Free Fishing Gear 2022 and 22 Places and Websites that Offers for Free

– Free Fishing Gear 2022 –

Do you need free fishing gear 2022? Fishing is a pleasant, relatively affordable, and entertaining activity that many people love, but with all the gear required, it can get pricey.

This is why this post will provide you over 20 opportunities and sites where you can receive free fishing gear 2022.

Free Fishing Gear

Read on to find 22 places that can get you free fishing gear 2022.

Free Fishing Gear 2022

1. Start a Fishing Blog

With your own fishing blog, you might get free fishing equipment to review. Companies may reach out to you to offer you free products in exchange for you mentioning or reviewing them on your blog.

This usually happens when you have a good following, so it’s important to build up your audience to get offers.

Once you’ve established yourself as a fishing expert with your blog and have an engaged audience, you can even start reaching out to companies you love for review and sponsored opportunities.

2. Review Fishing Gear for Other Websites

Maybe you don’t want to have a blog or content outlet of your own but still want to be able to review fishing equipment for free. If so, you can write for other outlets that use contracted writers occasionally for their reviews.

Browse authority fishing websites and look for a page that outlines the writing guidelines for contributing writers.

Some publications will keep your information on file and contact you when they want you to write a piece.

Others will ask for pitches from you to submit your review or article ideas. You can also search job sites like Indeed or Upwork to find regular contributor positions where you can get paid to review fishing gear and receive free items to facilitate your reviews.

3. Ask Companies for Free Samples

You might not be comfortable with this first tip, but it can work if you don’t mind reaching out to companies and asking them for samples.

People do it all the time. And, believe it or not, plenty of companies deliver.

They want their potential customers to turn into actual customers, so a lot of companies are willing to give out free samples for people to test out before deciding whether they want to buy.

Reach out to fishing gear companies by phone, email, or social media if there’s a product you have your eye on. They might offer you a trial or a free sample, depending on the product.

Other times, you might be able to score a discount to at least get the product for cheaper.

4. Ask People on Facebook

Use your Facebook profile to ask friends and family if anyone has free fishing equipment you can have. Even if the people you know don’t have anything,.

They might be able to share your post with someone they know who might have something.

You can also join fishing Facebook groups to monitor posts about free equipment or ask if anyone has anything you can pick up.

5. Browse Craigslist for Free Stuff

Craigslist has a full section for free stuff, and there’s a good chance that you can find some fishing gear that someone is giving away for free.

If you find nothing for free, you can post your own ad detailing what you’re looking for.

In many areas, it’s free to post your ad, although some bigger cities have fees. You can also browse other ads to find low-priced fishing equipment to at least save some money.

Alternatively, look in your local newspaper or post an ad for people to contact you if they have any fishing gear they’re willing to part with for free.

6. Become a Field Tester for Field Test Fishing

Field Test Fishing is a website you can sign up with to become one of its testers. They chose people at random to test out lures, gear, and other fishing equipment.

You don’t have to pay for anything to sign up or to receive free stuff, but there’s also no guarantee that you’ll get anything since they choose people randomly.

However, if you receive something for free, all you need to do is fill out a quick survey about the items with your feedback. Fill out the online form to sign up.

7. Use Reward Sites When You Shop Online

Reward sites that pay you to shop online can be helpful in getting you some cash for your fishing gear. Although they may not directly give you free fishing stuff, you can still earn rewards to shop for fishing equipment.

Qmee, for example, gives you cash for shopping online and will pay you your rewards to your PayPal account. You can also use Swagbucks to earn points for shopping online, playing games, and doing other online tasks.

Then, turn your points in for gift cards to Bass Pro Shops!

8. Become a Fishing Influencer

You don’t need a blog to become an influencer in the fishing world, so if writing isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. You can also become an influencer through video content or social media content.

Instagram is a good way to show off your fishing expertise through photographs. Or, upload tutorials, reviews, and other informative content on a YouTube channel.

After building an audience through your chosen channel, you might also become eligible for sponsored opportunities with top fishing brands that are willing to send you cash or free gear in exchange for driving traffic and sales their way.

9. Trade with a Friend

Does your friend have something you want? Go through your collection and see if you have any fishing equipment they’d be willing to trade you for.

10. Sign Up for the Review Your Gear Newsletter

Review Your Gear is an online publication that reviews all kinds of fishing equipment from big and small companies in the business.

Sign up for its free newsletter to be the first to know about the site’s contests that it hosts twice every month.

You can enter both contests for a chance to win free gear. The giveaways are exclusively for newsletter subscribers, so you won’t have the chance to win unless you sign up.

