Best Guide on How to Make Curling Hair at Home Like a Pro

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There are many hair tutorials available that show how to keep curling hair. We’ll show you how to curl your hair with a curling iron and how to curl your hair using a flatiron below.

Best Guide on How to Make Curling Hair at Home Like a Pro

Curling hair is defined as a coiled strand of hair. It’s also the condition of having a spiral or winding hair. A hot roller, sometimes known as a hot curler, is heated in an electric chamber before being rolled into the hair.

After the rolls are in place, heat the hair with a hairdryer. Curled hair can be temporarily held in place using hair spray.


How to Make Curling Hair at Home

Curling your hair isn’t always a flawless process, whether you’re straining to reach those far-back bits or can’t figure out the ideal method to handle a hot curling wand.

There will always be a learning curve no matter what hot styling instrument you use (straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, etc.). The diversity of curling tools accessible now has further added to the steepness of that curve.

There’s a lot to learn, but with practice and mastery, you’ll be creating beach waves and curly hairstyles like a superstar hairstylist in no time.

We’ve included three different curling hair tutorials below. The big question is if you’re ready to make your fantasy curls a reality. Let’s get this party started.

1. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Barrel Size

Many people believe that the bigger the curling iron, the softer the waves will be. This is not the case. However, it will be a headache to use if the iron is too big for your hair length.

You may also use a brush to loosen up tighter curls. If you have short or medium-length hair, then choose a barrel that is 1 inch wide. And in circumference, choose a 14 if you have long hair or prefer looser curls a barrel.

2. Spritz Hairspray on Before You Curl Your Hair

Your hair is more likely to fall flat if you only use hairspray after you’ve finished curling it.

Curling Hair

Spray your hair with a light- to firm-hold hairspray like Aveda Air Spray or Control Force to prime it and fix your curls. This is especially important if your hair is resistant to curls.

Meanwhile, remember that you want to softly mist rather than flood your hair. And if you use too much, you’ll get that horrible burned-hair smell. Hair oil should be avoided, according to Stone, as it may weigh down your waves.

3. Tailor Your Heart Setting for Your Hair Type

You might be tempted to turn your iron’s heat setting all the way up—it’ll hold better, right?

While it’s true that a hotter temperature sets hair faster if your hair is fine, color-treated, or dry, it can also be damaged.

If you have processed hair, bring down the heat a touch. Therefore, if you have healthy hair, turn it up. However, regardless of your hair type, proceed with caution and use a heat protectant to avoid long-term damage.

4. Use A Different Wrapping Technique Depending on the Type of Curl You Want

This may seem obvious, but fresh waves and curls cause different ways of wrapping your hair around the barrel.

You want all your hair around the barrel if you want an old-school glamour curl. Leave the ends out and start lower on your head if you want modern, messier waves.

An iron with a clip might also be useful here (to keep the ends in), whereas a wrought iron will help keep the ends out and loose.

5. Pay Attention to the Angle at Which You’re Holding the Iron While You Curl

If you want greater volume, start by heating the root of your hair and holding the curling iron perpendicular to the portion you’re curling, or at a right angle.

You should be able to say it off the top of your head. Hold the iron straight down if you don’t want loudness. You’ll need the extra volume if you want large, bouncy curls or a traditional blowout look.

Do you prefer the sound of waves on the beach? Keep your wand straight up in the air.

6. Keep the Iron on Your Hair for No Longer than 10 Seconds

Make it a habit to hold an iron on your hair for only eight to ten seconds. If your hair is resistant to curls or you want a tighter wave, you can hold it a little longer.

According to Stone. Also, hold each curl for the same time each time. Holding each section for a different period or starting before the iron is hot enough will cause problems.

7. Blow-dry Your Hair all the Way Before You Curl Your Hair

Have you ever put an iron on your hair and heard it sizzle? That’s not good. When your hair is still a little moist, this happens.

Starting with a decent blow-dry takes time, but if you do it that way, you’ll achieve salon results.

