The Pros and Cons of Using Fractional Laser for Stretch Marks

Does your confidence disappear when you start having stretch marks? Have you ever considered fractional laser for your stretch marks? If you want a better option to eliminate stretch marks and enjoy its effect in the long run, consider fractional laser.

The Pros and Cons of Using Fractional Laser for Stretch Marks

Just because stretch marks are normal doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Finally, there’s a treatment for stretch marks that helps give you the clear, smooth, touchable skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Laser stretch mark treatment is a non-surgical procedure that uses pulses of fractional laser light to break down stretch marks and improve the appearance of your skin.

In just a few simple treatments, redness can typically be reduced, old white stretch marks can be smoothed, and your skin can be ready to bare.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (striae) are narrow, thin skin striations or lines, usually located next to each other in parallel, that have formed because of the fracture of dermis fiber tissue.

They are also known as striae gravidarum, in cases when they occur during pregnancy, also – atrophic, white streaks or simply striae.

Stretch marks commonly occur when the skin is rapidly stretching during growth, pregnancy or with sudden change in weight. Striae may also occur because of hormonal changes in adolescence, during pregnancy, with hormone replacement therapy, as well as for other reasons.

The Life Cycle of Stretch Marks

The appearance of stretch marks change over time and can be determined by skin type. If they appear pink or red this indicates that the stretch marks are in the early-period and have been recently acquired.

Sometimes stretch marks appear pink or purple. Stretch marks may appear this color early on, but depending on skin type, they can begin to appear silvery-white as time passes.

Are Stretch-Marks Treatable?

There are a few treatment options available for stretch marks, such as through topical creams and through surgery. One of the most effective methods for treating stretch marks is through laser resurfacing of the skin with the use of a relatively new technology called fractional laser therapy.

In a recent study, researchers compared stretch mark laser therapy to therapy using a topical cream. Participants who had been treated with lasers found the appearance of their stretch marks to have significantly improved as compared to participants who were only treated with a topical cream.

Dermatologists generally view topical creams as complements to other therapies, rather than as an effective treatment onto themselves.

While surgery can be highly effective for removing stretch marks, it’s a lot more expensive and comes with greater risk as compared to laser therapy.

For instance, surgery for stretch mark removal costs anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000. Whereas a typical session of stretch marks laser therapy costs around $200.

Although, unlike surgery, a total treatment cycle for laser removal, usually takes place across 3-4 sessions.

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Fractional Laser Therapy

Fractional laser therapy is a relatively new form of treatment, having been introduced in the early 2000s. However, it’s been FDA approved for the treatment of various types of scars, including those found in stretch marks.

The treatment goal is to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by focusing on one area or “fraction” at a time. This is achieved by shining a specialized beam of light onto the skin that works to disrupt the molecular bonds of tissue and to stimulate the growth of new tissue.

The Pros and Cons of Using Fractional Laser for Stretch Marks

Over the course of several visits, thousands of microscopic wounds are produced on the skin that works to stimulate the production of new skin.

At the same time, fractional laser therapy works to stimulate the production of collagen—the component of skin that gives it its elastic quality. Put simply, old skin is removed and new skin replaces it.

Pros and Cons of Fractional Laser


  • It is not painful.
  • Renders quick positive results than cosmetic products.
  • It may provide permanent treatment on scars.


  • Severe marks may not respond to laser treatment.
  • Demands extra costs for further treatments.
  • It requires a total rest at home, which affects the time of work.

Is Fractional Laser Therapy for Stretch Mark Removal Right for You?

The treatment method for stretch mark removal and its success will depend a lot on your situation. For example, the best treatment option for newer stretch marks may not be the best treatment option for older stretch marks.

Depending on your situation you may benefit from a combination with other treatment methods, such as micro-needling which works to stimulate new, thicker skin and collagen that can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Bottom Line

Be brave to undergo laser therapy to experience the best results you desire. Yet, stretch marks need medical treatment if you want a long-lasting cure. Fractional laser for stretch marks can also be an expensive option to abolish scar lines. But it brings back the buoyancy towards you.

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