Exploring Real Estate and Lifestyle Options in Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour, its plan and attractions. Lifestyle in the district. Real estate available and its price tags. Accessibility of the neighbourhood.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Harbour is a well-known city within a city and one of the emirate’s latest marvels. Currently, still under development, it will offer its residents a lifestyle that combines nature and seclusion with an active way of life and vibrant tourist attractions.

Properties in Dubai Creek Harbour for sale provide investors with the opportunity to acquire assets that will most likely rise in value once the district is 100% ready. 

For those who wish to move to this vibrant city with their families, the area offers a range of residential complexes where everyone can find something suitable, whether they are young entrepreneurs, ambitious students, retirees, or large families with children.

Let us examine the key benefits of one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the emirate.

Attractions of the Area

The community is still under construction, but the area’s complete plan is already available, allowing us to assess its future attractiveness to residents and tourists.

  • Dubai Creek Tower, a skyscraper that is currently under construction, is located in the community and is planned to be the world’s tallest building. While the Burj Khalifa currently holds this title, the developer of the new project, Emaar, a well-known company within and beyond the emirate, is determined to surpass the iconic tower. Although the exact height of the project has not been disclosed, we can already tell that there will be much to see.
  • Of course, Dubai Creek is a separate attraction that visitors can explore by booking a private water tour. From the water, tourists can enjoy views of the city centre, Business Bay, and Tolerance Bridge.
  • If you enjoy a peaceful nature retreat and spending time with your family and children, the magnificent Creek Harbour Marina is nearby. Visitors can stroll along the waterfront, dine in restaurants, or spend quality time outdoors.

Real Estate in Dubai Creek Harbour

Stretching along the waters of Dubai Creek Harbour, the area has residential complexes that are either under construction or move-in ready.

Innovation and the latest technologies heavily inspired its concept and architecture, so the development consists predominantly of high-rise residential complexes.

The neighbourhood is divided into nine sub-communities, of which The Island District is already almost ready for occupancy.

Prices for apartments in the community’s residential complexes start from AED1,272,000 (USD345,000). Such a sum can be paid to buy an elite one-bedroom apartment. Two-bedroom apartments will cost investors around AED2,045,000 (USD550,000).

A limited collection of townhouses also represented the real estate in the area. Properties with two, three, or four bedrooms start at AED2.9 million (USD790,000) and can have a price tag of up to AED5 million (USD1,360,000).

If you are planning to purchase real estate in the neighbourhood as an investment, keep in mind that one-bedroom apartments are considered the most profitable.

They have a 5.20% return on investment per year. Consult specialists of the https://www.axcapital.ae/ real estate agency to evaluate your investment prospects.

Foreign nationals can purchase real estate here, as the community is included in the list of freehold zones in the emirate.

The freehold zones provide expats and investors with the opportunity to use the property at their discretion.

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Life in the Community

Living within a city inside a city does not necessarily mean isolation from the rest of the metropolis. The district is well connected to other communities, with access to Ras Al Khor Road and Nad Al Hamar Road.

The Dubai Festival City is located very close by, just an 11-minute drive away. It was named one of the best areas to reside with a family, and rightfully so, as it offers everything necessary for life with children.

Supermarkets, medical facilities, and of course, educational institutions are abundant in Festival City. The district also features the Festival City Mall, which boasts over 500 different shops and entertainment pavilions.

Spending time with children is easy in the Fabyland entertainment center, which offers many options for active play or creative development.

Just ten minutes away from the neighbourhood is the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. If you have seen photos of pink flamingos, graciously standing in the shallow waters, they are likely taken here.

These beautiful birds, as well as other species of birds and mammals, live here in a natural habitat. It is an excellent option to spend a day in nature and observe rare species of animals and birds.

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