Does Walmart have Coinstar

Does Walmart have Coinstar?

Walmart is without a doubt one of the world’s largest retailers today. The company is well-known for providing its customers with high-quality goods and services. Walmart’s Coinstar machines offer a simple solution to many customers’ coin-exchanging needs.

Does Walmart have Coinstar

Is Coinstar Available at Walmart?

Coinstar is located inside most Walmart stores in the United States, near the customer service areas.

These machines are simple to use and offer a variety of payout options.

They make life easier and more convenient for the consumer.

Walmart has long had a relationship with Coinstar, the king of coin machines.

Since the installation of its first kiosk in 1991, Coinstar has been synonymous with efficiency.

In most stores, there is at least one near the checkout register.

The devices accept your cash and have a $2000 limit.

If you want to avoid paying an 11.9 percent fee while also receiving a gift card, select “free gift card” instead of cash or credit card.

Coinstar machines, as a pillar of changing coins to cash, are centrally located to provide customers with ease and speed when exchanging.

How Should it be Used?

First, take out your money, go to the store, and deposit it in the Walmart change machine.

They are extremely simple to use.

Next, slowly and carefully feed them into the device’s tray until all of your money has been counted!

Wait for it to print an official receipt with the total on it once they have read your money

(the Walmart coin-counting will tell you how many).

With your printed receipt in hand, proceed to the customer service desk, where you will be given cash right away!

Customers can also donate money to a charity of their choice or load money onto an eGift card at participating retailers.

They will be required to create a Coinme account and complete a know-your-customer check before purchasing Bitcoin in select stores.

If you don’t shop at Walmart, there are coin machines at other retailers.

Does Walmart have Coinstar

Where Can I Find the Coin Machine at Walmart?

You can find Coinstar machines near the entrances to Walmart stores.

Customers should look for them near customer service or checkout counters.

This location allows customers to exchange coins for funds to continue shopping that day, or it allows a busy consumer to get in and out quickly.

People can also use the machine and receive their cash in the same area because of the location.

Although Coinstar machines are conveniently located throughout Walmart stores, not all Walmart locations offer Coinstar services.

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What is the Coinstar Fee at Walmart?

The Coinstar machines in Walmart shopping centers currently charge 11.9 percent of the value of the coins being exchanged.

This fee applies if the customer wishes to exchange coins for cash directly.

Coinstar machines have partnered with Coinme to allow customers to purchase Bitcoin with their coins in light of the new Bitcoin program at select Walmarts.

This process has a 4 percent Bitcoin fee and a 7 percent cash exchange fee.

Customers can avoid Coinstar fees by donating their funds to charity.

Coinstar works with a number of charities, including the NAACP and the American Red Cross, but not all are available at every location.

Another way to avoid fees is to load money onto eGift cards.

Coinstar provides a number of options, though not all are available at every location.

Amazon, Apple, Nike, and even Southwest Airlines are popular choices.

With so many options for receiving your money, operating a Coinstar machine is fairly simple and user-friendly.

They usually give the customer a receipt to take to the customer service desk in exchange for cash.

Is it Possible to Avoid the Fee?

The Walmart change machine fee is unavoidable.

Receiving cash is frequently the preferred option for the majority of people.

However, if you choose one of these two options, the additional fee will be waived, and you will be able to make full use of your money.

The first option is to give your money away.

You can designate one of many charities or nonprofits to receive 100% of your donation.

An e-gift card is another option.

You can use this with any of the company’s partners, such as Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Theatres, and so on.

Are there any Coinstar Machine Alternatives?

This service is useful if there is a store nearby, but not everyone is so fortunate.

There are, thankfully, other options.

Consider going to a local bank or credit union near you.

If you are not a member of these establishments, they may ask you to pay an additional fee, but most of the time it is free.

Conversion is available at the following locations: American Eagle Credit Union, Cape Bank, and First County Bank.

What Other Stores have a Coin Machine?

Other retailers, including regional competitors such as H-E-B and Kroger, have Coinstar machines.

Coinstar machines are typically located near checkout lanes or customer service.

These locations also charge the same 11.9 percent fee for a direct coin-to-cash transaction.

They also have the same options for donating funds to charity or receiving an eGift card for fee-free transactions.

Do all Walmart Stores Have Coin-operated Machines?

Almost every Walmart has a Coinstar machine.

On their website, you can use the “Find a Kiosk” feature to find the nearest Coinstar location.

In addition, Coinstar and Walmart have recently begun accepting Bitcoin at 200 locations.

This is a new pilot program that, if successful, could be expanded nationwide.

Coinstar machines do have fees because they have multiple location options and a few different ways to receive your funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Coinstar at Walmart free?

You do not pay a fee; however, Coinstar deducts a 10% processing fee from your donation amount for national charities and a 7.5 percent processing fee from your donation amount for regional charities.

2. Where can I change my Coins for free?

They do not charge the Bank of America Customers a fee to cash in their own coins

Wells Fargo, US Bank, Walmart, ShopRite, CVS, Target.

3. How much is the Coinstar fee at Walmart?

The current Coinstar fee is 11.9 percent of the value of the coins you’re exchanging.

Simply put, that’s nearly $12 for every $100 in coins fed into the machine.

4. Does Walmart take rolled coins?

They can, indeed, accept them. Unless they are clear and see-through, they should still open and count.

5. How do you use the Coin machine at Walmart?

Simply place your coins in the kiosk and let it do the rest.

Choose one of three convenient options:

cash, which has an 11.9 percent fee (fees may vary by location), a NO FEE eGift Card, or a charitable donation.

More FAQs

6. Do Coinstar machines rip you off?

Coinstar is a convenient way to convert your loose change into usable cash or credit.

It’s quick and easy, but there’s a catch: they charge 11.9 percent of your total deposit as a fee.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying the fee.

You can deposit as many coins as you want and keep the entire value.

7. Who has free Coin counting machines?

Walmart has more than 11,000 locations worldwide. 

Kroger operates over 2,700 grocery stores in 35 states across the United States.

Many Kroger locations have Coinstar kiosks.

ShopRite, Hy-Vee,  Meijer, Albertsons, Harris Teeter.

8. What Banks have Coin counters for free?

American Eagle Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative.

The Apple River State Bank

The Cape Bank.

The first county.

The Glenview State Bank.

Hancock County Savings and Loan Association.

The Home State Bank

Bank JBT.

9. Does CVS have a Coin counting machine?

Customers can use the Coin to Card service to convert their loose change to a CVS card at a Coinstar kiosk and avoid paying a coin-counting fee.

10. Can I deposit Coins at an ATM?

The majority of ATMs do not accept coins.

If you want to deposit coins, you must visit a branch and leave them with a teller.

To summarize, the answer to the question “Does Walmart have Coinstar?” is yes!

A coin machine is available at Walmart, but not in every location.

Remember that there is an additional fee, so keep that in mind before deciding whether to use them.

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