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PDF textbook refers to the digitized, interactive function of intelligent textbook content displayed in a scientific and intuitive visual, audio, graphic, and text through electronic media reading textbook.

free college textbooks pdf

Since the advent of the Internet, they have transferred many ordinary activities to the Internet. The same goes for textbooks.

Reading books is important because it can expand your knowledge and can make you smarter. It also helps you grow mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. However, some countries can’t afford to provide textbooks to all of their students.

So other students prefer looking for websites for PDF textbooks instead of buying hard copies. Soft copies are easier to access and even more practical.

Having said that, written below are the websites that you can use. By the way, if you can get a free PDF reader, just click the button.

7 Websites to Download PDF Textbooks

Here are the top 7 platforms to get your PDF textbooks today. Keep reading.

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a file-sharing site that provides academic journal articles, general interest books, images, comics, textbooks, and magazines. This website has millions of articles and PDF textbooks in its inventory.

Go into the website of Library Genesis, just need to simply enter your search term into the search box, you can find and download the textbook you need. You can also enter an author, book title, or subject to search the textbook.


  • Full range of books
  • Simple interface
  • Perfect for reading on your Kindle, iPad, Android, or other e-reader devices

2. OpenStax

OpenStax is a public-service educational initiative based at Rice University. In OpenStax, you can find textbooks on mathematics, physics, biology, social sciences, humanities, business, etc.

All textbooks in OpenStax meet the standard scope and sequence claims, making them seamlessly adaptable to existing courses.

In supplement to college textbooks, you can also find a small number of high school textbooks here. But most of them are based on college books. If you are a college student, this website will be a great choice for you.


  • Download the textbooks for free
  • Complete textbooks are 100% free and ready to download
  • Full range of college textbooks

3. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library carries many textbooks that have been funded, published, and permitted to be freely used, adapted, and distributed. Those books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at a low cost.

In the Open Textbook Library, you can explore textbooks by subjects. It has textbooks on twelve subjects including Business, Education, Engineering, and so on. They essentially aimed the textbooks on this website at college students.


  • All open textbooks in the library can be downloaded and adapted for free from further permissions or paperwork
  • Allows you to write your own open textbook
free college textbooks pdf

4. Textbook Revolution

Textbook Revolution is one of the great sites for free college textbooks. It is made to increase the use of free textbooks and downloadable materials by professors and teachers. The goal of this website is to get its materials into every classroom.

You can choose educational resources, links, and reviews about the textbooks. You can easily navigate your preferred topic because license, course, level, etc sorts them.

Once you are already a member, you can also contribute to the site by submitting a new course, book, or other contributions. You can download textbooks in PDF form and also you can view textbooks online as ebooks.

5. ScholarWorks

ScholarWorksis an open-access depository controlled by the GVSU Libraries that showcases and maintains works by GVSU scholars. You can search the open textbooks you require across all repositories by title, author, citation information, keywords, etc. All the textbooks here are for college students.


  • Full range of college textbooks
  • Various search methods for textbooks

6. Bookboon.com

Bookboon was created in 2005 and has since become the world’s largest provider of ebooks. They offer a huge array of online books for college students and have over 1,000 college and university textbooks available to download – completely for free.  

Students studying STEM subjects or business may find this site particularly helpful, as the site was initially designed with these subjects in mind and they can be found on the very first page.

With compatibility for laptops, tablets, and cellphones, students can pick up where they left off with bookmark tools and a memo pad for taking notes.  


  • Simple and clear interface
  • Mainly textbooks on engineering, IT, and business

7. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine allows you to find free PDF textbooks and files and download them to your computer. Using PDF Search Engine is as simple as using other search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Just type your query in the text box and click enter or the search button. You will be presented with a list of search results relevant to your query. This website is very rich in resources; it contains textbooks of all ages. You can find the books you need here.


  • Abundant textbook resources
  • Provides textbooks in multiple formats
free college textbooks pdf

8. AACC Bookstore eTextbooks

The AACC Bookstore offers free e-textbooks and digital study versions that are in the public domain or are royalty-free versions of materials. It’s another good place to get free textbooks online in PDF format.

9. Project Gutenberg

If you ever wondered, “Where to get free PDF versions of textbooks?“, Project Gutenberg is your answer.

You can find more than 57,000 free eBooks on there, including textbooks.

What’s great about Project Gutenberg is that you can get books in a range of formats, such as ePUB, PDF, and .doc.

This means that no matter what device you have, such as Kindle, Nook, phone or desktop computer, you can view the textbooks from the site.

10. ManyBooks.net

ManyBooks.net is a website where you can find free college textbooks. On there you can find titles in a range of file formats, such as like ePUB, PDF, and .doc.

