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Top 18 Places Where You Can Find Free Eyeglasses 2022

– Free Eyeglasses 2022 –

The average lifespan of a pair of glasses is between 1 to 3 years, so being able to grab free eyeglasses now and then is a treat for people who are bound to wear them throughout their lives.

free eyeglasses

Sure, there are lots of places to buy cheap glasses online, but if you can, getting them for free is even better.

7 Companies that Give Away Free Eyeglasses

Almost every company is going to make you pay shipping and handling fees. There are no real options to get completely free eyeglasses. With that said, the shipping and handling fees are pretty minimal and make all of these deals worthwhile.

1. Firmoo

This company always makes their “free eyeglasses” promo available from time to time, but the frame choices are limited (you can only choose from the promo page).

In addition, only new customers are eligible, which means they only offer “first pair free glasses.”

Note that single vision 1.50 index lenses are free for you, but upgraded lenses are available at an extra fee. You’ll also be shouldering shipping and handling fees.

2. Glasses Shop

You can get your first pair free by using the code “FIRSTFREE” at the checkout.

This promo is only valid once per customer and prescription. What’s cool about this promo is that it already includes 1.50 Single Vision Lenses, Anti-Scratch Coating, and a protective case with microfiber cloth free.

You do have to pay for shipping and handling fee.

Note that if this promo isn’t available when you visit the store, the company offers a 50% discount for new customers as well.

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3. Swift Eyewear

Choose your favorite pair of glasses from their collection (there’s a page for the promo frames), add in your prescription information, continue to the cart and check out.

If you don’t have a prescription yet, they might ask you to pay for the eye exam. They also excluded shipping fees from this deal.

4. Glasses USA

This company usually makes the first prescription glasses for every customer free of charge.

However, if the promo has ended when you check this out, you can always use the coupon code “WELCOME50” to get 50% off your first pair.


This limited offer is only for free frames (and not lenses). Each customer can get up to two free frames within the promo period.

Note that the promotion is only exclusive to GRAVIATE and XSTYL frames only, and it is only available up to July 31, 2020.

6. Finest Glasses

This company offers free frames + free lenses to new customers. They have frames available for men, women, and kids.

Unlike other companies on this list, Finest Glasses provides prescription lenses for free as well, but only 1.50 – 1.57 Index single vision lenses.

What they don’t shoulder are the eye exam and shipping fees, so you must first get your prescription information elsewhere.

free eyeglasses

7. Nationwide Vision

This company usually has several special offers available at any given time. If you’re a new customer, you can choose promos, such as:

  • Buy one pair and get the second pair 50%, or
  • Buy 4 boxes of contact lenses and get a free pair of eyeglasses. This promo includes any frame up to $69 and single vision plastic lenses. You’ll be charged extra for high-powered prescriptions of 4D. sph. or 2D. cyl. or over. Requires current contact lens prescription.

8. will give you your first pair of glasses for free. Just pay $9.95 for shipping.

9. Goggles4u

Goggles4u is another place that’s offering a BOGO deal on its glasses.

10. Ziniff

Ziniff offers a BOGO deal on lots of fresh glasses. At the time of writing, you could get BOGO glasses and an additional 15% off lenses.

11. Leoptique

Leoptique has BOGO deals on offer. You can also get 50% off frames if you join the email list.

12. America’s Best

While not exactly a BOGO deal, America’s Best provides a deal where you can get two pairs of glasses, each valued at $59.95, for just $69.95

13. GlassesUSA

GlassesUSA is offering a coupon for 65% off your first frames if you sign up to the email list. Plus, you can also get a free pair of glasses on orders of $120 or more.

14. Liingo Glasses

Liingo Glasses will give you five pairs of frames to try on at home for free! You can try the five pairs for five days.

15. Warby Parker

Warby Parker will give you five pairs of glasses for free that you can test out for 5 days. I have a review of Warby Parker glasses, which you can check out here.

free eyeglasses

Charities That Give Out Free Glasses

16. Vision To Learn

Vision To Learn provides free eyeglasses to children in low-income communities. It also provides free eye exams.

17. New Eyes for the Needy

New Eyes for the Needy will provide a basic pair of single or lined bifocal lenses for free. Usually, only social service agencies/health advocates can apply on a client’s behalf.

However, it is now accepting applications from individuals who have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You can find the application for individuals here, and the one for only social service agencies/health advocates on the page linked in the subheading.

18. VSP Eyes of Hope Sight for Students

VSP offers a VSP Eyes of Hope Sight for Student gift certificate that can be used to give children free prescription glasses and a free eye exam as well. Children aged 19 or younger who are from low-income families can get the gift certificate. 

These 3 sites will send you FREE stuff in the mail and PAY YOU to hear what you think about what you receive.

Most of them do not provide free eye exams though, so you should first check with the American Academy of Ophthalmology for a free eye exam to get your prescription.

If you’re feeling generous and want to help out, there are programs like EyeBuyDirect’s “Buy One Give One,” where you can order your prescription glasses normally.

And then the company donates another pair for someone in need (from everywhere in the world).

Diff Eyewear also has a similar Buy One, Give One promo, but they focus on giving away reading glasses.

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Yes, eyeglasses don’t come cheap. But you can actually get them for free!

If your eyesight isn’t the best, but you are not a fan of eyeglasses, then you should definitely check out my post about how to get free contact lenses.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out (no pun intended!) for deals and promos from glasses retailers. Lots of them offer BOGO deals and other deals that’ll get you frames, lenses, or the whole glasses for free!

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