Does iCloud Save Text Message History

Does iCloud Save Text Message History? The answer to this question is Yes. If you backed up your messages on iCloud, then your text history will definitely be stored there. Keep reading to find out how this is done.

Does iCloud Save Text Message History

We do have many important conversations on our chat thread that we can not risk losing. These conversations can be sentimental or even practical, but either way, they would affect us if they are accidentally erased or deleted.

And remember that there are times when things can happen beyond our control, like an app update, or OS fault that can cause us to lose this important information.

This is why it is important to save or back up your messages with iCloud, and this is specially made for those using the iOS device.

With iCloud, even when you switch to a new phone, your messages will still be kept intact and this is also very useful when you lose your phone and want to ensure that all your messages are kept safe.

So to answer the question above, yes your iCloud does save your text history and you have no reason to panic, even if your messages get deleted.

How to Save your Text Message History on iCloud

Here are the steps you need to take to be able to save your text messages on iCloud.:

Open your iCloud Settings

To open your iCloud settings, go to the Settings app and click on your name at the top. Then, scroll down to iCloud and click this.

When you are here, you will see your iCloud settings, showing what you are and aren’t storing in iCloud.

Before you start syncing your messages to iCloud, check to ensure you have enough storage space at the top of the screen.

Messages can take up too much space, especially if there are voices and MMS that you are trying to save.

Saving your Messages to iCloud

In your iCloud settings, you will find a list of features you can save to iCloud. Scroll down to Messages and Click it to turn it on. In most cases, this is off by default.

If this works, you’ll see a green bar at the top where it shows you your storage, and how much storage your messages take up.

If you don’t get any notifications and the Messages button is still turned on, you can rest assured that your texts are synced already.

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