Explain How High-Lighting Text Can Be Used Effectively

Explain How High-Lighting Text Can Be Used Effectively

Have you ever used a highlighter pen to draw your attention to particular passages of text on a page? Excellent for taking notes, although highlighting a portion of paper has a drawback. This artcle will teach you that. It explains how high-lighting text can be used effectively.

Explain How High-Lighting Text Can Be Used Effectively

About High-Lighting

Making a particular thing on the display screen stand out from the other objects is referred to as highlighting.

A selected block of text, menu items, or command buttons are examples of the highlighted objects.

When the objects are chosen via a combination of mouse clicks or keyboard inputs, they are often highlighted.

The objects that have been highlighted stand out more than the other objects do. Highlighting can be a very efficient technique to evaluate and process information.

What is the Purpose of High-Lighting a Text

effective study

1. In a text, underlining is used to draw attention to important material.

2. Effective highlighting encourages the reader to first pick the most important regions and then provide a practical means to examine that information afterward. This is why it works.

3. To make a word simpler to read, underlining it draws our focus to it. The problem is that reading fluency can be misconstrued as knowledge fluency.


More Things to Know

4. To bring attention to crucial information in a text, highlights are used.

Effective highlighting requires the reader to identify the key passages before providing a useful method for later evaluation of that material.

What the reader is reading for immediately affects what those crucial components are.

How to Highlight Text in MS Word

In Microsoft Word, you must first pick the text that you want to highlight. Then:

1. Launch the ribbon’s Home tab.

2. The Paste area is located in the Home tab’s first section. The text section, which is the next area to the right, is where you may alter the typefaces, font sizes, and another formatting.

Look for a small icon in the bottom row of this area that resembles a tiny marker above a colorful line.

More Details

3. To get a panel of colors from which you can choose to highlight your text, click the marker icon.

4. Pick a color.

Your content should now be highlighted in the color you selected.

Actually, Word will add a colored background behind the words you’ve chosen. The rest of the phrase won’t be highlighted.


How High-Lighting Text Can Be Used Effectively

Explain How High-Lighting Text Can Be Used Effectively

Below are some of the ways high-lighting a text can be used effectively;

  • Write a sentence or paragraph that encapsulates the main points.
  • Create a list of significant concepts using bullet words.
  • Make a self-test using the bulleted words for review.
  • Without looking, recite your underlining or bulleted notes in full sentences.
  • Bring attention to the data in the graphs, images, and sidebars.
  • Regularly go over your highlighted. This is simple to fit in when you only have a short amount of time, such as you wait for class to begin or on the bus trip home.

Finally, note that you shouldn’t highlight more than three words consecutively. On digital sources, the highlighting function is also effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is High Lighting Text Effectively Used?

In order to examine the information later, it first instructs the reader to highlight the key points.

2. What is Highlighting Text in Word?

It is making your text stand out from the screen in the same way as you would when using a fluorescent marker to highlight paper.

3. How do you Highlight all Text?

Hit “A” while holding down the “Ctrl” key.

4. How do you Highlight Text?

Utilize the arrow keys to return to the starting position.

5. What are the 3 Ways to Highlight Text?

  • The use of paragraph rules to highlight. Use a paragraph rule if the text is all contained within a single-line paragraph.

  • Use of paragraph shading to highlight

  • The use of character styles to highlight

6. How do you Apply a Highlighter?

Apply a small amount to the tip of your nose with your fingertip, then mix it upward along the ridge of your nose.

7. Which Highlighter is Best Liquid or Powder?

Choose a liquid highlighter if you want a highlighter that will make your skin sparkle from the inside out.

8. Which is the Best Highlighter?

Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter Palette.

9. What Shade of Highlighter Should I Use?

Around two shades paler than the color of your skin.

10. What is the Difference Between an Illuminator and a Highlighter?

A highlighter is used to cast light in a specific region, whereas an illuminator casts light more broadly.

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