411+ Creative & Stylish Food Festival and Tasting Event Name Ideas

A Food festival is among the best events to attend at any time of year because, well, hello? Food! You get to sample mouthwatering delicacies as well as connect with people who could be potential customers if you’re a food vendor.

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Food Festival Names

Organizing a food festival can be highly taxing because you must consider the venue, the food and its vendors, music, drinks, and everything in between.

However, most people overlook the fact that coming up with a name or theme for the food festival is a separate issue.

Although it is almost certain that a large number of people will attend, this does not mean that your food festival should remain anonymous.

Because you will serve a diverse group of people, your food festival name should be catchy, appealing, fun, and engaging.

You must brainstorm to ensure that no one else has taken the name, and once you have chosen one, you must stick with it and be consistent.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Food Fest Names

1. The Food Bribe.

2. Delicacy Town.

3. Uptown Appetite.

4. Savory Oasis.

5. The Chewy Chapter.

6. Succulent Grounds.

7. Only Organic Eats.

8. Kitchen Party

9. Breakfast Savory

10. Taste Dreamland

11. Toast & Toss

12. Tangy Tongues

13. Yum Lawn

14. Seafood Carnival

15. Dine Together

16. Bussin’ Breakfast

17. The Jolly Pantry.

18. Veggie Victory.

19. Brunchfest.

20. French fry Festival.

21. Cali Lobster.

22. Chilling with Chicken Wings.

23. The Food Expo.

24. Raw & Roasted.

25. Foodies Delight

26. Dine Together

27. Hot Dogs and Tents.

28. Guilty Diet.

29. Art of Eating.

30. What’s Your Flavor Profile?

31. Steaks & Bones.

32. The Spice Fashion.

33. Fervent Flavors.

34. Toothsome Tables.

35. Mother’s Kitchen

36. Eat Cambridge

37. Taste-Driven Journey

38. Beaumaris Food Festival

39. The Welsh Menu Live

40. TreeHouse Treat

41. Gourmet Wizard

42. Canape’s Best

43. Tasty Carnival

44. Zestful Seconds.

45. Sugarcoats & Salty Boats.

46. Robust Flavor Festival.

47. Welcome to Taste Country.

48. Classic Ocean Favorites.

49. Polished Palate.

50. Food Planet Expo.

food festival

Food Tasting Names

1. Queen of Cuisines.

2. Worldwide Food Web.

3. Flavors on Fingers.

4. Spice Succulents.

5. Flavored Odds.

6. Tarts & Targets.

7. The Food Genre

8. Carnivore Carnival

9. Tables of Delicacies

10. Dive In Delicacies

11. Finger Foods First

12. Chips and Dips

13. Cheese Please!

14. Small Bite Central

15. Sushi Revolution

16. The Food Bribe

17. Hot Dogs and Tents

18. Earthling Diet

19. Dorset Seafood Festival

20. Spice Succulents

21. Foodies of America

22. Nutritional Diet

23. Dinner with Families

24. Dream Mediterranean

25. Tasty Terrace

26. Taste Carnival

27. Toast & Toss

28. Retro Romance

29. Ramen Momentum

30. The Wine Creator

31. Taste Dreamland

32. Grilling Road Hideout

33. Foodies Festival

34. Seafood Carnival

35. Food & Wine Dine

36. Sundown Banquet.

37. Twilight Truffles.

38. Evening Seascape.

39. Tropic Evening Zest.

40. Moonlight Lake.

41. Decadent Soup.

42. Casino Escapade.

43. Mellow Nights.

44. Steak Backyard.

45. Sundown Brickwood.

46. Crescent Cocktail.

47. Sushi Sunset Supper.

48. Midnight Cuisine.

49. Smoky Brisket Supper.

50. Grill Greatness.

Creative Food Festival Names

1. Roses & Rotisserie.

2. The Beef Bay Supper.

3. House of Curds.

4. Friday Citrus Night.

5. Savour Supper.

6. Seafood Saturday.

7. Chili & Chill Dinner.

8. Sundown Vintage Supper.

9. Phoenix Grill Night.

10. Verde Baltimore Supper.

11. Forest Cabin Series.

12. Bamboo Gourmet.

13. Meat Under The Moonlight.

14. Midday Palate.

15. Seize The Lunch.

16. Munch A Healthy Lunch.

17. Bento Break.

18. Flavour of Shetland

19. The Spice Fashion

20. Dumpling Daydream

21. Seafood Sailor

22. Dessert Delight

23. Drinks & Wine Carnival

24. Bussin’ Breakfast

25. Food Luxuries

26. Newbury Food Festival

27. Rocking Rib Treat

28. Uptown Appetit

29. Veggie Delight

30. Ludlow Food Festival

31. The Charcuterie Plot

32. Buffet Fans

33. Refreshing Midday Sushi.

34. Steak to Your Words.

35. Better Eat Your Broccoli.

36. Hooray For Lunch Buffet.

37. The Caribbean In The Cabin.

38. Better Brunch Than Never.

39. Fall For The Waffles.

40. Vegetarian Treat

41. Foodaholic Blast

42. Global Flavors

43. Diverse Food Drivers

44. Elements of Taste

45. American Delights

46. The Pals Picnic

47. The Full Course Movement

48. Trip to Food Land

49. Sushi Revolution

50. Bun Bonanza

Stylish Food Tasting Names

1. Bread Delight

2. Constellation of Wine

3. The Worldwide Palate

4. Expert Express

5. Wine Deluxe

6. Gravy Backyard

7. Tricks Treat and Turkey

8. Chili & Chill Dinner

9. The Foodie Goal

10. Taste Balanced

11. Celebration of Love

12. Make It Sound French

13. Aromatically Cheesy Hunters

14. Delight Den

15. Taste of the ’90s

16. Taste To Remember

17. Skew the Beef

18. Happy Harvest Hour

19. Fresh & Healthy

20. Back in New Orleans

21. Seafood Voyage

22. Cuisine Quest

23. Toothsome Temptations

24. Meal Buddies

25. Blooming Foodies

26. For Starters

27. Generous Salads

28. Prosciutto Mucho

29. Vegetable Starters

30. Serving Board Entrees

31. Finger Foods First

32. Chips and Dips

33. Cheese Please!

34. Small Bite Central

35. Asian Arena

36. Delicacies of Farm

37. The Pals Picnic

38. Elements of Taste

39. Fish stock Brixham

40. Welcoming Harvests

41. Vineland Pleasures

42. Polished Palate

43. Mystical Tastes

44. French fry Festival

45. Blossom time

46. Oyster Oasis

47. House Food Party

48. Grape Escape

49. Vintage Brie

50. Taste of Parkersburg


Final Words

When you host a food festival, you not only provide opportunities for people to interact and connect, but you also provide commercial opportunities for food vendors.

A memorable food festival name will help you attract the audience you need to boost your brand.

It becomes an annual event that everyone in your neighborhood looks forward to if you keep it consistent.

So feel free to steal any of our ideas and turn your food career into something other than stirring in a pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep it short and sweet and play on words

A festival, that uses food, often produce, as its central theme.

Chicago’s Grant Park

The Awadhi Home Cooked Food Festival

A brand that expresses personality and uniqueness so that you are not confused with similar companies on the market. 

An elaborate and usually abundant meal often accompanied by a ceremony or entertainment.

To promote interest in and knowledge of the food.

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