You can also use a heat protectant and a hold product on your hair before blow-drying it, then spritz it with hairspray before curling. It will not only preserve your hair from frying, but it will also help set the curl.

9 Ways to Get a Curling Hair With No Heat

It takes a lot of effort to achieve that wonderful beachy hair, and adding a heat tool to the mix makes it much more difficult.

Best Guide on How to Make Curling Hair at Home Like a Pro

Though a wand or flat iron will give you that wavy look, sometimes you just want to avoid the heat or don’t have your tools on hand.

Thankfully, heat isn’t the only way to get flippy curls. However, there are a few simple ways to achieve the same looks using no heat. This can give you that superb curling hair.

Check out the following instructions on how to curl hair without using heat:

1. Braid Your Hair

By braiding your hair at night and sleeping with it in, you can get loose waves without using heat.

When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is unwind the braids and smooth any frizz with smoothing hair oil.

NatureLab’s Perfect Smooth Hair Oil, according to Fitzsimon, is a flexible smoothing oil.

2. Scrunch Your Hair

If you’re blessed with hair that has some texture, this is probably the most simple technique.

Spray some sea salt spray on damp hair, from mid-shaft to ends, and scrunch upwards 

This technique will encourage your natural waves for that chic beach vibe.

Try Redken’s Sea Salt Hair Spray for the beachiest waves.

3. Use Hair Rollers

Hair rollers may seem like something your grandmother would use, but they don’t have to be!

These lovelies will give you heartless glam curls in no time.

Begin rolling sections of moist hair from the bottom up and secure with a bobby pin.

Allow for two to three hours of drying time, or overnight.

You’ll have lovely waves you can set with hairspray.

4. Grab an Old T-Shirt

It may appear unusual at first, but it actually works. To make a huge DIY halo, twist a T-shirt into a roller form and tie the ends together.

Then, on top of your head, place the halo, wrap hair around it, and pin it in place. Leave your hair in the halo overnight, then remove the pins the next morning to reveal beautiful, bouncy curls.

5. Create a Sock Bun

Here’s another ingenious but effective technique. To make a doughnut, cut the tip off an old sock and roll it up.

Drag your ponytail through the opening in the sock bun, then pull parts of your hair through it to make a huge bun.

Allow the bun to rest overnight before pulling your hair out for stunning wavy locks.

6. Use a Simple Headband

A good old headband and a texturing product are all you’ll need for this procedure.

Coachella-style, wear your headband over your hair and spray your tresses with texture spray. You should end up with a creative updo if you twist strands of your hair and tuck them into the headband.

Wait a few hours (or overnight) for your hair to thoroughly dry after adding more wetness to your updo. After that, unravel your hair to reveal lovely curls.

7. Twist Your Hair

This French twist technique is a simple way to get salon-style waves at home. Sections of your hair should be twisted over each other and gathered into small buns.

To achieve the last appearance, leave the twist braids in for at least six hours before carefully pulling them out. Also, brushing your hair afterward will only make it frizzier, so untangle your tresses with your fingertips instead.

8. Try Spoolies

Simply twist and wrap your hair around the Spoolies, then bend them to hold it in place.

After your hair has been wrapped onto the Spoolies, you can let it air dry overnight before removing them in the morning.

Your curls will be tighter the longer you leave the Spoolie on! This can give you the curling hair you ever desired to have.

9. Plop Your Hair

Plopping is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of beauty. This method uses hair products to create natural curls and waves overnight.

Apply selected hair products to your hair after showering and wrap it in a cotton T-shirt. While you’re catching some Zs, keep the shirt on. Your curls will bounce in no time in the morning.


10 Steps to Get Curling Hair Naturally

Flat irons and curling irons, for example, can be quite damaging to your hair.

Curling Hair

Is there a way to curl your hair without causing damage to it? There is, fortunately for you. Continue reading to learn how to tame your curls without using heated hair tools.

