Food Truck Repair: Choosing the Right Auto Repair Services

Did your food truck recently develop an issue? You should be considering going for a food truck repair. But which auto repair service should you go to? Read through to find out.

food truck repair

Since you can’t compare a bad food truck to any other thing when it comes to a food business, then we can say there is no time to be wasted when you figure out that your food truck needs repair.

You might want to ignore the signs but it has a way of affecting your business and will, in turn, show how incompetent you might be with your business.

However, looking for the right auto repair service can sometimes be very difficult, especially if you don’t have any idea about it.

Auto repair services help provide a day-to-day proper check on your vehicle, especially your food truck, which will take longer than it should. If this is ignored, there would be a loss in your business. 

However, the expenses might be quite outrageous, compared to a new food truck but with the rise in mobile eateries, its repair requirement will increase over time.

Food Truck Repair Services

You might even have various auto repair services around your area but knowing and choosing the right one will be dependent on your kind of vehicle and how close the food truck repair truck is.

Food truck repair is also done by season. For instance, during summer, the engines have to be taken care of properly, especially because the sun is out and this might put stress on the engine.

You should consider going for a full repair service, to make sure there is full work done on it because you won’t want your business to take pause.

More so, it is very important that as a food truck owner, you trust the shop or repair service you take your food truck to.

Choosing the Right Auto Repair Services for Your Food Truck

Choosing the Right Auto Repair Services for Your Food Truck

Below are some great tips that can help you find reliable auto repair services.

1. Ask for References

Asking friends and colleagues for the best and most reliable options when it comes to food truck repairs can save you a lot of trouble and stress.  

2. Finding A Professional

You obviously do not want to go through having your food truck repaired by a novice. When you have a professional do your job for you, you will be at rest knowing that he or she can give a good result. 

A good example will be the association of the repair shop with NAPA Autocare, ASP, or Parts Plus. 

This particular association makes it possible that every repair shop has undergone high scrutiny of service and can also meet customers’ needs. 

3. Look Around the Shop

The look and atmosphere of a repair shop are very important. You can simply take feedback about the services the shop renders from a customer before settling for it. This will give you an idea of how you will be treated.

4. Find A Food Truck Specialist

You must be particular about the fact that the shop has technicians with certifications like GM, ASP, and Delco or certifications from manufacturers like Mercedes, and Ford. 

This shows how serious they are about going on with their job and providing their services. This also means that they are going with the trends of the latest technology which shows excellence.

5. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It might not always offer the best even if it has a bigger or very beautiful shop. This simply shows that looks don’t do all the work.

Not neglecting any shop but you can also get a larger repair shop that can give a better service than a smaller one. 

Also, ensure that you check for prices in every repair shop in your research because these prices are usually competitive in different areas.

6. Modern Technology

As bizarre as this might sound, always look for state-of-the-art equipment whenever you visit a new repair shop. 

This is because, without a well-equipped repair shop, a complete repair cannot be assured. This becomes even more important if you own the latest model of truck.


Repair and its services are very essential for any food truck. Although sometimes they may be difficult to afford, they are priceless when it comes to maintaining the good state of your vehicle.

It is very essential that you make the right choice. Make sure you do this so that at some point you do not have to close your kitchen which can make you lose your customers. 

We hope this article will save some of you the stress of having to deal with downtimes because you did not take your mobile kitchen’s maintenance very seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average fixed cost of a food truck is $50,000 to $175,000.

The five reasons that food trucks fail are as a result of the kind of fuel used, vehicle maintenance, storage, marketing, and liability insurance.

The three most common issues faced by food truck businesses are Inventory and Menus, wearing many hats, and an inefficient kitchen.

Yes, food truck owners make money between $24,000 and $153,000 per year.

Sure, it is and it can also bring joy and monetary profit.

Food trucks use around $500 to $1,000 per month.

Yes, food trucks are worth the investment.

Sure, food trucks are a terrific investment.

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