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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Towels & Lockers?

If you don’t feel sweaty and fatigued after working out, the exercise wasn’t as effective as you thought! And there’s nothing better than a hot shower when you’re exhausted.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Towels & Lockers?

With over 2,100 locations nationally, Planet Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the country. It is well-known for its low membership fees and no-nonsense approach to fitness.

Showers and locker rooms are available at all Planet Fitness locations. For the lockers, you’ll need to supply your own locks, as well as towels and amenities for the showers.


Does Planet Fitness have a Shower?

Planet Fitness does have showers. While not particularly opulent, each Planet Fitness does have many clean showers with privacy curtains that you may use after your workout.

They do not, however, give shower towels, and the little towels provided to wipe down machines and your face are insufficient. If you wish to use the showers at Planet Fitness, bring a towel with you.

You’ll also need to bring essentials with you, such as a travel-size bar of soap or body wash. You’ll need to lock your suitcase and other belongings in a locker while you shower.

Planet Fitness Showers

Showers with individual stalls and curtains are available at all Planet Fitness locations. They have facilities for both men and women, as required by US law.

Although the staff is in charge of cleaning these rooms, this does not excuse you from following basic manners in a public shower or restroom:

1. Be silent. In this kind of setting, silence is really valuable. If it’s something you can say in the restroom, it can certainly wait a few minutes longer.

2. Phones are unaffected. In a private setting like a restroom, they appear suspicious, and one-sided chats irritate people even more.

3. If you recognize someone, no handshake is required. Even if you are decent enough to wash your hands right away, the concept of where your hands were a minute ago might be unsettling.

4. Don’t get too caught up in social media or video games! Others may be in a hurry, and making them wait is simply rude.  Instead of letting the staff do all the work, put your empty toiletries in the rubbish cans.

5. If you turn the doorknob and it does not budge, you can be certain that someone is using it. There’s no need to startle the person by pounding on the door or jiggling the handle.

6. When you’re done showering, don’t leave anything behind. Although soap and shampoo are not filthy, no one wants to see a massive slob on the wall or in the toilet.

7. Never use your feet to accomplish things that should be done with your hands, such as flushing the toilet, because others will touch it later. 

Planet Fitness Locker Rooms

Planet Fitness Locker Rooms

The locker rooms, like the baths, are segregated into two groups: males and females. The number of lockers provided is determined by the size of the gym.

However, it is recommended that you bring your own lock and avoid storing anything valuable inside for safety reasons, as Planet Fitness has declared that they are not responsible for any lost items.

Another thing to remember is that there are no reservations allowed. Planet Fitness does not provide personal lockers.

Other Things to Note

When you depart, the locker should be empty and the lock should be removed. If the staff discovers a locked compartment, they have the authority to open it and label the contents as lost property.

In some instances, when the staff has cause to believe there are suspicious items in the locker, they have the authority to force you to unlock it or do it themselves.

When there is no other option, people can utilize locker rooms as changing rooms, but keep in mind that not everyone is okay with seeing others naked. You should not use your phone in the locker rooms to prevent creating unneeded discomfort.

How are the Planet Fitness Showers?

Fitness showers are an excellent option for individuals who are in a rush to get inside the gym and want to conserve lots of water. Those who enjoy a shower after a practice or frequent workout.

Even if they don’t provide extra towels, the planet’s fitness is unsurpassed because its members have extensive experience. Because a club follows the shower’s regulations and maintains a clean and inviting environment.

It’s better to keep your naked body hidden and avoid using your phone in the locker area. While you’re in the shower, the club provides a locker and curtains to keep your belongings safe.

Many locations are open 24 hours a day, including showers, and are cleaned each night by the personnel. Individuals encounter issues with privacy and lost or stolen property.

Planet Fitness Locker Policy

These are some of the policies provided for customers in other to use the locker room;

  • Personal belongings can be stored in lockers.
  • Your own padlock is required.
  • Even if you keep your belongings locked up, theft or property damage can occur.
  • A supervisor has the authority to open your locker if they have a reasonable excuse that you are storing items other than clothes or gym equipment in it.
  • If you leave your belongings in a locker overnight, management can cut the latch and claim them as lost property.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Planet Fitness will not compensate you if your belongings are stolen or destroyed.
  • It is your obligation to ensure that your personal belongings are insured.
Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Towels & Lockers?

Planet Fitness Dress Code

Planet Fitness strives to be as welcoming as possible, so the dress code is quite casual. As a result, Visitors are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear to avoid injury.

Work boots are also prohibited since they can damage the machines. If someone is seen wearing something vulgar, he or she may be spoken to. It’s also courteous not to wear items from competitors, even if they don’t say anything.

