22 Guaranteed Ways You Can Score Free Electronics Today 2022

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Imagine scoring a new smartphone that’s been on your wish list for months, or that smart home speaker you’ve been dying to get since it was launched… and then getting to keep them all for free.

free electronics

Whether it’s a laptop, a phone, or a camera, there are plenty of free samples of electronics out there. You just need to know where to look!

How to get Free Electronics

If you think only inexpensive electronics are being given away for free, you’d love this post.

For example, many people know that they can get free cell phones if they signed up for a new postpaid contract from Verizon and other similar companies.

But not everyone knows that low-income consumers get free phone service (monthly data, unlimited texting, or free monthly minutes) from the Lifeline Assistance Program and also obtain discounted or free phone service if eligible.

Here are several ways to get free electronics. Make sure that you decide which product category you have on your wish list.

1. Computers for Causes

Provided that you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be able to get a free laptop from Computers for Causes.

The organization provides refurbished computers for free to those with financial need, and to returning military veterans and students. Just visit the website to see if you’re eligible and to apply for your free laptop.

  • Get started here.

2. Amazon Trade-In Program

If you’re looking to get rid of some old tech and get your hands on some new electronics, you might want to check out the Amazon Trade-In program.

You can trade in a variety of electronics, like kindle readers, home security devices, wireless routers, cell phones, and games consoles for Amazon gift cards.

The best part is that the program sometimes runs special deals. At the time of writing, in addition to getting a gift card for your old tech, you could also get 20% off a new Kindle e-reader.

There were lots of other deals available too.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get free electronics from Amazon, try out the Trade-In program. Simply trade-in your old devices and you’ll get an Amazon gift card that you can use to get electronics for free!

  • Get started here.

3. Philips Product Tester

Philips makes tons of different products, like TVs, speakers, and hair clippers. It has a product testing program you can sign up for.

Basically, you get to try out the brand’s products for free, or at a discount and provide your feedback in a review of the items you try.

  • Get started here.

4. Microsoft Product Testing

Microsoft has a product testing program you can sign up for. You’ll be able to test out different Microsoft products and provide feedback on them.

  • Get started here.

5. Amazon Vine

If you ever wanted a legit way to get free electronics from Amazon, this is as close as you can get to it. Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program where Amazon customers can have free products sent to them.

The site selects reviewers to post their opinions on new and prerelease products.

If Amazon chooses you to be one of its reviewers, who’re called Vine Voices, you’ll get free products, which could include electronics, from participating vendors.

Just provide your opinion about the products you try.

The program is invitation-only. While there’s no way to apply for it, you can learn more on the page linked below about what Amazon is looking for when selecting Vine Voices. It’s a great way to get free stuff on Amazon.

  • Get started here.

6. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a rewards program from Microsoft that gives you points for using Bing or Microsoft Edge to search the internet. You can earn even more points by taking quizzes.

Points can be exchanged for Microsoft gift cards, which means free cash to spend at the Microsoft store.

You can also use your points to enter sweepstakes for free electronics, like an Xbox One games console.

  • Get started here.

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7. OfferUp

You can find people giving away stuff on OfferUp including electronics. While the site is known as a place to buy and sell stuff locally, it also has a free section.

At the time of writing, I found a free Nintendo Switch, Sony alarm clock, and Panasonic TV on there. There were plenty more freebies available too.

  • Get started here.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is like OfferUp where people can buy and sell used electronics and other used or new items locally.

Like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace also has a section for free stuff. Sometimes, you’ll find people giving away free electronics near you.

I’ve seen a lot of free stuff on Facebook including free TVs, Radios and even printers and fax machines.

  • Get started here.

9. Craigslist

You can find pretty much anything for free on Craigslist.

The website has a section just for free stuff. You’ll be able to find a section in your city.

Just go to the “For Sale” section of your city’s CL, and you’ll see a link to the “Free” section.

  • Get started here.

10. Freecycle

You can give stuff away and get stuff for free on Freecycle. It’s sure worth having a look on there to see if anyone is giving away free electronics in your neighborhood.

  • Get started here.
free electronics

11. Follow Brands and Manufacturers

If you’re a photography fan and would love to have a new DSLR bag, lens, or even new releases of cameras, you should follow brands like Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, Leica, and other camera makers, or camera accessory makers like Lowepro, Vanguard, and so on.

For video game consoles, follow the big three: Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. And while you’re at it, you can work on getting free Xbox credits and free PS4 gift cards as well.

If you’re into smartphones, you have a ton of brands to follow from US-based Apple to Korea’s Samsung.

You get the point, right?

Once you’ve identified the brands and manufacturers from a specific electronics niche, here’s what you do:

  • Follow them on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok)
  • Check their official website and subscribe to their newsletter
  • Join loyalty or rewards programs
  • Read their emails and notifications, so you are up-to-date with promotions
  • Join contests, testing programs, or other cool ways you can get free electronics from manufacturers

12. Join Blogger Giveaways

Bloggers attract advertisers and followers who share the same interests. A good example of this is Engadget, which features the best tech deals and electronics news from all over the world.