So regardless of what device you’re reading on, you can easily read free textbooks from ManyBooks.net.

If you’re looking for PDF versions of textbooks, then ManyBooks.net is definitely worth checking out.

11. Free-eBooks.net

Free-eBooks.net offers free books you can download. It has a whole academic section. So if you want PDF versions of textbooks, then make sure you check out Free-eBooks.net. There’s classic fiction on there too, so if you’re taking a course like English Literature, then this is also handy!

12. DigiLibraries.com

DigiLibraries.com is another website that offers free books. You can find some free textbooks there.

13. Bibliomania

Bibliomania offers some academic texts, so it’s worth having a quick look on there for free textbooks.

But that’s not all. There are two reasons why Bibliomania is such a good website for students. Firstly, it has a study section, which is designed for school and university students and their teachers and tutors.

In this section, there are study guides that are written by Oxford and Cambridge University graduates. These study guides provide summaries, discussions, and commentaries on texts.

There are study guides available in a range of genres from American Literature to Religion. This is a pretty handy resource if you’re a student.

14. California Open Online Library for Education

The California Open Online Library for Education gives you free digital textbooks, as well as course materials, online courses, and journals and articles.

There are textbooks available on a range of subjects, such as Science and Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, and Education.

15. American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative

If you need math textbooks, then check out the American Institute of Mathematics’ Open Textbook Initiative.

There’s a section for Approved Textbooks, which includes textbooks that have been judged to meet the evaluation criteria set by the AIM editorial board.

On there, you can find textbooks on a wide range of subjects, like Trigonometry, Calculus, Mathematical Computing, Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, and Geometry and Topology.

16. Open Textbooks Grand Valley State University

Another place where you can find open textbooks is on the Grand Valley State University website.

17. Textbooksfree

Textbooksfree is a website that provided high school textbooks for free. If you are a high school student, textbooks free are one of the best websites for you to learn online.

There are many kinds of textbooks here like English, Mathematics, Science, etc. In addition to the textbooks, you can also find the free course materials of high school like subject lectures and subject videos.

18. Free Kids Books

Free Kids books is a growing library of unique children’s books, literary resources, and textbooks for children and young adults, available online and for download primarily in a user-friendly PDF format.

The textbooks on this website are mainly for K-12 – pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. The resources (i.e textbooks or books) for students, parents, and teachers in this sector are available found on this website.

19. Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot is an e-book links library that offers free download books in almost any category. With this website, you can find and download here such as programming, scientific, engineering, fiction, and many other books.

You don’t need to look for another website to download PDF textbooks because using this site, you can download books without requiring you to register. You can also add a new book and add a comment to the forum if you are a member.

To become a member, you should register with their short process. Once you are already a member, you can now create a list of your preferred books that allows you to download later. You can have access to society in case you have any concerns.

college textbooks

20. Free Tech Books

Free Tech Books is one of the free PDF textbooks sites that you can visit. This site will allow you to download and view books like engineering and programming books, computer science, textbooks, lecture notes, etc.

All the textbooks here are legal as they are hosted by their legal authors or publishers. Basically, the website doesn’t host the books, it only provides links to the books in HTML and PDF file format directly to the author’s website.

Generally, you are allowed to view, download and print the books by your own private use free of charge.

21. Bookyards

If you like reading and downloading books, you can visit Bookyards, it is one of the amazing websites to download PDF textbooks. It provides educational material, documents, reference material, information, and many more.

All content provided is guaranteed free. The site aims are to be the “Library to the World” by bringing free textbooks to everyone regardless of creed, age, race, or religion.

It offers a wide range of book categories such as art, audio, biography, computers, culture, language, law & legal, science, and many more. You can also export their search engine for your blog, website review, and social media activities.

22. EbookLobby

We also include EbookLobby on the list of free PDF textbooks sites. It offers free ebooks to download that are divided into different categories.

Categories options are from business, education, art, and computing.

There are some genuinely helpful textbooks that you can download free here especially when you are on computers, it has 100 plus books to choose from, ready to download to your computer.

23. AvaxHome

Unlike the written websites to download PDF textbooks above, AvaxHome requires you to create an account first before using their service.

You can choose from their wide range of categories like ebooks & e-learning, music, tv series, games, audiobooks, and a lot more.

To download content, you must register to their database and pay for the correspondent price, you will use another tool to download any content. Although it is a paid website, it is helpful especially if you need a reference.

24. Scrib

This is the place you can’t miss. The free eBook website offers a 14-day free trial; wish allows you to access millions of college ebooks, comics, and audiobooks.

Scribd apps for pdf book download are available for Apple and Android gadgets. So you don’t have to deal with text format conversion or poor reading experience.

