Food Holidays in October: The Most Comprehensive List

October is already a festive month, but for foodies, knowing food holidays October is important for them and makes it more exciting.

food holidays october

The most recent food holidays must be known if you operate in the food industry. Food holidays foster a common sense of culinary celebration that spreads over social media, much as food unites people on a daily basis. 

You won’t even notice that the days are becoming shorter.

You won’t have time to observe these significant October culinary holidays because you’ll be too busy organizing gatherings and menu items. Some permit celebrations to last a whole month.

Food Holidays October

National Apple Month

National Caramel Month

National Cookie Month

National Dessert Month

National Pasta Month

National Pickled Peppers Month

National Pizza Month

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

National Pork Month

National Pretzel Month

National Seafood Month

Go Hog Wild -Eat Country Ham Month

Fair Trade Month 

Daily Food Holidays

October 1

World Vegetarian Day

October 2

National Fried Scallops Day

October 3

National Taco Day

October 4 

National Taquito Day

October 5 

National Apple Betty Day

October 6 

National Noodle Day

October 7

National Frappe Day

October 8

National Pierogi Day

October 9 

National Dessert Day

Submarine-Hoagy-Hero-Grinder Day

October 10 

National Angel Food Cake Day

October 11 

National Sausage Pizza Day

October 12

National Pumpkin Pie Day

October 13 

National Yorkshire Pudding Day

National M&M Day

October 14

National Dessert Day

October 15 

National Mushroom Day

National Red Wine Day

October 16

National World Food Day

October 17 

National Pasta Day

October 18 

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

October 19

National Seafood Bisque Day

October 20 

National Brandied Fruit Day

October 21

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

October 22 

National Nut Day

October 23 

National Boston Cream Pie Day

October 24 

National Bologna Day

October 25

National Greasy Foods Day

October 26 

National Pumpkin Day

October 27

National Potato Day

October 28 

National Chocolate Day

October 29 

National Oatmeal Day

October 30 

National Candy Corn Day

October 31

National Caramel Apple Day

Weekly Food Holidays

food holidays october

First Week of October

  • National Chili Week
  • National Fruit at Work Day (1st Tuesday)
  • National Kale Day (1st Wednesday)

Second Week of October

  • National Beer Week
  • National Kegger Weekend
  • National Food Bank Week
  • National School Lunch Week
  • World Egg Day (2nd Friday)

Third Week of October

  • National Bulk Food Week
  • National Kraut Sandwich Week
  • Pickled Peppers Week

Fourth Week of October

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Week


The month of October is very unique, and the festivities make it more interesting. 

We hope this article has helped with all the information you need concerning food holidays in October.

Frequently Asked Questions

October 1. World Vegetarian Day.
October 2. National Custodian Day. 
October 3. Child Health Day. 
October 4. National Taco Day. 

  • Collard Greens and Black-eyed Peas.
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage.
  • Green Bean Casserole.
  • Pumpkin Pie.

We associate October with mushrooms. We recommend a unique and tasteful dish: dill-infused boletus salad. With rye bread, serve it as a starter.

Pink Month is a month dedicated to spreading awareness of the disease, including early detection and the signs and symptoms that go along with it. The month of October has been dubbed “Pink Month” as part of a global campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer.

World Food Day is celebrated on October 16 each year. More than 150 nations get together on this day to increase public awareness of the problems associated with hunger and poverty.

So it is indeed a special day

The month of October is jam-packed with festive food holidays including Vodka Day and Homemade Cookie Day. Columbus Day and Southern Food Heritage Day are also being celebrated.

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