Tips for using The Lockers and Showers At Planet Fitness

Below are some good tips you can use while using the locker and shower at planet fitness;

  • You should feel at ease when utilizing the gym’s showers.
  • They’re provided by Planet Fitness for a reason.
  • However, you must utilize them properly in order to maintain gym etiquette and stay healthy.

Others May Include:

1. Keep The Code to your Lock in your Car

It’s easy to forget your lock’s code, especially if you don’t use it very often. You can save the code to your phone, but you’ll most likely leave it in your locker while showering.

Instead, store the code in your car in case you forget it when retrieving your belongings from your locker.

2. Condense into Small Bag

Keep your belongings in a tiny bag that will fit into the lockers. If you can’t fit your belongings in the lockers, you won’t be able to use them. Each location’s locker sizes may differ.

3. Keep Valuables at Home

Even in the gym, many people can’t contemplate taking off their wedding bands. You should, however, seriously consider leaving it at home.

Planet Fitness is not liable if something goes wrong, such as the ring dropping down the toilet or being stolen. You’ll have to deal with the matter using your own insurance.

4. Wear Shower Shoes

Showers are ideal for “athlete’s foot,” a problem that affects athletes. An athlete’s foot is a fungal illness that produces a great deal of itching and discomfort.

When showering at the gym, you should wear flip-flops, just like you would in a dorm shower. it is to prevent you from falling off when coming out of the shower.

5. Cool Down First

Allowing oneself to chill down before hopping in the shower is recommended. Otherwise, the shower may raise your body temperature too much, causing a shock when you come into contact with cool temperatures. 

it is important that you do not be in a hurry to use the shower just after your workout. Take out time to relax and catch some breath.

6. Be Quick

Keep in mind that other people may need to use the showers, so limit your shower time. You don’t need to shave or wash your hair.

Instead, get out and rinse. keeping people waiting does not look nice because everyone has something they want to catch up with and you don’t want to be the reason for their lateness.

7. Use Warm Water

Both hot and cold water has advantages. Cold water lowers inflammation while hot water calms tense muscles. Hot water, on the other hand, can dry up the skin, while cold water can shock the body.

Stick to an excellent water compromise. You might also alternate between hot and cold. Make it a deliberate act to use warm water after using the gym.

Planet Fitness Black Card Price

Members of the Planet Fitness Black Card get half-priced more relaxed drinks. If staying healthy and active is a priority for you, you owe it to yourself to enjoy your time at the gym.

A Planet Fitness Black Card will vastly improve your training experience for only $22.99 each month. The Planet Fitness Black Card membership is $19.99 per month.

It also includes admission to all 700+ Planet Fitness clubs, as well as unrestricted usage of massage chairs, beds, whirlpools, complete body enhancement beds, tanning, 50 percent off all cool drinks, and the ability to bring a friend daily at no additional fee.


Planet Fitness Membership Costs

One of the best things about Planet Fitness is how affordable their memberships are, and how many advantages come with it. It’s an excellent deal.

The Classic Membership and the PF Black Card Membership are the two forms of Planet Fitness memberships.

Classic Membership

A 12-month commitment is normally required for a classic membership, which costs $10 per month. A $39 annual charge is also required, as well as a possible setup fee. (Of course, promotions do come up from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled.)

The following advantages come with Classic Membership:

  • The ability to visit the home club
  • Free fitness classes and WiFi

PF Black Card Membership

The PF Black Card membership is $22.99 a month and does not need a long-term commitment.
There will still be a $39 annual cost, as well as a possible startup fee.

The PF Black Card Membership includes everything that Planet Fitness has to offer, including:

  • The ability to visit the home club (and you can bring a guest)
  • Free fitness instruction
  • Free internet access
  • Use of any Planet Fitness location across the world
  • Bring a visitor at any moment.
  • Application of tanning
  • HydroMassage Therapy
  • Massage chairs are used.
  • Total Body Enhancement Techniques
  • Drinks are 50% off.
  • reebok.com is offering a 20% discount.

Benefits of Working out at Planet Fitness

Why work out at Planet Fitness when there’s so much competition? If the pricing isn’t enough to convince you, consider the following advantages of working out at Planet Fitness.

1. Open 24 Hours a Day

Nurses and law enforcement officers, for example, work strange hours. Planet Fitness aspires to make fitness accessible to everyone, including those with irregular schedules.

Moreover, all of its locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check with your local Planet Fitness to find out what hours they are open on holidays.

2. Clean Facilities

Planet Fitness takes care in keeping its facilities clean. The team cleans on a regular basis, and there are various safety elements in place, including;

  • Touchless check-in: You can enter without touching anything thanks to a chip in your membership card.
  • Cleaning stations: There are various cleaning stations where you can sterilize your hands.
  • Crowd meter: A crowd meter shows you how busy the gym is in real-time, allowing you to go when it’s less crowded.

