Does Hulu have Ads? How to Skip and Get Rid of Ads on Hulu

Does Hulu have Ads? How to Skip and Get Rid of Ads on Hulu

Does Hulu have Ads?: Have you experienced watching a really cool movie or documentary on Hulu and getting inappropriately interrupted by and Ad. I bet you have and that is why you are reading this article to know why it has to be so even with the “No Ads” inscription.

If you care to really know why, then stick to the end of this article to confirm if Hulu have ads and interesting how to get rid of the ads.

Does Hulu have Ads? How to Skip and Get Rid of Ads on Hulu

One of the best parts of streaming is having total control over your viewing experience. It is becoming a common knowledge that sponsors or advertisers turn into revenue dollars for the business they’re working with.

Does Hulu have Ads?

Yes, it does! The Hulu ads and “No ads” plans have ads. It is surprising, but that’s how they operate. Hulu is a for-profit company, so expect them to hunt for more revenue-making opportunities. Here’s how it works. Hulu offers $5.99 and $12 packages.


The $5.99 is the lowest package and contains ads. The advertising dollars Hulu earns augment the small subscription fee. So, yes, you’ll encounter ads in this package. But it’s a great choice for casual viewers. You’ll save a lot of money, provided you’re ready to cope with the ads.

Next is Hulu’s $12 per month subscription package. This is where the confusion about ads displaying while watching movies is. Hulu’s $12 package is a “No ads” plan. In other words, you won’t be seeing ads. However, there’s a disclaimer stating that some movies and TV series in the streaming platform’s library will have advertisements.

The reason why Hulu’s “No ads” plan still displays ads is due to the streaming rights most of the shows have. The commercials come up before and after every episode.

So, expect shows with streaming rights to display ads. It happens even if you’re on the “No ads” package.


How to Skip Ads on Hulu

Hulu offers two different pricing tiers to subscribers: a standard subscription for $5.99/month and a premium plan for $11.99/month. The easiest way to remove ads from Hulu is to upgrade to the premium plan, also called “Hulu (No Ads). While it may cost you a few dollars more per month, Hulu’s No Commercials plan is definitely worth it for frequent binge-watchers.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu

Live TV subscribers can fast forward through ads with an Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on. But that’s applicable for Live TV only, and they can’t skip ads they’re served elsewhere.

Guide on How to Get Rid of Ads on Hulu

In order to upgrade to Hulu without commercials, simply log in and click “Manage Your Account.” On that page, you can upgrade your subscription, select any add-ons (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz are all available options), or even cancel your Hulu account.

A quick note about those add-ons: if you’re watching a premium cable channel through Hulu, your show or movie will play uninterrupted, regardless of whether you have the standard or No Ads plan.

How to Use Hulu Without Paying

Hulu offers something many of the Favorite Streaming Services don’t. For instance, it provides next-day access, meaning you can watch new episodes of various TV shows the night before they are aired on broadcast networks such as N.B.C., Fox, and ABC.

How to Use Hulu Without Paying

Hulu gives you access to thousands of classics and original TV series and movies in HD. So, it is worth splashing the cash on.

But what happens if you have no money or can’t include paying for a Hulu subscription, in your budget, but interested in using the online streaming platform? Well, there’s hope.

Here are ways you can use Hulu for free.

1. Use the Free Trial for New Sign-ups

Do you already have a Hulu account? If yes, then this free option isn’t for you. But if it’s your first time, you can enjoy the 30-day free trial when you sign up.

The good thing about Hulu’s free trial is that it applies to the “Ads” and “No Ads” packages, which are $5.99 and $12, respectively.

Take advantage of this free trial. Just create a new Hulu account and use your debit or credit card to sign up. Other acceptable payment methods are Venmo, Amex Express Checkout, and PayPal.

Use the Free Trial for New Sign-ups

Once your payment details are verified, you’ll have access to the free trial.

This free trial only lasts for 30 days. So ensure you cancel the subscription before it ends. If you don’t, you will be subscribed automatically. That means the money will be deducted from your account.

Furthermore, the Hulu + Live TV plan’s free trial is only for 7 days. So you only have 7 days to enjoy the free trial before the company starts charging from your account. You should also ensure your subscription is canceled before the free trial elapses.

The Hulu + Live TV plan with commercials cost $54.99, while Hulu + Live TV without ads cost $60.99, as of the time of writing.

2. Take Advantage of Account Sharing Opportunities

Do you have any relative or friend who happens to be a Hulu paid member? If yes, then count yourself lucky. Your next mission is to determine if he or she is willing to share the Hulu account with you.

Hulu supports account sharing, so both of you aren’t doing anything illegal. Account sharing is available for the standard plans, including the Hulu + Live TV plans.

Now here is the catch. It’s possible to stream movies on both screens simultaneously, provided that Hulu supports both devices. The next screen, which happens to be the second user and that of the original account owner, can stream videos on Hulu simultaneously.

Note: If there are two separate devices logged in to the same Hulu account, there’ll be no room for a third user. The “too many screens” error message will display when a third device tries to log in.

Thus, if you are sharing your Hulu account, try to let whoever you’re sharing the account with, know the dos and don’ts. Otherwise, you might regret sharing your account in the first place. Tell them to always log in from one device so that you can log in at any time.

At this point, you now know that Hulu does have ads even when it says “No Ads”. Hulu is a top movie streaming platform, with an ever-increasing user base.

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