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11. Check Local Thrift Stores

Some thrift stores have donated items they haven’t yet sifted through and put on shelves. You can ask if they’ve gotten any fishing gear in lately if you don’t find anything out on display.

They might be willing to part with stuff for free if they don’t think they’ll get much money from them anyway. And if you do find gear to buy, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to buy it for much cheaper than you would from a specialty store.

22. Sign Up for Company Newsletters

Most companies nowadays have email newsletters that they used to market to you by letting you know about new products, offers, and more. More importantly, a lot of companies give you a special reward just to sign up!

You might get a discount code or dollars off your next order, for example. It’s possible that you get enough to get something for free (or close to it).

Email newsletters contain outstanding deals all throughout the year, too, many of which are only available to subscribers!

13. Sign Up for Rewards Programs

Some fishing gear companies have rewards programs for people who sign up and purchase from them. You can earn points that give you rewards like discounts, exclusive sales, and other goodies–you might even get something for free!

Save your points until you can get a big discount or prize that could even get you something for free on an order.

14. Buy Stuff from Fishing Companies

Have you ever bought a product online and received a coupon or free samples with your order? Your favorite fishing companies might do the same.

Free Fishing Gear 2022

Be sure to look in your box and under all the packaging materials to make sure you don’t miss any coupons and offers before you throw away or recycle the box.

15. Look for Contests in Fishing Magazines

Look through the fishing magazines you subscribe to or buy from the store. There’s a good chance there are some giveaways or contests in them! If you don’t see any on the regular pages, look in the back where advertisers usually appear.

You might find some information for contests or giveaways there in small blurbs. Also, check out the magazines’ websites if they have one.

Sometimes you can find exclusive giveaways on websites that aren’t in the magazines.

16. Become an Ambassador for Discount Tackle

Discount Tackle sells tons of fishing supplies and equipment, like bait, line, reels, and accessories. You can even find fishing clothing here.

The company has an ambassador program where it allows some of its biggest fans to become ambassadors who share about the company.

You can sign up if you think you have what it takes to be an ambassador, which usually involved having a large audience or network of other fishing enthusiasts.

As an ambassador, there’s a good chance that you can get some free stuff to check out and offer feedback from the company.

17. Leave Reviews for Products You Purchase

Some companies reward customers who leave reviews of products they’ve purchased.

A lot of sellers do this on Amazon, and they might even let you know in the product’s description that they will give you an exclusive discount or product in exchange for a review.

Or, they’ll send you a note with your order letting you know what to do to receive a free gift or discount.

Companies that have a similar process might email you after your order reminding you to leave a review, after which they’ll send you a code or an offer for a free product or discount.

Sometimes, it pays just to leave feedback!

18. Sign Up to Test Products from BioSpawn

Visit BioSpawn, a company that makes brass fishing lures, and click the Learn More button to find the form to sign up for product testing.

The company keeps a list of testers and randomly selects at least 50 each month to test out their lures.

Although BioSpawn welcomes your feedback after you get the chance to use your lures, there are no requirements to do so.

However, it’s encouraged to help them out by doing so and sharing about their products if you loved them.

19. Follow RustyAngler.com 

This website offers tons of tips and news for fishing enthusiasts. It also has some of the best giveaways in the industry! If you want a chance to win some free fishing stuff, just enter the giveaways on the site.

They’re always free to enter, and you can win stuff like gift cards, outdoor adventure gear, filet knives, and more.

You can also subscribe to the free newsletter to get notified when there are new giveaways happening.

20. Check Out Giveaways on Wired2Fish

Wired2Fish also has plenty of giveaways to enter if you want to try your hand at winning stuff. There’s also a free newsletter to sign up for getting alerts when new giveaways are happening so that you can be one of the first to enter.

21. Order in Bulk from Alibaba

Save enough money on your fishing gear to basically get equipment for free when you buy in bulk. That’s exactly what Alibaba offers with its wholesale prices. This can be an excellent place to buy lures, hooks, and other equipment in bulk for super low prices.

22. Get Free Fishing Equipment from State Parks

Call the park offices of your nearby state parks to see if they have free fishing equipment kits for patrons. Some do! The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, for example, has a list of parks within the state that offer fishing kits for free.

Free Fishing Gear 2022

You’ll get a rod, reel, and a full tackle box to help you fish without having to buy anything.

Wisconsin has a similar program, as do many other states. Search for your state’s Department of Natural Resources website to find out more information about participating parks.

In conclusion, we hope the tips above help you find plenty of free fishing gear 2022 to keep up with your love of fishing without spending a bunch of money.

You can also search for new fishing blogs and brands to follow by email, website, and social media channels. Also, ask your friends and family who are also fishing enthusiasts!

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