3. Free Fitness Training

The Planet Fitness crew has received comprehensive fitness and nutrition instruction. The friendly trainers can assist you in creating a personalized workout plan using the gym’s equipment, as well as educate you on how to utilize it.

You can arrange a Design Your Own Program session by speaking with the front desk staff or scheduling it online or through the app.

4. Judgement Free Zone

Gyms can be frightening. Customers at Planet Fitness are not permitted to intimidate or make other guests feel inadequate about where they are in their fitness journey.

The frightening people at Planet Fitness are referred to as “lunks.” The following are some examples of lunk behavior:

  • Showcasing Judging Grunting Dropping Weights
  • If someone feels threatened, they can use the Lunk Siren to have the matter resolved right away.
  • Everyone should feel secure and at ease.
  • Anything less will just not be accepted.
  • One of the primary motivations for establishing Planet Fitness was to provide a judgment-free workout environment.

What Makes for Good Locker Room Etiquette?

If you’ve ever shared a room, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything.  With this in mind, you’re probably aware that much of the discomfort may be alleviated by simply establishing a few simple ground rules.

The dressing room is no different. The gym locker room is both a social gathering spot and a place to unwind after a workout. In any social environment, there are implicit (or sometimes spoken/written) norms of conduct.

Entering a gym locker room for the first time can be intimidating if you’re new to the fitness scene. When you arrive, read the official gym and locker room policies (you can ask the front desk staff for a copy).

By familiarizing yourself with a few simple guidelines of locker room etiquette that may not be stated, you can remove any fitness rookie dread, get the most out of your gym experience, and avoid awkward circumstances.

Get in, get out and, Nobody Gets Hurt

Locker rooms are notorious for being uncomfortable places to be naked. (Not that being naked is inherently uncomfortable, but we all feel differently in the presence of naked strangers.)

The general rule of thumb is to go in, get out, and no one gets hurt. Temporary nakedness is expected when changing into or out of exercise clothing.

Tiffany Yannetta says on Racked, “Just remember that this is a public place, not your private naked playground. “Keep it to a minimum and avoid conversing with someone who is completely naked.

It’s not forbidden, but anything more than a short “Hi” or “Bye” may easily turn into an awkward situation. If you prefer not to change in front of others, several Planet Fitness locations include private changing rooms.


Be Wary of others Personal Space

Being aware of your personal space is another important part of locker room etiquette. Spreading your personal belongings all over the locker room as if you own them is a big no-no.

Moreso, lock up your possessions and only bring what you need to the gym. Remember to dispose of your used towels in the appropriate bin!

If there aren’t many showers available in the locker room, it’s polite to keep your shower time to a minimum. Rinse, wash, and walk away. When you reach home, you can shave.

Wait to Spray Outside

Keep your sprays to yourself, too. While your perfumes and body sprays may smell beautiful to you, they can be irritating to others, especially in such a tight space. Before you do anything, wait till you’re outside.

When it comes to locker room etiquette, it’s simple: do what you need to do while keeping others in mind. It is not a place to be self-centered.

History Of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness debuted its first location in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1992. The proprietors quickly realized that a big segment of the population was being overlooked: those who are just starting to exercise.

Many newcomers may avoid going to the gym since the other members are already ripped and knowledgeable, and they feel out of place.

Planet Fitness chose to cater to these newcomers in order to make them feel at ease. The strategy worked. Because the gym created a welcoming environment and provided training, more people began to attend.

In the United States, Canada, Australia, and Latin America, there are currently 2,039 locations. Planet fitness is still growing and is still making a name.

Planet Fitness Policies

If you do decide to join, you should be aware of some key policies.

Accommodations For Disabled Members

Not only do these venues have accessible doors and facilities, but they also have regulations in place for those who assist disabled customers (including animals).

In the building, service animals are permitted. Staff can, however, request documentation of training if they believe it is required.

The handler must also maintain control of the animal and clean up after it. Personal assistants are permitted entry into the club to assist regular members.

They are unable to exercise unless they are counted as a guest by a PF Black Card member. These policies are in place in order to curb distractions and noise in the gym.

Planet Fitness Vs. The Competition

How does Planet Fitness stack up against the competition?

To help you decide which gym is ideal for you, we look at the primary distinctions between Planet Fitness and three of its competitors.

1. 24-Hour Fitness

The primary difference between 24-Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness is that Planet Fitness has a lot more locations (2,039) spread across all 50 states.

On the other hand, 24-Hour Fitness has only roughly 400 facilities in 18 states. If you live near a 24-Hour Fitness, you’ll have access to a variety of amazing features, including suspension training and turf zones, especially at the Super-Sport Clubs.

You’ll also get access to a pool, which is not available at Planet Fitness. To acquire those features, you’ll have to spend much more per month than you would at Planet Fitness. The payment system becomes somewhat convoluted as well.


