How to Get Free CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

How to Get Free CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

Are you in the maerket for your next used car purchase? There are several ways to get a free Vehicle History Report during the shopping process from CARFAX. 

How to Get Free CARFAX Vehicle History Reports

There are several unknowns when purchasing a used car but some parts of the puzzle can be filled in by a vehicle history study.

You can find out a lot about a used car before you purchase it by running a vehicle history report using the vehicle identification code, or VIN.

These reports also mention basic things like the number of owners in a car’s history and cumulative driven miles, as well as more detailed information such as previous injuries and prior maintenance records, losses and repairs.

What is a Carfax Report?

For an automobile, Carfax compiles a background report based on data it gathers from U.S. motor vehicle authorities, police forces, fire departments, crash repair centers, auto auctioneers and other outlets.

Carfax reports there are more than 22 billion documents on its car history site.

Each report relies on data reported to Carfax for a unique, 17-digit vehicle identification number, or VIN, which includes information about a car’s history.

  • Warranty information
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Major accidents
  • Maintenance history
  • Past owners
  • Structural damage
  • Odometer readings

The reports can help you steer clear of buying a car with hidden problems, including damage caused in an accident.

How do I Get a Free Carfax Report?

Used Car Listings

Thousands of vehicles have a free CarFax study, like Click the connection to the CarFax report under the heading vehicle history.

It contains the same detail about vehicle history you would get if you bought a report from Carfax’s website. If the dealership that sells the car is not advertising a free report, ask for one.

Private Party Purchase

When shopping by private car, ask the car owner to provide you with a CarFax report so that you can make an educated decision using as much details as possible about the vehicle’s past.

Take Advantage of a Free CARFAX Car Care Account

Register for a free CARFAX Car Care account and look at your vehicle service history. You will also get upcoming service updates, locate trustworthy service shops and be the first to hear about open reminder.

Car Insurance makes car maintenance simpler than ever before.

To sign up for a FREE Car Care account, visit

Other Alternatives

CarFax is not the only source with information on car history. The National Insurance Crime Bureau provides a free service called VINCheck that allows consumers to search a vehicle identification number to see if the car has been registered as a total loss or stolen by an insurance business.


However, this service does include less information than a CarFax article. Alternatively, the website also provides free information on vehicle history. It offers data such as statistics on auto theft as well as mileage numbers and how many car owners it has seen.

However, it does not offer the level of detail that a CarFax report does in terms of accident and maintenance histories.

Final Say

If you are having it for free or buying it, a report on vehicle history can be an valuable tool when you purchase a used car. Although a vehicle history report does not disclose everything about a car’s background, it will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

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