The site eBook library contains huge collections of fiction, romance, fantasy, history, arts, science, business, and books for kids.

25. Google Play Books

If you are a proud owner of an Android smartphone, tablet, or laptop then you don’t need to look for free ebook sites. You just need to visit the Google Play marketplace from your mobile gadget and select the “Books” category and turn on the “Free” price filter.

Here you’ll find dozens of free classic literature and contemporary masterpieces pdf books. All the free ebooks you will access via this app are either in PDF or EPUB format.

26. Amazon Free Kindle Books

If you are a fan of Amazon kindle, then you have a one-stop-shop for your entire free ebooks download. The download process is prompt and stressless.

Visit Amazon Kindle Books from your computer or mobile device and log in to your Amazon account. Select a book by genre, author, or name and download it. Amazon kindle contains many ebooks categories from classics, romance, science fiction, thrillers.

The great advantage of Amazon is the ability to discover new books according to your taste and previous downloads. Plus, you can read other people’s reviews before investing your time into reading.

27. eBooks.com

If your aim is to find a book up to your liking from any genre: fiction, romance, educational, history, technology, etc?

Then eBooks is one of the best ebook websites with an impressive library of downloadable ebooks for book lovers. You may buy a book at a small price or download gift books.

The electronic books are in ePub format. The site claims that their books are compatible with Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Kobo readers.

28. Ecampus

This website offers ebooks to download at very low prices.

eCampus website is an ebook website directory made for students who want to access college pdf textbooks at very low prices. Here you can rent a digital textbook, buy a used textbook or sell your old book. eCampus offers a reader app for iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows PC, and Mac.

So you can download a pdf book quickly. Besides, eCampus has a substantial fiction books library if you get tired of learning.

ecampus is an ebook download website that creates the right platform for independent authors who want to avoid the traditional publishing route.

The site contains a huge array of new fiction, non-fiction, and even audiobooks at your fingertips, in every genre you could wish for.

There are many similar sites around, but eCampus is one of the students’ favorite websites, with new books added every day.

29. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is an eBook seller website that allows you to download Nook textbooks. The site’s peculiarity is that the books you download there definitely look like real ones: with book sizes and pictures.

You can search the book you want or browse by category. If you choose a chargeable book, you will get a free sample first. Barnes and Nobles ebook section contains pdf textbooks in different languages and kids’ stories.

The drawback is that the majority of books on the site are paid and it is not so easy to find a free book there. So, if you are ready to pay for your choice about $1-3 or want a real-looking digital book, “follow the white rabbit”.

30. The Book Depository

Book Depository is a site for cheap textbooks that stands as an alternative for ebook sites. It sells “real” hard-copy textbooks and offers massive discounts to students and learners.

The library has over 30 million titles in many languages. Book Depository provides free delivery to 100 countries (please see their FAQ section for details). So if you’re after a reliable source for cheap books, then this site is for you.


31. Baen

Baen is a free ebook download website that has a small section of fiction and nonfiction books download section.

All you need to do is simply scroll the list of books and pick the one that you want to get. EPUB, MOBI, RTF are top book formats. Please note that you download a zip archive with the book inside.

So if you don’t have a special app on your mobile reader, you have to use your PC with some compression software to unpack it.

32. Issuu

Issuu is another publishing platform that lets you access books, magazines, and tutorials produced by famous and independent authors. You can read many creations online without an account. Some authors allow you to download content for free if you have a free Issuu account.

33. The Assayer

The Assayer is an online catalog of books whose authors have made them available to people for free.

The website, which has been around since 2000, is a great place to find books on math, science, and computers in particular.

But, you can find free textbooks on other subjects there too, like Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Geography, Anthropology, Recreation, Political Science, Law, Music, and Fine Arts.

34. Merlot

Merlot offers people free curated online learning and support materials, including textbooks. There are more than 6,600 textbooks on there.

35. Open SUNY Textbooks

SUNY offers Open Educational Resources (OER), including textbooks.

SUNY’s OER includes materials that are in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that allows it to be repurposed by others.

36. E-books Directory

E-Books Directory features a list of links to free eBooks, documents and lecture notes. So it’s a good place to find digital versions of textbooks. There are more than 10,000 free e-books available in 702 categories.

37. Feedbooks

On Feedbooks, you can find thousands of public domain books. So it’s definitely a good website to check if you’re looking for free textbooks in the public domain.

38. FreeBooks4Doctors

FreeBooks4Doctors is a great website to visit if you’re looking for medical textbooks in particular. There are more than 300 free medical books and websites featured there.

Books are available on a wide range of subjects, such as dermatology, pharmacology, and anatomy.

What’s great about this website is that you can get book alerts.