2. LA Fitness

This Fitness place has a large number of locations around the United States, although not as many as Planet Fitness.

Lifters can find plenty of weights, including deadweights, at LA Fitness.

A pool and spa are also available. LA Fitness is substantially more expensive than Planet Fitness, and its locations aren’t open around the clock.

3. Life Time

Life Time

Life Time is a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a high-end gym chain. The monthly fee might reach $149, but the membership includes all classes.

It also comes with access to all of the gym’s amenities, including the best pool and spa of any chain gym. The gym, on the other hand, is not open 24 hours a day and does not have nearly as many locations.

When is the Best Time to go to Planet Fitness?

You are welcome to come to Planet Fitness at any time. Planet Fitness’ first and primary goal is to provide a welcoming, accessible gym that places no pressure on customers and welcomes them even at odd hours.

If you want to dodge the crowds, put Planet Fitness + address into Google and look up the business hours graphs. It should be simple to determine the best time for you based on the information provided.

On weekdays, the clubs are usually highly crowded between 17:00 to 20:00, and on weekends, from 9:00 to 15:00.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Soap Or Shampoo?

Planet Fitness does not supply soap, shampoo, or other necessities. At a monthly membership fee of $10, the gym club will not be able to afford to provide these consumables.

If you’re a Planet Fitness member who wants to shower at the gym, remember to bring your own bath soap, shampoo, or body wash.

You won’t have to worry about keeping these items at your gym because they provide secure locker rooms for their members.

Does Planet Fitness have a Sauna?

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Towels & Lockers?

Saunas and steam rooms are expensive to set up, particularly on a commercial basis. Because unisex saunas and steam rooms are not permitted in the United States, the corporation must bear at least double the installation costs.

After the installation, the costs continue. Because steam rooms and saunas gather so much filth and debris, they must be cleaned every 30 minutes.

Most Planet Fitness gyms only have one maintenance person every shift, therefore they can’t afford to maintain such a high degree of consistency. The cost of Planet Fitness subscriptions will almost certainly increase if saunas and steam rooms are added to their services.


How to Get Planet Fitness Guest Pass

Tagging along with a family member, friend, or family member, or anyone who owns one of the black cards, will obtain you a Planet Fitness guest pass. Keep in mind that you must have a black card, not just a basic membership.

You’ll need to download the Planet Fitness mobile app to get the card. You’ll receive an invitation from the Black cardholder you’re visiting, and you’ll need to complete a simple registration procedure. After that, you can use the guest pass to go to the gym.

How Does Planet Fitness Guest Get a Pass?

The Planet Fitness Guest pass is your first introduction to Planet Fitness’ basic amenities and ambiance. A black cardholder can assist you in obtaining one.

If you use a guest pass, you might not be able to access all of the facilities. For more information on what you can and cannot do with a guest pass, contact the planet fitness club you desire to visit.

Additionally, if you have a Planet Fitness black card, you can bring a guest.

Planet Fitness Guest Pass Policy

As you may know, Planet Fitness provides complimentary guest tickets to people who have black cards. However, there are some regulations surrounding guest passes that you should be aware of.

Most crucially, just one guest and a Black card member are normally allowed at a time. To take advantage of the benefits, customers must first complete a simple registration using the Planet Fitness mobile app.

A guest must also be at least 18 years old in order to obtain a Planet Fitness guest pass. Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 must be supervised by an adult.

Finally, a guest may not be able to use all of the facilities provided to black card members. With a visitor pass, you won’t be able to enjoy the tanning treatments or the body massagers, for example.

FAQs About Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Towels & Locker

1. Is it Illegal to Take Towels From Hotels?

Yes, the hotel has the legal and technological authority to prosecute you with larceny/theft if you are “caught” removing items from the hotel that do not belong to you. You might feel bad when an alarm is raised.

2. What is it like to be Butt Naked in a Locker Room?

To be butt naked in the locker room shows that you have no clothes on to cover your butt. Showing off your great butt shouldn’t be done in the locker room.

3. How Often are Lockers at Gyms Broken Into?

One cannot really say how often lockers get broken but when they are not properly handled by the users, it will keep occurring.  

4. Does Planet Fitness have Showers?

Yes, Planet Fitness has showers.

5. How are the Showers at Planet Fitness Facilities?

Planet Fitness showers are very much comfortable and well-furnished.

6. Where do Homeless People Take a Shower?

Local homeless shelters are the most typical venue for homeless persons to shower.

7. Where Can I Take a Shower in San Diego?

In San Diego, you can take a shower at, North Comfort Station, Balboa Park, Civita Park, and South Mission Beach.

8. Does Anyone Other than Truckers Shower at Truck Stops?

Truckstop showers were designed for truckers, although they can be used by anyone.

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