Free Hangman Games and 17 Best Slack Games for Teams to Play in 2022

Free hangman? A guessing game for two or more players. Also, one player thinks a word, phrase, or sentence up, and the other (s) tries to guess it by offering letters within a set number of guesses.

Free hangman

Free hangman show the word to guess as a row of dashes, with each dash denoting a different letter.

Free hangman rules may allow or prohibit the use of proper nouns, including names, locations, brands, and slang.

If the person making the guess recommends a letter that is present in the word, the other player writes it in all of its appropriate locations in free hangman.

Free hangman is also a traditional word game that requires you to guess as many hidden words as you can before time runs out.

With the one-player and two-player modes supported by Hangman Free, you can let a friend choose a word or have your phone choose a word from a variety of categories.

Boost your vocabulary while having a great time with the free hangman.

However, in free hangman, the opposing player creates one portion of a hanging stick figure as a tally mark if the recommended letter does not appear in the word.

What is Slack?

Businesses in search of an alternative to email for internal communications can use the messaging service Slack.

Users of this app can establish unique channels for each division or user group.

Slack games are methods to use the messaging app to have fun and strengthen distant teams, but you can play hangman, ping pong, and tic tac toe, for instance.

However, you can play games with a variety of bots available in the Slack App Directory, and you can also start challenges by putting commands into Slack channels and threads.

These competitions are meant to promote teamwork among dispersed teams.


List of Slack Games

Here is a selection of entertaining games to play on Slack, ranging from Slack game apps to manual challenges.

1. Tic Tac Toe: One of the most well-liked Slack minigames is Tic Tac Toe.

The Slack tic-tac-toe bot adheres to the classic rules and automatically populates the game board in a channel or direct message.

Also, the game starter should use the @mention command to identify a particular participant if you are playing the game on a channel. Direct messages do not need you to take this action.

Players do not need to synchronize work schedules because Slack tic-tac-toe games can go on all day long because there is no time constraint.

2. Hangman: It’s easy to start a game of Slack Hangman.

For use:

  • Make a channel for the hangman.
  • Add a predetermined number of blanks.
  • By posting a message to the forum, challenge other players to guess the letters.
  • If participants guessed correctly, the letter should be entered in the blank instead. Draw one letter of the hangman if players make a mistake.
  • When everyone has correctly predicted the word or the drawing is finished, the game is over.

3. Rock Paper Scissors: In Slack, Rock Paper Scissors is a simple and quick game to play. Simply download the Rock-Paper-Scissors app, then start the game using the /rps @mention command.

The challenger replies with a hand emoji.

However, rock-paper-scissors in Slack can be played in multiple rounds or just one, making it a wonderful game for any workload.

4. Online Office Games (Zoom Game): Online Office Games are among the most well-liked online activities to conduct with remote teams, even if they are not Slack games.

The 90-minute event is hosted and includes trivia and other mini-games.

That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a Zoom room, according to the most frequent comment on the event we receive.

An expert host is in charge of Online Office Games, which will increase team participation and engagement.

Following the games, you can chat on Slack and play further games and share inside jokes.

5. Trivia: Install the Trivia app, then select from a range of games and subjects to play trivia in Slack.

Rounds are brief, and Trivia keeps scores of victories and defeats on a scorecard.

A terrific lunch break and remote team-building activity is playing slack trivia. Also, you should host an online trivia activity if you like a more intense, thorough competition.

6. Connect Four: Although the Connect Four game isn’t natively available in Slack, you may build a bot integration using the connect4bot from GitHub.

Use the @bot-name>: start command to start a game after the integration is finished. Players progress by selecting columns as the game fills a board with circles. They won the game by being the first player to connect four consecutive colored circles.

In addition to the normal blue and red, the developers also designed Halloween and Christmas versions of the game.

7. ChessBot: One of the top Slack games for work is ChessBot. Chess is a mental game, thus, participants will use their thoughts while taking breaks from their work.

Chess game on Slack:

  • Download the ChessBot app.
  • Invite additional participants to a game.
  • The player accepts or rejects the challenge.
  • The ChessBot displays the board.
  • When ChessBot signals that it is your turn, move your piece.
  • As an added bonus, ChessBot may perform a post-game computer analysis to highlight errors and improve strategy.

8. Gifs to Gifs: Similar to games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, Gifs to Gifs also have a similar gameplay mechanic.

However, Players use gif software like Giphy to publish gifs in a Slack channel rather than dealing cards into a pile.

  • Gifs to Gifs game:
  • In Slack, install a gif app.
  • Make a channel just for the game.
  • Posting prompts by participants.

Other players to reply to the topic also used gIFs.

  1. Emoji-filled gifs are voted on by channel members.
  2. The gif with the most emojis at the end of five minutes wins.
  3. Here are some examples of game-starting prompts:
  4. Mondays really get to me
  5. If I took home the lottery,
  6. When a dog is outside
  7. My present diversion
  8. The reason I didn’t reply to your email
  9. Plans for lunch
  10. I would get the job if I weren’t here.

Your squad may even create its own gifs to distribute in-game if they are particularly ambitious.