39. FreeTechBooks

FreeTechBooks offers free online computer science, engineering, and programming books, textbooks, and lecture notes.

The books there is open access, and there are more than 1,200 books featured there.

40. OER Commons

OER Commons is a digital library that features openly licensed textbooks and supplemental resources.

41. The Orange Grove Open Textbooks

The Orange Grove, Florida’s Open College Education Resource, provides open textbooks.

42. Check out Freecycle

Freecycle is a great website because it serves two good purposes. Firstly, it encourages people to recycle their stuff, rather than throwing it out, which is more beneficial to the environment.

Secondly, and most importantly if you’re looking for free textbooks, is you can find free stuff on there.

While you won’t always find college textbooks on there, it’s always worth checking on Freecycle.

43. Thrift Stores

While they tend to have more fiction books than non-fiction titles, thrift stores near you can be a good place to shop for cheap textbooks.

You can sometimes find some well-used textbooks there. Just visit frequently so you don’t miss out on great offers.

And, if you’re doing a course on literature or any other course that requires you to read fiction books, then the thrift store is such a good place to shop.

You can often find classic titles there at a super low price.

44. Yard Sales

Yard sales can also be a good place to find books. Again, as with thrift stores, you’re likely to find mostly fiction titles, but it’s still worth visiting any local yard sales just to see if they have any academic books.

45. University and Library Sales

Occasionally, libraries and universities sell books to make room for new books.

This means that they’ll sell off the old ones at really low prices. You can get some huge discounts on books. So if you want cheap textbooks, then consider attending one of these sales.

Just call local libraries and universities and ask if they are holding any book sales, and if so, when the sales are being held.

46. Use Coupon Websites for Big Discounts Online and In-store

A really easy way to get new college textbooks at a low price is to use coupon and deal websites.

On these websites, you can find discounts for popular bookstores that can save you a lot of money.

On RetailMeNot, for example, there are coupons available for a wide range of bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

And there are other coupon and deal websites out there, where you can get discounts for bookstores and other platforms where you can buy books, including:

47. BookOutlet.com

At BookOultet.com, you can find books for 50% to 90% off their retail price. And, with Student Beans, you can get a 10% student discount too.

48. Get Cheap Textbooks on Amazon

Amazon.com is a great place to find cheap college textbooks. On Amazon, you can save up to 90% on rental, new, used, and digital textbooks.

Buying textbooks used can save you a lot of money. On Amazon, you can save up to 90% on used textbooks. Also, renting your textbooks, rather than buying them is a good way to save a ton of money.

You can save up to 90% on textbook rentals on Amazon. And, you can also save up to 49% on new textbooks, and up to 60% off the print list price when you buy eTextbooks.

49. CheapestBookPrice.com

CheapestBookPrice.com allows you to compare the price of new and used books. On there, you can buy books at up to 95% off.


50. Half Price Books

On HalfPriceBooks you can find new and used textbooks at low prices.

51. Thriftbooks

You can find great deals on textbooks and books in general on ThriftBooks.

52. AbeBooks

AbeBooks is a website where you can find cheap new and used textbooks. You can save up to 90% on textbooks on AbeBooks.com.

53. PaperBack Swap

PaperBack Swap is an online book swapping community. It’s a website where you can swap books with other members.

Just list the books you’d like to swap with other club members. Once a book is requested, you mail it to the member, and then you can choose from more than 25,000 available books.

You pay to ship the books that you send out, but you don’t have to pay for postage on the books you receive from other members,.

54. Textbooks.com

At Textbooks.com, you can save up to 90% on textbooks. Plus, there’s free shipping on orders worth $25 or more.

55. Chegg

Chegg is a website that allows you to rent textbooks, rather than buy them.

This can be a good way to save money. You can save up to 90% on textbook rentals at Chegg.

56. BooksfreeSwap

BookfreeSwap, like PaperBackSwap, is a website where you can swap free books.

All you need to pay for is the postage, which means that you can get books at a super low price.

57. Get Free College Textbooks on Reddit

Reddit is such a great source for finding free stuff, including free textbooks that I had to put it in its own category.

By the way, if you’re looking for more free stuff, check out our Reddit freebies post for a list of best subreddit for finding free stuff.

Now, although Reddit is one of the top 10 most visited sites (and the original social network) in the world, most people have no idea it existed and if they do, they have a hard time getting how it works.

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In conclusion, All of the aforementioned are truly helpful and great websites to download Free College Textbooks PDF. They have their own unique interface for you to use the website easily and without hesitation.

And of course, the best website to get Free College Textbooks PDF really depends on your own personal needs and interest.

If this article was helpful to you kindly share it massively with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to put down what you feel about this post in the comment section below.

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