Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers & how to get a Job at UPS

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If you need a job at UPS you need to know if they are Drug Test Package Handlers? Many people going for jobs at UPS wonder does UPS drug tests on the first interview? On top of that, many people going for jobs wonder if UPS drug test package handlers.

Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers

One of the problems is finding exactly what the UPS drug test policy is, and does test specific rules, for example does UPS drug test package handlers?

Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers?

Although they initially tested felons, over time most of their facilities reneged. However, we found conflicting responses to the question- Do UPS Drug Test Package Handlers? – when asked on indeed.com.

While workers in some districts claimed to have gone through drug tests, others say they got employed without a test. From further findings, however, we found the employment requirement is largely dependent on the location.

So, if you’re applying for the position of package handler at UPS, you may have to prepare for a drug test. You won’t be losing in any way – whether or not they conduct a drug test.

However, regardless of their drug test policy, avoid signing up for the day’s work under the influence of any substance.

That said, where tests are conducted, they are aimed at checking the applicants’ –or workers – a system for cocaine, phencyclidine, opiates, marijuana, ethyl alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, hydrocodone, amphetamine – and other substances that alters normal reasoning and functions.

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UPS Drug Testing Policy Required Testing


Applicants being considered for hire must pass a drug test before beginning work or receiving an offer of employment. Refusal to submit to testing will result in disqualification of further employment consideration.

Reasonable Suspicion

Employees are subject to testing based on (but not limited to) observations by at least two members of management of apparent workplace use, possession, or impairment.

HR, the plant manager, or the director of operations should be consulted before sending an employee for testing.

Management must use the Reasonable Suspicion Observation Checklist to document specific observations and behaviors that create a reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. Examples include:

  • Odors (smell of alcohol, body odor or urine).
  • Movements (unsteady, fidgety, dizzy).
  • Eyes (dilated, constricted or watery eyes, or involuntary eye movements).
  • Face (flushed, sweating, confused or blank look).
  • Speech (slurred, slow, distracted mid-thought, inability to verbalize thoughts).
  • Emotions (argumentative, agitated, irritable, drowsy).
  • Actions (yawning, twitching).
  • Inactions (sleeping, unconscious, no reaction to questions).

When reasonable suspicion testing is warranted, both management and HR will meet with the employee to explain the observations and the requirement to undergo a drug and/or alcohol test within two hours.

Refusal by an employee will be treated as a positive drug test result and will result in immediate termination of employment


Employees are subject to testing when they cause or contribute to accidents that seriously damage the company’s vehicle, machinery, equipment, or property or that result in an injury to themselves or another employee requiring offsite medical attention.

A circumstance that constitutes probable belief will be presumed to arise in any instance involving a work-related accident or injury in which an employee who was operating a motorized vehicle (including the Company’s forklift, pickup truck, overhead crane or aerial/man-lift) is found to be responsible for causing the accident.

In any of these instances, the investigation and subsequent testing must take place within two hours following the accident, if not sooner.

Refusal by an employee will be treated as a positive drug test result and will result in immediate termination of employment.

Getting a Job at UPS

Interested job seekers can begin their application process by opening an account and completing the forms provided.

ups drug test Bottom Line

With UPS drugs test as an employee are that you could be drug tested and a great way to have some insurance is to always have a bottle of synthetic urine on you.

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