1. Adopt the ‘Twist and Press’ Method When Drying

After a shower, we’re all guilty of roughly drying our hair, but the vigorous motion can crush natural curls and encourage an ugly frizz halo.

The far softer ‘press and twist’ method, according to hairstylist Lee Stafford, would keep curls and create the body. Rather than rubbing your hair back and forth, simply grab your towel and push and twist it.

Rubbing the hair vigorously to dry it will force the hair cuticles upwards, causing frizz.

2. Ditch the Hairbrush

Pulling a comb through curly hair, which is more dry and brittle than other hair types, will cause breakage and iron out your curl’s natural contour.

Run a wide-toothed comb through your hair while conditioning in the shower to detangle it. After that, let it alone.

3. Feather the Ends of Your Hair with a Razor or Scissors

This is one of the best-kept hairdressing secrets. Look at a synthetic ribbon. When you use the sharp edge of a pair of scissors to scrape the surface, the end curls up.

This is what you’ll get if you feather your hair. Better option for your curling hair.

4. Swap your Oily Serum for a Light Curl Creme

Oils and serums are fantastic for smoothing down flyaways. However, if you want more definition, go lighter on your mid-lengths and ends.

Curl creams have a creamy consistency that helps curls rebuild quickly without weighing them down.

5. Always Use a Diffuser When Blow-Drying

Curl patterns must be evened out with the help of a diffuser. Turn your hairdryer to the ‘low’ setting and place your curls in the diffuser to give them shape.

Defined curls are going to be enormous in volume and appeal for 2020. If you want precisely defined curls, invest in a diffuser.

6. Avoid ‘Anti-frizz’ Products

Shampoos, conditioners, and serums that claim to remove frizzies and flyaways from your tresses will just add weight and drag curls down.

Curly hair is prone to dryness, but Redken’s All Soft Shampoo hydrates parched strands while also effortlessly defining tousles.

7. Change Up Your Mousse Game

Mousse has the potential to be a game-changer. It’s jam-packed with flexible proteins that help to reinforce each curl without making them stiff.

If you use too much product, a pool of hair oil will cut through the crispness, softening the curl and extending the life of your style.

8. Choose a Light Hold Hairspray to Lock in Your Style

Don’t make the mistake of using stronghold hairspray on your natural curls to keep them in check.

Instead, blanket hair with a light-hold hairspray to avoid sacrificing mobility.

9. Treat Your Hair to a Deep Condition Treatment

Treat your hair to an intensively hydrating conditioning treatment once or twice a month to quench thirsty curls and create a lively bounce.

Apply to shampooed tresses and let the antioxidants and fatty acids do their thing.

10. Don’t Be Afraid of Salt Sprays

Adding more mousse to your curls will just saturate them and make them rock rigid. Instead, use a little layer of salt spray to revive a two-day-old ‘do.

Scrunching dry texturising spray or salt spray into damp or dry hair instantly revitalizes a shaggy mane. Heat treatment is a quick and easy way to create curls, but it’s not something you’d want to do every day.

Rather, experiment with different heatless solutions regularly. What are the chances? You could discover that one of these appeals to you more than the others.


15 Best Hair Curling Products

There are almost six billion curl products on the market, but only a few dozen are likely to work for your specific hair type.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten masks, serums, mousses, gels, creams, and conditioners for curly hair, all of which are certain to give you amazing curls.

Choose your preferred lineup from the list below and you’ll thank me later.

1. Flawless Curls Defining Cream

Frizz and flyaways are often the number one adversary of curls for style. It’s also difficult to find a product that both smooth things out while still enhancing curl definition.

Tresemmé’s hair cream checks both criteria and then some. Its creamy, humidity-resistant product contains coconut and avocado oils, which moisturize curls while adding natural definition.

2. Complete Hydrating Air Dry Cream

Any curl cream can technically be used as an air-dry hair product.

However, if your curls are as fine as mine, you already know how difficult it is to find a curl-specific solution that isn’t too thick.

