t connect over a similar preference for taco toppings.

Zoom & Online Office Games

Zoom activities

10. Clue Murder Mystery

Even the most recent gripping crime novel won’t pull you in as this virtual mystery will. 

You get to genuinely experience living inside the mystery throughout this event. 

Every step of the mystery-solving process, from investigating clues to reviewing case files, flows seamlessly thanks to a combination of video conferencing and specially created software.

11. Virtual Code Break

Are you capable of cracking codes like a pro? Test your knowledge with this online session filled with trivia, puzzles, and riddles to make your brain spin.

Tell everyone to bring a riddle with them. Randomly pausing the game clock will allow teammates to engage in even more mentally challenging fun.

12. Virtual Office Games

Why pick between different games when you may enjoy a fantastic mashup of all your favorite online cooperative games? 

Remote teams will enjoy A variety of sketching prompts, trivia questions, and video challenges.

Decide on a time frame (say, five, ten, or fifteen minutes) and consent to take breaks for dance parties at predetermined intervals.

13. Office Olympics

Bring out the flags of your home nation. You are about to enter a virtual celebration of everything Olympic. 

Test your knowledge with trivia questions and experience the competitive spirit of an Olympian through a variety of tasks.

Invite everyone to post old photos of themselves either exercising or attempting to exercise.

Fun Friday Games At Work

14. Karaoke

Time to shine, or at least make an effort to. By making a fool of yourself at karaoke, you will increase your team’s cohesiveness by a factor of at least a million. 

If you’re a talented singer, then relax and take pleasure in seeing your coworkers’ jaws drop.

15. Lunch & Learn & Game

This game is another iteration of the traditional lunch and learn. To eat. You develop. Your game. 

It’s that easy. Each one’s specifics are entirely up to you. 

For instance, you may play a game of Jenga and have ice cream sundaes while learning about the destruction of natural gorilla habitats.

16. Office-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Few team-building activities are as popular worldwide as the noble scavenger hunt. 

Even the most impassive of you won’t be able to conceal the thrill of the pursuit as you travel about, hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and more as you become engrossed in it.

17. Holiday-Themed Games

Combine the fun of a game night with the relaxed comfort of a holiday workplace party to create a celebration that is both wonderful and low-key. 

Play whatever party games and activities you like, from board games like Pictionary to guessing games like twenty questions. Simply decorate or dress in a festive theme.

18. Rock, paper, scissors competition

The game of rock, paper, scissors is a great one for the office. Fun is hard. No equipment is needed. 

The majority of people are already proficient players, and those who aren’t can quickly pick it up. 

This tournament doesn’t even need to be planned in advance. Simply blow a whistle to signal the start of play.

Office Activities for Large Groups

fun at work activities

19. Office Shark Tank

In the real world, individuals get the opportunity to present their concepts to a group of wealthy investors. 

The pitcher gets money for their concept if any of the “sharks” bite. 

Play the game in your office by asking staff members to present some important company executives with their greatest products and ideas.

The “pitcher fantasy” proposal could end up becoming a reality if the leadership team approves of it.

20. Let’s Make a Deal

The actual event has dressed contestants attempting to exchange mysterious things. 

Who can negotiate the greatest price while exchanging a worn-out sock for a brand-new bicycle? 

Employees can try to exchange office supplies, odd tasks, parking places, office snacks, and other items in your workplace.

21. The Price is Right in the Office

Contestants who guess item pricing have a chance to win large in the real deal. The chance to win is given to the nearest competitor without exceeding. 

Ask your staff to guess the prices of various objects they see around the office, such as supplies, technology, chairs, food, and more.

22. Fixer Upper – Cubicle Edition

The real deal showcases designers who transform mediocre homes into ideal residences. 

Play it in your workplace by having staff members transform drab cubicles into inviting tiny areas where people will enjoy working. 

Each “design team” might be given a modest budget or unrestricted access to a supply room.

Take before-and-after pictures to post on social media platforms.

23. Chopped – Office Snacks Edition

The real deal involves chefs who take a basket of (often absurd) ingredients and create a dish using those ingredients. 

Put your favorite healthy foods in a basket and challenge staff to “transform” the collection of snacks into one delectable super snack when you play this game at work. 

You won’t require a full kitchen if you don’t have raw ingredients. Cutting boards, bowls, and some utensils should do the trick.

24. Office Family Feud

In the real thing, one family member must determine how the other members of the family answered specific questions. 

The best families are the ones that are closest to one another. 

Play the game in your workplace by putting teams up against one another to determine which ones seem to know one another the best. 

Teams who already get along well together can strengthen their relationships using this, and it teaches new material in an entertaining way to colleagues who are just beginning to know one another.

25. Throw a Themed Lunch Party

Whatever you desire, lunch parties can have a theme. 

Hula skirt contests, pig roasts, water balloon fights, raffles, cook-out competitions, and Halloween costume competitions are just a few examples.

26. Solve Office Crime

Who said that developing virtual teams wasn’t without its drawbacks? Engage in a wonderfully macabre crime-solving activity as a team to strengthen your bonds. 

To fully experience the thrills of searching for clues and battling crime, interact with live anchors.

 27. Virtual Trip To Paris

Few professional groups have the time or resources to travel abroad together. 

Your team might nevertheless travel to Paris virtually in order to create similar priceless travel memories. Explore this magnificent city’s beauty and culture by using the online portal.

28. Virtual Trivia Time Machine

It resembles a game show from the golden age of game shows

Test your historical knowledge in a series of trivia games as you journey through recollections and nostalgia with a charming emcee.

29. Doggie Play Date

Bring your dog to work so you can play catch and have fun all the time. 

