Does Walmart Do Brakes at their Auto Service Center?

Don’t just ignore the sound! If you hear something pressing on your brakes, it is time to fix it. Read through to know whether Walmart fixes Brakes at their auto service center. 

Does Walmart Do Brakes at Their Auto Service Center?

Brake fluid exchange, brake caliper replacement, brake rotor resurfacing or replacement, and brake pad replacement are among the brake services that Walmart provides for cars.

Usually, these services are offered at the Walmart Auto Care Centers situated in only a few specific Walmart locations.

It’s usually a good idea to check the exact brake services offered at their Auto Care Center by getting in touch with your neighborhood Walmart shop or going online.

Does Walmart Auto Care Centers Do Brake?

Walmart Auto Care Centers don’t offer brake services, meaning its centers will not repair or replace brakes or brake pads.

Walmart’s website explains that its Auto Care Centers only offer basic auto maintenance services like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery services.

However, several Walmart Auto Care Centers were contacted across the country to confirm this information.

Walmart does not offer brake services, however, you can buy brake pads, rotors, calipers, and/or brake pad and rotor kits from a Walmart store or online, which you can then install. them yourself or find a licensed professional to do the work.

Does Walmart Install Brake Pads and Rotors?

In some of the Walmart branches, you can get brake pad and rotor installation performed using the services of Auto Care Center.

Customers can book appointments or ask questions regarding all services available at the nearest Walmart store, including dealership prices on replacing the brake pads and rotors. 

To know if the Walmart Center near you can offer the particular service you are looking for, you shall reach out to them directly for information purposes.

How Much Should It Cost to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors?

The total spending on new brake pads and rotors at Walmart will be based on the type of your vehicle as well as the special services you need, hence.

Mainly at Walmart’s Auto centers, brake pad, and rotor replacement costs on average from $200 to $600 per axle.

Nevertheless, the costs may still differ whether it is because of the quality of components being used or more services being suggested by the mechanic.

Thus, a variety of brake-related services are usually offered by Walmart’s Auto Care Centers. They will undoubtedly take care of the necessities, such as replacing brake pads.

Walmart’s Auto Care Centers General Services

When you hear those high-pitched squeals every time you step on the pedal, that’s typically the first thing you’re cautioned against.

The automobile seems to be attempting to attract your attention by doing its best banshee impression.

Walmart will, however, not only install new brake pads but also resurface or replace the braking rotors, which are the discs that your brake pads press against to bring the automobile to a stop.

There could be a pulsing sound when you brake if the rotors are too worn out or distorted. It sounds like a techno beat is passing through the pedal, which isn’t good.

Walmart should adjust the uneven beats. Crucial brake inspections are another service they provide. We are discussing the inspection of the hardware, fluid levels, and hydraulics.

Services including brake fluid exchange are also available. This is interesting: over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture and can cause corrosion in your braking system.

In addition to wearing out your parts, it may result in braking failure. Finally, they will change the rusted brake hardware.

It may seem like it’s simply the pads and discs, but there are many more components as well, such as adjusters, springs, and calipers.

The entire brake orchestra sounds wrong if even one of these tiny instruments is out of tune.

Drivers should never ignore brake issues and should address them as soon as they come up. Plus, mechanics can typically perform most brake repairs on the same day.

However, you should be aware that not every Walmart store has an auto care center, and that services can differ depending on the location.

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