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Examples of eBay Feedback for Buyers and Sellers to Influence Ratings

eBay Feedback for Buyers and Sellers: Every member of eBay gets a feedback rating. Buyers rate sellers, and sellers rate buyers — no one is excluded. While sellers may not leave a buyer with negative or favorable reviews, a seller may still comment about how quickly you paid for an item, how well you interacted, or how you responded to an issue.

Examples of eBay Feedback for Buyers and Sellers

Types of eBay Feedback

There are 3 types or categories of feedback to give on an eBay platform. They include:

Positive feedback: Reputation is what makes eBay function. If the transaction works well, you get positive feedback — and whenever it’s warranted, you should give it right back.

Negative feedback: If there’s a glitch, you have the right to leave the seller negative feedback.

Neutral feedback: You can leave neutral feedback if you are without favor or just in the middle about a specific transaction.

Feedback from Buyers to Sellers

1. “Delivery was fantastic. Would buy from you again. Item splendid.”

2. ““Quality of the item was fine. Swift delivery. The packaging was prime. Excellent seller.”

3. “Item notable. Notably excellent packaging. First-rate delivery. Ever so pleased.”

4. “The item was good.  Delivery was immensely quick. Item was first-rate quality.”

5. “The item was splendid! Ideal packaging.”

6. ” Immensely pleasing packaging. Delivery was superb. Item is of first-rate quality.”

7. “Very, very striking quality! Quick delivery. The packaging was notably graceful. Item exalted.”

8. “Remarkably speedy delivery. Exceptional packaging. The item was superior! Quick delivery.”

9. “High-standard packaging. The item is of first-rate quality! Speedy to send.”

10. “Super quality! Quick delivery. Ever so marvelous packaging. First-rate service.”

11. “Quick delivery. The packaging was very, very nice. Item was of superb quality.”

12. “Quality of the wrapping was grand. Delivery was remarkably speedy. The item was superior!”

13. “Quality of item was great. The quality of the wrapping was good. Fantastic delivery.”

14. “Very, very wonderful packaging. Outstanding delivery. Item was of first-rate quality.”

15. “Wonderful packaging. Delivery was notably speedy. The item is of superior quality.”

16. “Delivery was exceptionally speedy. Lovely packaging. Item good!”

17. “Notably wonderful packaging. Thanks.”

18. “Remarkably pleased.”

19. “Great packaging. Delivery was high-standard. Item is of excellent quality.”

20. “The packaging was ever so pretty.”

21. “Fine packaging. Notably super delivery. Item is of excellent quality.”

22. “Quality of the wrapping was good. The item was of superb quality. Good delivery. The packaging was notably marvelous.”

23. “Excellent packaging. The item was of the most fantastic quality. Quick delivery.”

24. “Very quick dispatch. First-rate service.”

25. “The item was fantastic. Excellent delivery.”

Other Feedback Includes;

Feedback from Buyers to Sellers

1. “Pleasing packaging. Swift delivery. Recommended.”

2. “Fantastic service. The item is of great quality! Quick delivery. The packaging was immensely wonderful.”

3. “First-rate quality! Remarkably swift dispatch.”

4. “The item was outstanding. Swift to send. The packaging was good.”

5. “The item was good and first-rate! Very, very swift delivery. Splendid packaging.”

6. “Quick delivery. The packaging was very, very tasteful. The quality of the item was a choice! Fab packaging.”

7. “Very, very high-standard delivery. Lovely packaging. Recommended.”

8. “Quality of the wrapping was outstanding. Quick to send. Item was of superb quality!”

9. “Good quality. Wonderful packaging.”

10. “Sterling delivery. The item was meritorious!”

11. “Quality of the wrapping was high-standard. Item was of splendid quality!”

12. “Speedy to send. Would buy from you again.”

13. “Exceptionally sterling delivery. The item was optimum and standout! The packaging was outstanding.”

14. “The item was unrivaled. Notably swift delivery. Gorgeous packaging. Recommended.”

15. “Excellent quality! Superior delivery.”

16. “The packaging was immensely neat. Speedy to send. Remarkably pleased.”

17. “The packaging was remarkably nice. Super delivery.”

18. “Item sublime! The packaging was the greatest. Quick delivery. Service was high-standard.”

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Feedback Samples from the Seller to the Buyer

1. “Ever so speedy payment. Thanks. First-class correspondence. Buyer is first-rate.”

2. “Good buyer.”

3. “Immensely swift payment! A very, very first-rate buyer. Splendid correspondence.”

4. “Payment was very, very speedy. Remarkably pleased. Excellent buyer. Recommended.”

5. “Immensely speedy payment! A very first-rate buyer. High-standard correspondence.”

6. “Exceptionally excellent payment. The correspondence was good. Exceptionally pleased.”

7. “An exceptionally exceptional buyer. Exceptionally first-rate payment.”

8. “Payment was very quick. Splendid correspondence. An immensely first-class buyer.”

9. “Outstanding payment. Exceptional correspondence. The buyer is high-standard. Thanks.”

10. “Payment was immensely quick. Correspondence was outstanding. The buyer is fantastic.”

11. “Exceptionally quick payment. The buyer is great.”

12. “Ever so speedy payment! Thanks. Exceptionally pleased. Correspondence was great.”

13. “Lightening quick payment. Wish all buyers were this outstanding. Recommended.”

14. “Correspondence was high-standard. An immensely superb buyer.”

15. “Payment was immensely speedy! First-class buyer. A remarkably exceptional buyer.”

16. “Exceptionally splendid payment. The buyer is high-standard. Correspondence was good.”

17. “Very, very outstanding payment. The buyer is first-class. Correspondence was superb.”

18. “Correspondence was high-standard. Thanks. First-rate payment.”

19. “Remarkably fantastic payment! High-standard correspondence. The payment was superb!”

20. “An exceptionally first-rate buyer.”

21. “Immensely swift payment! Excellent correspondence. Ever so pleased. Recommended.”

22. “Payment was excellent. An ever-so-first-rate buyer. Correspondence was splendid.”

Safety Features you should know About Feedback

1. Before you leave feedback, see what other people had to say about that person. Is your thinking in line with the comments others have left?

2. Your feedback comment can be left as long as the transaction remains on the eBay server. This is usually within 90 days of the end of the listing. After 90 days have passed, you must have the transaction number to leave feedback.

3. Before posting negative feedback, try to resolve the problem by e-mail or telephone. You may discover that your reaction to the transaction is based on a misunderstanding that can be easily resolved.

4. eBay users generally want to make each other happy, so use negative feedback only as a last resort.

Final Thoughts

eBay feedback can be very tough and some see it as being insignificant but is definitely worth the effort.

Please remember to always leave feedback that’s at least a little relevant though, and try to give your buyers some positive emotions.

Positive experiences lead to a higher feedback rate, which leads to higher sales and the process builds up on itself.

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