9. React to the facts: However, Players must determine whether statements are true or false in the game.

For use:
In the channel, participants post a statement.
Emoticon responses from players are thumbs up for true and thumb down for false.
The first player responds to the original post with the solution after five or ten minutes have passed.
Throughout the workweek, you can either keep track of your points or just play for fun. Use a fantastic fact generator or one of Slack’s fact applications, like CatFacts or Shark Facts, if your team has trouble coming up with true facts.

10. Team building polls and quizzes: Some of the simplest suggestions for team development on Slack are polls and quizzes.

Install a Slack polling app first, such as Simple Poll or Polly. Then, make fun polls that team members can respond to in their free time.

Set a deadline, such as an hour, day, or week, for the greatest outcomes. Display the results once all responses have been received.

Give points to people or teams who answer the right amount of questions or who select the response that receives the most support to make the poll or survey into a contest.

Here are some concepts for Slack poll games:

  • Question-and-answer sessions like Would You Rather
  • Flash pop tests
  • trivia contests
  • project the survey’s outcomes
  • Family Discord

In order to make the activity entertaining, we advise making the questions light and amusing.

11. Social and fun apps: Games can be found in the “Social & Fun” section of the Slack App Directory.

You can try activities like quizzes, dice rolling, and chess instead of apps like Twitter.

12. One word at a time: In the cooperative storytelling game, One Word at a Time, they challenged players to write a story piece by piece.

One person begins the narrative with a single phrase, to which other players retort in the thread. If more than one player responds at once, the audience votes by emoji for the best word.

13. Ping Pong: Also, another illustration of one of the most well-liked Slack games is ping pong.

Since it entails playing a real ping pong match, this program is more suited for in-office or hybrid teams than remote ones.

Slack Ping Pong rules:

  • Get the PlayPlay.io app installed.
  • Choose a channel on which to play.
  • Pongbot and other players are invited to the channel.
  • Type “@playpio challenge” and the player’s name to start a game.
  • To accept, challengers must type “@playpio accept.”
  • Play a physical game of ping pong.
  • Record the score by mentioning the bot and entering “won” or “lost” after the game is over.
  • PlayPlay.io makes organizing a Slack Ping Pong tournament simple by keeping score continuously. GIFs that are entertaining and messages from the pong bot.

14. Wordsgame: Fans of vocabulary games will especially enjoy Wordsgame, a Slack bot.

The /wordsgame slash command can be used to instruct Wordsgame to give random challenges when you create a channel and install the application.

Players in the game Wordsgame must construct as many words as they can in the allotted sixty seconds.

The person who generates the most words wins, and Wordsgame automatically totals the results.

15. Plop: One of the top Slack workplace games for connecting remote coworkers is Plop. Download the Plop bot first before beginning the game.

The user and the bot can then communicate directly with one another via Plop.

Participants can initiate a game at any moment by using the play command. Players must identify the employee once Plop retrieves their profile images.

If players are stuck, they can ask Plop for help, and the robot will offer them four multiple-choice answers.
Plop is a particularly helpful Slack game for bigger firms with many employees, and it’ll probably make virtual meetings more fun and less awkward.

16. Decode the Emoji: A game called “Decode the Emoji” tests players’ ability to decipher messages with symbols.

Create a special channel for this game, then post messages that are either fully or mostly made up of emojis.

The message must be deciphered and the code broken by the players. The winner is the first person to accurately respond.

17. Icebreakers: An easy approach to relax and have fun with distant coworkers is to respond to Slack icebreaker questions.

You can choose also from a list of icebreaker questions or use an app like Icebreakers to generate prompts.

To begin a Slack icebreaker game:

  • Make a dedicated channel.
  • Post a question.
  • Allow your teammates to respond.
  • Emoji your responses in response.
  • The Icebreakers software produces lists of questions that can be selected, prompts teammates, and allows you to respond to questions by starting threads inside the channel.
  • Also, encourage players to guess each other’s answers in the Newlywed Game fashion to up the ante on the activity. Or, give points for original or well-liked queries or responses.


An effective, no-cost method to spice up corporate culture and strengthen ties amongst distant employees is to play games on Slack.

The majority of Slack games include installation and explanation, require little talent or effort, and have broad appeal.

Moreover, working from home might be lonely. Online gaming with friends is a quick and convenient way to unwind and socialize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Games like tic tac toe, rock paper scissors, chess, quizzes, hangman, and polls are all available to play on Slack.

Quizzes can be made by users who have been given authorship in their Slack workplace and distributed to other users in that workspace.

It’s free on Android and iOS, and comes with quiz questions for all kinds of movies and genres.27

  • Select your program.
  • Select your categories and theme.
  • Team up the people in the group.
  • Participants in the quiz are scored.
  • List the winners and present prizes.

Group the pupils into groups of two to four. For each letter in the word you have chosen, draw a line on the board. Each team chooses a letter in turn.

  1. Utilize the quiz creation form to create a quiz.
  2. Find the quiz on the dashboard.
  3. Select the “Link” tab, then “Embed & Share.”
  4. Copy and paste

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