eBay Credit Card (eBay Mastercard Credit Card Review)

One of eBay’s co-branded credit cards is the eBay Mastercard (in conjunction with Synchrony Bank). This Mastercard, like most store-specific cards, allows you to earn extra rewards by shopping on eBay.Read through to get comprehensive information on eBay credit cards.

eBay credit cards

Who is This Credit Card Best For?

This card is probably not for you if you are not an avid eBay shopper. Aside from the requirement for an eBay account to apply for the card, they can only redeem your rewards points on the platform.

 They reserve the highest earnings rates for eBay purchases. Someone who buys and sells on eBay as a side hustle or hobby might be a good fit for the card.

If you want more flexibility and higher earnings potential in categories like gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores, there are several other cash back and rewards cards that can help.


Eligibility for getting an eBay Credit Card

Neither eBay nor Synchrony Bank is specific about the credit scores they recommend for potential applicants. As a result, before applying, strive to have the best credit score possible.

Don’t know what your credit score is? Find out today by visiting one of our favorite free credit score websites!

As is customary with credit cards, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States. Existing eBay Extra Mastercard holders are ineligible to apply for the eBay Mastercard.

Rewards For Spending

eBay credit cards

eBay includes this card as part of a unique rewards program. Instead of capping the rewards rate after a certain spending threshold, the more you spend, the faster you earn.

Unfortunately, no welcome offers are currently available.

1. 3 Points Per $1 on eBay Purchases

The standard rate for eBay purchases with this card is 3 points per dollar spent on the shopping website. EBay purchases made outside of US-based merchants will not earn you triple points.

 Instead, shopping with international merchants or paying in currencies other than US dollars will only earn you 1 point for every dollar spent.

 If you frequently bid on items from outside the United States, keep this in mind.

2. More Points Once you Spend $1,000

What happens once you spend $1,000 on eBay in a calendar year distinguishes this card’s points scheme. When you reach the $1,000 mark, your eBay purchases will earn you 5 points for every dollar spent.

Purchasing from international merchants or paying in currencies other than US dollars does not count toward the $1,000 threshold.

Those activities will not earn the 5x rate; instead, they will receive 1 point for every dollar spent.

3. Double Points For Select Categories

Select categories outside of eBay will also earn you 2 points for every dollar spent. The 2x point categories at the time of writing are gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.

All other eBay Mastercard purchases will earn you 1 point per dollar.

Redeeming Rewards

eBay credit cards

While eBay Mastercard has a decent rewards structure, its redemption method falls short.

There is only one redemption option, and the rate at which you can redeem points is quite low.


1. $10 Credit for Every 1,500 Points

The only way to redeem your eBay Mastercard points is simple: for every 1,500 points you collect, you can redeem $10 at checkout on eBay purchases.

If you intend to use this card for anything other than eBay purchases, this redemption rate is ultimately quite tragic. A single point is worth 0.67 percent cash back ($10 divided by 1,500 points = 0.67 percent).

As a result, they should avoid purchases outside of the bonus spending categories regularly. Purchasing in a double points category (gas, restaurants, and groceries) nets you 1.33 percent cash back.

More Information on $10 Credit for Every 1,500 Points

All of this being said, if you intend to use this card solely for eBay purchases, it may be worthwhile.

Because the card earns 3 points per dollar spent on eBay, it effectively provides a 2 percent cash back rate (0.67 percent x 3 points = 2 percent).

When you spend $1,000 on eBay in a year, you’ll earn 3.33 percent cash back on eBay purchases. That is a healthy rate, and it means that frequent eBay buyers could earn substantial rewards by using this card.

2. Points Expire after 2 Years

If you do not reach the 1,500-point threshold or do not redeem your points within 24 months, your points will expire.

However, frequent eBay buyers should not be concerned about points expiring; spending at least $500 on eBay purchases will get you to the required threshold.

3. Points Can’t be Redeemed on all items

It’s also worth noting that points can only be redeemed for purchases in certain categories. These are the categories:

  • Coins
  • Paper money
  • Bullion
  • Classifieds
  • Real estate
  • Motors (except parts and accessories)

You cannot redeem points for shipping, taxes, invoicing fees, or seller fees.

Card Benefits

How to Sell on eBay

There are a few other standard credit card benefits with the eBay Mastercard.

1. Basic Credit Card Security

You’ll have access to Mastercard’s 24-hour global assistance service. The available 24-hour services assist with reporting lost and stolen cards, emergency card replacements, and emergency cash advance.

In addition, the eBay Mastercard offers identity theft resolution services and zero-liability protection. ID theft alerts, card replacement, and ID theft assistance are all possible.

 Mastercard, like its global assistance services, offers identity theft protection around the clock.

2. Travel Perks

Mastercard also provides a 15% discount on airport meet-and-greet services. This feature enables a meet-and-greet agent to accompany you to the airport on your departure, and arrival.

It also includes any connecting flights at over 700 destinations worldwide. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finally, eBay claims that this card will give you access to “hidden-gem experiences” and “special-access events” all over the world.

eBay Mastercard Rates & Fees

The eBay Mastercard wonderfully lacks an annual fee, but there are other standard fees to keep in mind  and the APR doesn’t look great, either.

1. A High-Ish APR

With an APR ranging from 19.99% to 26.99% (variable), this card may not be the best option for those who need to carry a balance.

However, if you pay off your balance every month, you won’t have to worry about a potentially high APR.

2. No Annual Fee

The absence of an annual fee is the highlight of this section.

Without an annual fee, you’ll always be in the black for the rewards you earn, which is especially important given the low rewards rates on the eBay Mastercard.

Watch Out For Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign transactions will also cost you an extra 3% per transaction, so busy travelers may want to use this card strictly for domestic purchases.

Other Fee

There is a relatively standard cash advance fee of $10 or 5% of the cash advance amount (whichever is greater). Late payment penalties can reach $39.

Is the eBay Mastercard Right For you?

You should apply for an eBay Mastercard if:

  • You frequently shop on eBay and can justify the low reward rates.
  • You want to avoid paying annual fees.
  • You’re fine with a credit card that only allows you to redeem rewards at eBay checkout.
  • You should look for a different card if:
  • You rarely shop on eBay and intend to use this card for non-eBay purchases regularly.
  • You will travel internationally and will not be using a different credit card.
  • You’d rather have a card with more flexible redemption options, such as gift cards or cash back.


You should only get the eBay Mastercard Credit Card if you use eBay frequently enough to benefit from its rewards.

Because you must earn at least 1,500 points to redeem your rewards, you must ensure that you make enough purchases on eBay to make the card worthwhile.

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