9 Best Domain Name Appraisal Services to Consider (2023 Latest Update)

Domain Name Appraisal Services: Domain appraisals can tell you everything you need to know about the value of your website and, significantly, other domains too. If you own a website, it is important to know its worth.

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Not just for owners, it’s an essential practice to value up a domain you are selling or buying to get a true reading of its price and potential, which is probably why there are so many sites out there offering their own brand of appraisal service for your perusal.

9 Free Domain Name Appraisal Services

Here, we’ve decided to handpick 9 best domain appraisal tools online:

1. Godaddy

GoDaddy is the most popular and largest domain price checker site. The site operates its own marketplace and auction. GoDaddy valuation and domain appraisal service not only provides single but a range of values.

It provides a domain appraisal certificate that you can use to sell or buy a domain name. GoDaddy provides the most competitive rates for buying and selling domains.

It offers a Godaddy coupons for added discounts. It also provides a great ability to appraise any domain name that you have registered.

Also, it provides a complete estimate of a domain with reasoning. It not only gives you comprehensive search results but also takes into account top searched keywords, if a domain still exists, and similar names for domains.

Also, it provides a complete listing of domains that are up for purchase. GoDaddy domain name appraisal is perhaps the cheapest and the best tool available to check a domain value.

2. Valuate

Valuate is a free domain valuation tool owned by Domaining.com, that provides appraisal value based on the site’s metrics and sales of same domains.

It gives a complete overview of the data of any domain name you enter. Detailed search results let you know about the traffic estimate, sales report, competitors and most commonly searched websites.

The tool lets you check for trademark issues along with other domain results too. Google CPC is also easier to read with the results.

The tool lets you use the sell button that you can customize. However, only five names per day are allowed for a search.

3. Estibot


Estibot is another best domain appraisal tool. It lets you measure the exact estimated value of the domain’s name.

Estibot is the most used domain price estimator tool with about daily appraises of 1.3 million. It considers many factors that help to evaluate the value of a website (domain).

The focus is on factors like keyword optimization, cost per click, and the domain’s previous sale rate. It provides comprehensive stats for knowing about the website’s potential with value metrics like the traffic rank.

It also presents you with an end-to-user lead generator and appraised drop list. The domain value estimator tool also provides an appraisal certificate for a nominal fee.

Estibot provides complete website appraisal value along with domain category, language, and traffic rank. It also gives an overview of domain keywords that can be used.

Esitbot is a free domain appraisal tool but if you need to perform many searches in a day, then you can register with the site.

4. Sedo

If you are looking to buy or sell a website, then Sedo is the best tool for you. It is not only accurate but also the most premium domain appraisal value checker.

Sedo is the largest in terms of brokerage appraisal service. It provides instant domain valuation online but you need to register with the site.

It is the best choice for domain valuation as it considers many factors before providing the value of the domain.

Advertising effectiveness, search engine suitability, and selling/buying prospects of the domain name are taken into account for search.

Sedo has the largest database on the domain’s sales. This gives the tool an edge over other competitors when determining the value of the website.

Sedo is one of the most comprehensive domain value sites. With domain appraisal, the site also offers domain transfers and a service overview.

Sedo automatically appraises the domain name for the search, so the search results are also instant.

5. MysiteWealth

Mysitewealth lets you know about complete site performance that includes the value of the domain.

The search results with the tool let you know about the website income, the age of the website, daily page views, global traffic rank, estimated domain value of the site you enter, and Google index stats.

It covers almost all the factors in determining the appraisal value of a domain name. The highlight of this domain name value calculator is; it gives detailed coverage of every value and metric that you can think of.

Mysitewealth also lets you know about a domain’s overall rating. It lets you check whether the domain is three stars or five stars rated.

This helps in the valuation process as reviews play an important part of a website. The other features of the website include domain calculator and social media stats.

The domain value checker calculates the site’s value based on website ranking and global keyword statistics.

The social media stats feature lets you know about your site’s shared links to social networking websites. It is the best free domain appraisal tool for a site.


domain index

Domainindex.com is a public service provided free of charge that calculates price indices for website addresses to track the development of price levels.

It provides a very comprehensive instant appraisal based on the sales price or value based on an all-encompassing methodology.

7. Free Valuator

The great thing about Free Valuator is its commitment to gaining multiple perspectives on a website’s valuation.

Not only are users presented with an estimate on the value of a domain, but are also offered the chance to purchase a professional evaluation as well as a ‘crowd appraisal’, which takes on multiple valuations for a site.

Free Valuator also includes useful technical information as well as domain rankings from both Alexa and Google Pagerank among its search results – giving you the chance to gain multiple perspectives on web performance.

8. Epik

Epik’s appraisal tool offers both a premium bespoke website appraisal and a free service that’s subject to signing up.

For a full look at a domain’s history and performance, Epik teams up with archive.org and Alexa Rank respectively to bring in some external voices to help illustrate a website’s history.

A great perk of the service offered by Epik is its Fairness Opinion feature, which comes in handy for when a transaction between a website owner and prospective owner is being completed – which makes this site ideal for serious buyers.

9. Website Outlook

SEMRush is utilized very handily in Website Outlook’s results to provide a powerful data-driven look into the anatomy of a domain.

Via Website Outlook, users are able to see a domain’s SEMRush rank, an estimated cost that would be required to attract the same number of visitors from Google AdWords, how many keywords are active across a page, an Alexa rank, daily page views, and an estimated value of a domain in question.

Website Outlook is also dedicated to displaying a wealth of technical information associated with searched domains, and on top of that, the service is entirely free with no registration required.

names and function

Domain name value estimators and domain appraisal services provide the complete appraised value of your domain with comprehensive analysis and selling information.

These tools are very helpful to get insightful information on how much your domain might be worth. So, choose a free domain appraisal site or a premium domain valuation site depending on your requirement to gain a complete perspective of your website’s worth.

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