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Does Walmart have a Coin Machine?

– Does Walmart have a Coin Machine –

Walmart takes pleasure in being able to offer its millions of regular customers a wide variety of goods and services. However, you might be interested to learn if Walmart stores have a coin machine in their stores. Keep reading to find out.

Does Walmart have a Coin Machine?

What is a Coin Machine?

In its simplest form, a coin machine is machinery that transforms your spare change into conventional paper money, gift cards, and other forms of giving to various charities.

The coin machine Exchange, a gift card exchange, is administered by a coin business. In the front of the store, between the cash registers and the exit/entrance, are Coinstar kiosks.

The business runs approximately 60,000 kiosks offering a range of services in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

Additionally, coin machine manufactures prepaid credit card terminals and e-payment kiosks. Are you curious to know if Walmart has a coin machine? Keep reading!

Does Walmart have a Coin Machine?


Yes, Walmart does have Coinstar Kiosks in most of their stores. You may find them near the checkout counters in the front of the store.

Customers can avoid paying the 11.9 percent fee by choosing the “free gift card” option while using a Coinstar Kiosk at Walmart.

The most coins that can be used in a single transaction are $2,000.


Which Walmart Stores have Coin Machines?


The majority of Walmart stores across the nation have Coinstar machines. They aren’t offered in every store, though.

Customers can utilize the unique “Find A Kiosk” Coinstar service facility on their computer or mobile device to look for the Coinstar machine that is closest to them by entering their zip code.

Additionally, they can discover whether Coinstar machines are available at any nearby Walmart locations.

How to Use a Walmart Coin Machine

Does Walmart have a Coin Machine?

The Coinstar machines are effective and simple to use. Just drop a few loose pennies into the tray and allow them to gently enter the machine.

Don’t overburden the Coinstar machine by feeding it too many coins at once; it will count and read them all.

Once all of your coins have been counted, a digitally printed receipt with the coin value will be issued to you.

Any of the customer care desks will exchange your coin value for cash if you only show them the receipt.

Is it Possible to Avoid the Coin Machine Fee?

The Coinstar machine will automatically count each coin that is inserted and determine the fee that has been taken.

Customers have a few other options besides obtaining cash.

Customers have the option of purchasing an e-gift card, which they may use at a variety of cafés and restaurants, including Starbucks, Amazon, AMC Theaters, and many more.

Other Things to Know

Customers have the option of giving their money to charity. Customers who select one of the aforementioned alternatives won’t be charged extra.

This indicates that they will receive the entire coin value at the conclusion of the transaction.


Cost to Use a Coin Machine at Walmart


Coinstar machines currently demand a fee to use them. You will currently be charged a fee equal to about 11.9 percent of the coin value you are converting.

For a total coin value of about $100, you should prepare to pay a fee of about $12. This means that once the transaction is complete, you will get $82.

Conclusively, the response to the question “Does Walmart have a Coin machine?” is yes! A coin machine is available at Walmart, however not all locations have one.

Consider this before selecting whether or not to utilize them because there is an additional price involved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much does the Coin Machine at Walmart Charge?


2. Where can I Change my Coins for Free?

Bank of America.

3. Does Walmart Accept Rolled Coins?

Self-checkout kiosks are available in most Walmart Supercenters, and they take cash, coins, debit cards, and credit cards.

4. Who has Free Coin Counting Machines?


5. Does CVS have Coin Counting Machines?

Yes, they do.

6. Where can I Turn my Change into Cash?

A local bank or credit union

7. How do I Avoid Coinstar Fees?

Instead of cash, you’ll get a Coinstar eGift card.

8. Do any Banks have Coin Machines?

Coin-counting machines are still present in some community banks and credit unions.

9. What can I do with Loose Change?

Open a Savings Account.

10. Do any Banks Offer Free Coin Counting?

Yes, the People’s United bank offers free coin counting.

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