10 Ways to Get a Free Gym Pass and Possible Alternatives Reviewed

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You might be thinking about getting into shape, but you not sure how to find the best gyms? You are lucky because there are lots of ways to get in shape for free. This article will guide you on finding gyms offering a free gym pass, so you can try their facilities before becoming a regular.

Ways to Score a Free Gym Pass

A free gym pass is a great way to discover workouts that best fit your lifestyle. These free no-obligation offers to let you find the gym you enjoy most.

Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, be healthier or relieve some stress, finding the best gym for you will help you stick to your goals long term.

Why Do Free Gym Passes Exist?

Free gym passes have lots of benefits and there are good reasons why gyms offer them. Free passes allow customers to get a feel for their gym:

  • See how long it takes to travel from home or work
  • Check out the facilities
  • Get a taster for the environment

Different gyms cater to different clients and their needs, so it’s important before signing a contract you know that the gym you’re signing up for is right for you.

If you’re a keen gym bunny, your needs and expectations will be different from an exercise novice, who will want space to be able to get into an exercise in their own time.

Free gym passes are available all year round, but there is often a spike around New Year or the beginning of Summer, so keep your eyes peeled for these.


Where to Get a Free Gym Pass?

Where to Get a Free Gym Pass?

Without further ado, here’s a round-up of all the places where you can get a free gym pass:

1. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness currently offers a 7-day free trial pass for all new users. They have hundreds of locations across the UK (the world, even), so there’s bound to be one near you.

Locate your nearest (or most convenient) on their website and complete the online form with your contact details. Someone from Anytime Fitness will then be in touch to organize your free trial.

2. Better

Get the full-membership experience for free with a fab day pass for Better gyms. Enjoy access to the swimming pool, fitness facilities, or gym for free!

3. Énergie Fitness

Énergie Fitness offers a free 1-day gym pass for all new members at any of their locations across the UK and Europe. They’ve got over 100 gyms dotted around and if you decide that this is the gym for you, memberships start from just £17.99 per month.

4. Fitness First

Fitness First are another one that offer a 3-day free pass to their gyms. These ones are the best, because you can get a taster for how joining a Fitness First gym would actually fit into your lifestyle.

Select your chosen gym (there are loads across the whole of the UK), enter your details and someone will be in touch to arrange your free trial.

5. Fusion-Lifestyle

Enjoy swimming, fitness classes or the good ol’fashioned gym for free at a Fusion-Lifestyle gym with a free one day pass.

6. Jetts

Get a free 3-day trial at any Jetts gym. If you decide to become a fully-fledged member, you’ll gain 24/7 access to over 250 gyms across the world.

7. MoveGB £1 Membership

Not technically free, but this is a great opportunity not to be sniffed at. Enjoy unlimited fitness activities for just £1 a week with a MoveGB Discovery membership, with no contractural obligations!

8. Nuffield Health

Not to be left out, Nuffield Health also offer a free 1-day pass at all their gyms. Locate your nearest one on their website and someone will be in touch to arrange your free day pass.

Nuffield Health have 111 gyms and each one have experts that are dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you decide to stick with Nuffield after your trial, you’ll receive a free Health MOT every 3 weeks helping you set targets and achieve the fitness levels that you want.

9. QHotels

If there’s a QHotel near you, it’s time to get excited because you can score yourself a free one-day gym membership for yourself and a friend. This pass costs £30, so it’s definitely worth registering for yours if there’s one nearby.

QHotels have 23 health clubs throughout the UK, each with fantastic facilities and top-of-the-range equipment. QHotel health clubs are part of the hotel, set in grand buildings over the country, making this free day pass double as a great day out for you and a friend!

10. Xercise4Less

Xercise4Less is part of a great new breed of low-budget, high-quality gyms. Primarily based in the North of England, they offer a free day pass at all of their locations.

Despite being low-cost (just £9.99 a month!), Xercise4Less gyms have top-quality pieces of equipment, free classes and even ladies-only areas.

Alternatives to Free Gym Passes

Alternatives to Free Gym Passes

If gyms really aren’t your thing, there are still ways to exercise in a communal setting without paying a penny. Big-name gyms charge anywhere from £700 to £1,000 a year for membership, so by cutting this out you’ll save yourself a whopping amount.

Make use of the great outdoors with these great free alternatives to gym passes!

British Military Fitness Classes

If you’re after an exercise group that’s going to challenge, inspire and keep you on track, make sure you sign up for a free British Military Fitness Class (worth £15).

While the phrase ‘military boot camp is enough to make the majority of us break into a cold sweat, BMF classes aren’t to be feared.

Split into three ability groups, there’s a BMF class for everyone, even complete exercise beginners. On your first free session, you’ll be put in the group that best suits you and you’ll enjoy an effective workout with people of a similar ability, for absolutely free.

Then, if you enjoy the session and feel it’s something you’d like to continue you can sign up for a membership or pay for each session as you go along.

Parkrun Races

Get involved in your local parkrun, a 5km race that takes place every Saturday morning at locations all over the UK.

parkrun is open to everyone, no matter your running ability, offering free, timed 5km runs all over the world. It’s hosted at parkland locations all over the UK, so make sure you check out where your nearest is.

Run at your own pace and see for yourself the progress you make week on week.


ParkLives is a great organization that helps you make the most of your local park. It’s not just about running, as ParkLives offers fun activities like tai-chi, badminton and football!

Best of all, all the activities are completely free to take part in. Just sign up online, pick a location and activity that works for you and start your free workouts.

ParkLives is a great way to make new friends, get some exercise, and make the most of your local outdoor green spaces.

Sweaty Betty Workout Class

Pack a punch with fun, fab, and free workout classes courtesy of Sweaty Betty. Get a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home – just make sure you clear some space before you get going!

There’s a workout video for all fitness levels and abilities, from Yoga and Ballet to a Bum-Sculpting Super Workout.

Couch to 5K: week by week

This NHS programme takes running beginners all the way through to a 5km run. Over 9 weeks, with 3 runs each week, you’ll slowly build up your running stamina and will be able to complete a 5k run.

Download the weekly podcasts, or get the entire programme as a smartphone app from iTunes or Google Play.

For any reason of wanting a free gym pass, hopefully these places and classes will be of use to you. However, you can also check out another gym that offers a free gym pass that I may not have included in the list.

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