Of course, there are other bloggers that are far less popular than Engadget but are still able to pull off giveaways.

You know how they do it?

  • A company sees that a particular blog attracts people who love wearables (smartwatches, fitness trackers, virtual reality gadgets, smart fashion, and so on).
  • This same company sells wearables as well but gives away a new product – usually 1 for the blogger to review, and another 1 (or more) of the same product to give away.
  • Giveaways like these, where there is no catch to win, are flocked by hundreds or thousands of people online.
  • The company that sent the giveaway already earned new customers and exposure without paying extra fees. It’s a win-win situation.

Be careful, though; you should never pay to join a giveaway. Don’t miss these…
These 3 sites will send you FREE stuff in the mail and PAY YOU to hear what you think about what you receive.

  1. Toluna Influencers – Work directly with companies like Nike, Samsung, Amazon, and Disney to improve their product lines.
  2. Inbox Dollars – Free $5.00 for signing up! Get paid to share your thoughts.
  3. Vindale Research – Answer questions about products, shape the future, get paid up to $50 per response.

13. Participate in Community Contests

The cool thing about the internet is that it is so vast that you can have the most obscure hobbies and interests and yet you’ll find a corner of the world wide web with a community of like-minded people.

For example, if you’re a part of the survivalist movement and have been invested in keeping your home secure and well-prepared for anything.

You’d probably need traditional electronics for navigation, portable audio, surveillance, homesteading tools, and so on.

And because the online communities you join are so specific, companies naturally come to them (if the audience is a perfect fit) and often hold contests.

When this happens, make sure to participate. You’ll never know if you could win solar power kits, aquaponics set-ups, First Aid packs, etc., and get them totally free.

14. Exchange Old Stuff for New Electronics

If you have a lot of old electronics that are not being used at home, you could post them on Listia and earn credits when someone buys them.

These credits can then be redeemed for free items like laptops, iPhones, etc.

Join the website, or download the app (it’s available for both iOS and Android). Once you register, you earn 1,000 points.

Another site where you can sell your old, used, or broken smartphones or other devices is Buyback Boss.

Provide details of your device and get a quote. If you accept their price, ship them your phone and you’ll get cash back through a check in the mail or a transfer to your PayPal account.

You can then use that cash to get the gadget of your dreams.

15. Check Alibaba’s Electronics Stores

Alibaba, the biggest China-based e-commerce company, is home to many huge manufacturers. This is where you’d find factories of electronic parts, phone accessories, tablets, and so on. As such, people are known to buy here in bulk.

Many companies who list their products here offer free samples. You can get free electronics and other products to try out as long as you do not resell them anywhere else.

16. Be Good at What You Do

Bloggers, YouTubers, Twitchers, social media influencers, and other personalities online are the most effective product testers because they already have an audience (or following).

If you fall under any of these categories even before your search for free electronics, then make sure you’re good at what you do so brands naturally go your way.

Note that this method’s effectiveness depends largely on what you do.

For example, if you’re famous for YouTube makeup tutorials, the free electronics that may be sent your way could be limited to ring lights, hair straighteners, face massagers, and other similar products relevant to this niche.

17. The World Computer Exchange

If you live in a developing country, then you may want to contact the World Computer Exchange.

It’s an organization that offers computers to those who’re living in developing countries. It’s designed for youth groups, rather than individuals though. Visit the site to learn more.

  • Get started here.

18. The On It Foundation

If you have a student in your family who’s in grades K-12 and they meet the eligibility requirements, you could get a free computer from The On It Foundation.

Parents or guardians of the student can write to The On It Foundation to request a computer.

Also, if you don’t qualify for a free computer from the organization, you can find heavily discounted computers from the foundation’s Jump On It! Program.

  • Get started here.

19. PCs for People (Free electronics from the government)

Eligible recipients can get a free computer from PCs for People.

This is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. This is a great program to get a free laptop for low-income families.

To be eligible, you need to be below the 200% poverty level or currently be enrolled in an income-based government assistance program. You can learn more on the website linked below.

  • Get started here.
free electronics

20. Buyback Boss

Have some broken electronics? Well, give Buyback Boss a try. The website buys a range of devices, including ones that are broken.

You can use the cash you get for your old devices to get new ones for free or at least at a discount.

Simply get a quote from the site, ship your stuff for free, and get paid by PayPal or check.

Buyback Boss buys iPhones, Samsung devices, and more.

  • Get started here.

21. Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the best places to sell used phones and other gadgets. You can sell iPhones, MacBooks, Google phones, and more.

Get an offer on the site, ship it for free if it’s worth more than $1, and then get paid by Amazon gift card, PayPal, or check.

You can use this money to get electronics for free.

  • Get started here.

22. Everyone On

Everyone On provides low-cost internet service and affordable computers to those who need them. It offers different programs that are designed for people who’re on a low income.

  • Get started here.

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Fortunately, all of the methods above do not have a catch. As long as you do not pay anything upfront for the free electronics, then you’re all good.

If the giveaway, testing program, or product review requires that you enter your financial information (such as credit card details) or other personal data, don’t bother.

You shouldn’t have to be asked for these things if the electronics are really given out free.

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