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Empire Today Flooring Review 2023

Empire Today gives you the shopping experience with its professional flooring consultants and in-home consultations. Price quotations are available only after an appointment, but there is no buying obligation.

Empire Today Flooring Review 2023

As a longstanding carpet brand in the US, Empire aims to provide families with a wide range of carpets for everyday needs and heavy use.

What can set Empire apart from the pack, though, is its insistence on simple choices.

Like several other carpet stores, Empire Flooring is keeping away from overcomplicated collections and innovations.

We’ll look at what you might expect from Empire Flooring as a brand in this guide, and what you might expect to pay for installation.

What is Empire Today?

Empire Today provides residential and commercial customers with floor- and window upgrades. To get started with Empire Today, visit its website to plan a custom shopping experience.

All of Empire Today’s consultations take place in your home, which allows you to find the samples under your own lighting that best suits the decor in your home.

Empire’s independent contractor measures the room during the initial consultation and provides a price estimate.

Since they take measurements before you buy the materials, Empire Today can ensure that customers get the right amount of flooring they need for the job.

All of the company’s installation services include a one-year limited warranty.

Empire Today also offers online tools to make interior decorating easier.

The “See a Floor in Your Room” function on its website lets you upload a picture of your room and try different flooring options before scheduling a consultation.

In addition, customers can see photos to use as inspiration for different rooms.

Empire Flooring Prices

People find Empire Today confusing because of the lack of prices available for you to view outright.

Yet in the flooring-selling industry, this is now common practice. Empire states that prices on their website are not listed, as the needs of each home will be slightly different.

That can be grasped easily.

Yet you might have trouble budgeting ahead of time. To get a fair quote for carpeting, you’ll need to call Empire for all the figures and measurements you need to match the flooring.

With that in mind, we’ve researched some general figures you might expect when you call from Empire Flooring.

Carpet Quality

Low Price (sq/ft)

High Price (sq/ft)

Installation (p/yd)

Good (Low Pile)




High (Soft and Durable)



May vary

Luxury (Most Durable)


$17.00 +


Wholesale Range



May vary

There are, as you can see, a few variables which can influence how much you end up paying for your carpet.

Depending on whether you need a carpet for stairs or other complex areas in your home, installation fees may increase.

In any event, the best thing to do is to contact Empire Today directly for a quote to match your needs.

Empire Today’s Featured Carpets 

The Empire’s focus is more on simple collections than flashy brands and technologies. As a result, you will be able to choose carpets more so based on their shape and design than on their marketing.

This isn’t to say that the Empire doesn’t have leading technology. They’ve created carpets that are non toxic and simple to maintain.

They are therefore perfect for areas with high traffic and for persons who might suffer from asthma or other, more serious respiratory issues.

Empire has 470 different styles of carpet for you to choose from across the six general types:

  • Berber
  • Pattern
  • Frieze
  • Plush
  • Commercial and Tiled
  • Indoor and Outdoor

Here is a brief explanation of what to anticipate while purchasing online for carpet from Empire.

HOME Fresh

HOME Fresh is actually the only Empire brand that stands out from the basic designs and choices of the carpets.

This selection of carpets is designed to neutralize odors and to help people breathe easily from day to day, as described.

Due to their resistance to moisture, these carpet fibers are also less prone to contain allergies or other dangerous microorganisms than regular carpets.



Berber carpets are highly thick and resistant. Empire leads with an easy-to-touch Berber range that works well as a casual option for dormitories, living rooms, and family spaces.

We recommend Empire Berber carpets for people who are looking for a more natural style with less obvious looping.


Pattern carpets should be sought-after by people who are putting aesthetics above practicality.

Empire’s pattern flooring line is nevertheless remarkably robust and easy to maintain. The firm has a wide choice of styles and touches that should appeal to many tastes.


Empire Flooring Prices

Empire insists that its collection of frieze carpets is both ‘shaggy’ and durable and that they are the perfect fit for long-lasting flooring for families and homes.

In this collection, thick, twisted fibers help make it a popular choice for busy households and there are many styles to choose from.



Imperial plush carpets are likely a good neutral choice. For some buyers, this flooring might seem like the ‘default’ option.

But thanks to its neatness and versatility it remains famous. There are dozens of different designs to choose from and usually, these carpets are very easy to clean.

Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tiling

Empire also provides commercially manufactured carpets. We usually recommend carpet tiles for commercial use, as comfort is poor.

Empire’s hard-wearing commercial range is designed with consideration of quality and durability.

Indoor and Outdoor Carpet

Empire creates carpets using artificial loop and turf which can be used indoors and outdoors. This is a collection that distinguishes the brand from the pack, as many of the big US carpet names focus solely on interior flooring.

Is Empire Flooring a Good Deal?

For those homeowners and businesses who choose to save on shopping time and see what flooring looks like in their room before purchasing, we suggest Empire Today.

Customers appreciate the professional staff of Empire Today, and the timely service rendered by the company.

Individuals with oddly shaped rooms or corners appreciate the in-home measurements of Empire Today which makes it easier to buy the right type and amount of supplies before installation starts.


Empire Flooring is a leading brand that has plenty of simple choices on offer. The organization of their carpet collections is refreshing.

However, as with many of the leading flooring manufacturers in the US, you will need to call their sales department directly for a precise quotation.

Otherwise, you will probably find their carpet styles easy to browse and to pick from.

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