Additionally, it encourages employee interaction as they visit one another’s workstations, gets to know the dogs, and arrange play dates for the canines.

30. Costume Contest For Halloween

Before meeting them in person for Halloween, do you really know someone? 

Find out who likes traditional fear, who enjoys creative dressing, and who might have a second gig doing makeup.

31. Celebrate a Company Win

No group is too big for a traditional office party, and no celebration is better than one that honors a significant victory. 

Celebrate a business victory, such as achieving a revenue goal, and involve even a sizable group of employees (by providing food, beverages, games, and prizes).

Office Activities for Small Groups

fun activities

32. The Sensei Session

Every Monday, you can participate in a team-wide personal development activity to get ready for the upcoming week of learning. 

People are more enthusiastic about their work in general when they are engaged in something stimulating and mind-expanding rather than instantly tackling their to-do list.

33. Office-Wide Wine Tasting

Every element of wine tasting enhances your team-building activities, including the flavors, fragrances, and company.

You can either carry the wine right inside your office or invite your workers along. Really, there is no wrong way to do a wine tasting for business.

34. Workout Class

We adore workplace activities that achieve two or more objectives simultaneously. 

This one fosters relationships with your coworkers while you work toward your health objectives. You can pick how much or how little structure you want. 

Attend a regular session at your neighborhood gym or simply jog freely whenever you feel like it. The sole requirement is that you work as a team.

Office Games for Large Groups

35. Office Fitness

Reward staff members while engaging in enjoyable team-building activities. Office fitness (yoga, boxing, or anything you desire) takes care of everything. 

You don’t even need to communicate all that much because your coordinated actions already create a pleasing sense of oneness and camaraderie.

36. Escape Room

You think you can escape, right? Do you believe you can maintain composure under pressure? Dare to enter an escape room to find out. 

As you collaborate to achieve your ultimate goal of freedom, you and your team will become closer. 

You can choose your quest and end up anywhere, from a secluded wilderness to an art museum.

37. Basketball Tournament

Whether they are cheering on the sidelines or aspiring to greatness on the court, everyone will love this game, skills or no skills. 

All you need are some able and willing bodies, a basketball, and a hoop. Additionally, a whistle would be a wonderful addition. Just make sure to give it to the appropriate person.

Fun Friday Activities At Work

38. Local Foodie Tour

Take a delectable field trip to discover native cuisines that even the most ardent foodies have never experienced. 

You’ll encounter cool artisanal merchants of your new favorite meals, as well as cool sights, discussions, and encounters.

39. Mix N Mingle

Spark employees, who claim that created the Mix N Mingle all you need to do is bring workers from various departments together “to have lunch and get to know one other further.” 

Simple enough, yes? The main service you offer is simply the first step of bringing together people who typically spend little time with one another. 

You hardly need to supervise or regulate this activity at all.

40. Office Oktoberfest + Beer Tasting

Lederhosen are completely optional, so break out the beer, pretzels, and das boot. 

You just need to give your office that valuable festival vibe to pull off this event. Request that everyone bring their preferred beer (or nonalcoholic drinks) and snacks. 

When you share and socialize, the enjoyment truly starts to flow.

Office Games For Small Groups

41. Deduction Games

Take part in an experience of laughter, treachery, and both huge and little lies, all told in the name of fun, by selecting your favorite deceitful mind games, such as Mafia, Eat Poop You Cat, and Werewolf. 

Find out who can tell the best lies and who can do it while staring you right in the face.

42. Hungry, Hungry Ninjas

A team at Bigcommerce created this highly physical, highly cooperative activity and will have your team laughing in no time, even after a long workweek. 

In essence, you play the popular board game Hungry, Hungry Hippos with the world serving as your game board, and you (along with a skateboard) as the hippo.

Also, your mouth as a laundry basket, balloons for food, and the world as your mouth.

43. Conference Table Ice Curling

Ice curling on a conference table can be enjoyed without the use of ice, brooms, or even big rocks. 

Simply gather your teams and set flat goals on opposing ends of a table, using something basic. 

Slide rocks or virtually any sliding object (Coasters, Matchbox Cars, Snack Bars) in turn toward the targets. 

Simply approaching the target as closely as you can is the objective.

44. Drunk History

This exercise, which was inspired by the adored Comedy Central series, is more about honing your improv skills than it is about testing your historical knowledge. 

The goal is to enjoy yourself, not to always be correct. It will be a challenge for participants to communicate information regarding historical occurrences. 

Even if they don’t know anything at all, they can at least conjure up an interesting or entertaining tale about what they think might have happened.

45. Old School Videogame Day

It’s time to search your attics and closets. Dust off your old PlayStation, Nintendo gaming system, and perhaps even a Sega if you happen to see one. 

Of course, new consoles are also welcomed. The only requirement for this activity is that everyone show up to play or at the very least to support the players.

While putting in a long day’s work, there is always an opportunity to take a break and have some fun. 


Don’t hesitate to try one of these out the next time the team has a chance to have some fun because adding to office fun can have a significant impact on corporate culture.

There are so many different ways to have fun at work, and maybe the businesses on this list gave you some fresh inspiration. 

What enjoyable office events does your business host? Please share them by leaving a comment below

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Problem-solving pile
  • Show and tell
  • Puzzle play

Play fun games.

  • Decorate the office space
  • Share jokes with your coworkers
  • Create an office book club

Playing golf with clients or eating a business lunch.

  • Write a to-do list.
  • Research career opportunities.
  • Update your resume.

Taking inventory and preparing orders

  • Go out together
  • Encourage friendships
  • Decorate

Scavenger Hunt

  • Adaptability and planning activities.
  • Communication activities.
  • Trust-building activities.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making activities.

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