Jonathan Van Ness’ silicone-free cream uses lightweight moringa seed oil and a hint of shea butter to keep curls soft and sculpted as they dry.

3. Fable & Mane SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum

If the dry, cold weather is making your scalp irritable and itching, try this soothing scalp serum.

However, you can combine a slew of plant oils and natural extracts to mildly hydrate and relax your scalp without feeling greasy or heavy.

 4. Sunday II Sunday Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray

Detangling your curls can be a real nuisance, but this conditioning leave-in spray will make things a lot easier.

Mist it all over your damp or dry curls, then finger-comb them to detangle your hair while imparting hydration thanks to the argan oil in the product.

Alternatively, you can also use it as a curl-refreshing spray after a workout or when you wake up. A better spray for curling hair.

5. DevaCurl Fragrance-Free One Condition Original Conditioner

As someone who is allergic to everything, nothing will make you happier than seeing the fragrance-free trend expand.

Even if you don’t care for scentless products, you’ll surely appreciate this curl conditioner because it moisturizes coarse and rough curls with coconut oil and glycerin while avoiding silicones and essential oils.

6. Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment

You know how difficult it is to find CGM-approved products if you use the Curly Girl Method to care for your curly hair.

This deep conditioner is free of silicones, alcohols, and waxes while yet hydrating your hair with shea butter, cocoa butter, and avocado oil.

7. Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner

Unlike some deep conditioners, this one combines lightweight amino acids to help repair dry, damaged curls without making them stiff or brittle.

It also has a dose of plant oils, babassu, spearmint, peppermint, and sunflower to lock in hydration long after you rinse it out.

8. Ouai Fragrance Free Curl Crème

Depending on your curl type, this crème is strangely adaptable.

Although it contains coconut oil, which can make fine hair greasy, a dime-size dollop squeezed through my damp hair leaves my 3a curls defined, silky, and bouncy.

For a moisturized, defined base, use a gel or pudding on tighter/coarser curls.

9. Curlsmith Moisture Memory Reactivator

This hydrating spray comprises water and oils that instantly rehydrate and re-clump curls while also adding a little definition and shine.

10. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo

Because of the large amount of alcohol in their recipe, traditional spray dry shampoos can be dried.

This dry shampoo powder is CGM-approved, which means it contains no sulfates, silicones, waxes, or alcohols, making it ideal for absorbing excess oil without irritating your scalp.

Simply massage it into your roots and live your finest curl life.

11. Curls Creamy Curl Cleanser

This sulfate-free shampoo is not only light but also uses two oil-dissolving cleansers to leave my delicate, oil-prone curls light, bouncy and nourished. The best choice for curling hair.

12. Dove Advanced Hair Series Supreme Crème Serum

This drugstore curl serum with buriti oil is a hydrating dream come true for curly hair.

It softens and shines your hair while moisturizing curls without weighing them down.

Warm two to three pumps of the product in your palms and rub it through your hair evenly, whether it’s dry or moist.

With this creme, you can get your curling hair in 10 minutes.

13. Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream

There’s a reason this cream has over 900 positive Amazon reviews. This nonsense works.

While most creams weigh down finer curl types, this light formula contains a small amount of argan oil, which helps to calm frizz and define waves and curls without feeling greasy, heavy, or sticky.


14. Vernon François Pure Fro Hold and Shine Serum

This smoothing serum will not only add luster to dull curls but will also aid in the clumping of coils as they dry.

This mid-weight product aggressively hydrates and shines, whether you rake it through damp or dry hair, thanks to a combination of plant oils. 

15. Oribe Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Crème

This cream, made only for Type 4 hair, contains shea butter and avocado oil to hydrate your dry coils, adding no nasty heaviness.

Work a palmful of cream into damp hair with your fingers or a comb, coating every single region to soften and define your coils.

Get used to the above-recommended hair curling products and if the article is useful, kindly drop your comments and share on your respective social media platforms.

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