Can I Pay With Checks at Domino’s Checkout?

Checks are acceptable payment methods at various shops and restaurants but that’s one question many people can’t answer about Domino’s. Does Domino’s accept checks? There are several answers but we will give you one reliable answer.

Does Dominos Accept Checks

Forms of payment have evolved along with the rise of technology. Today, credit cards, debit cards, and even mobile apps are the most common way to pay for everything.

However, while cash is still accepted, many businesses no longer take personal checks. Which limits the usage of checkbooks to exclusive business transactions.

Does Domino’s Accept Checks?

Most Domino’s you find are franchise stores although the general store accepts most payment methods including checks.

For you to be able to pay for your order with checks, you need to find out if the franchise store manager accepts checks during payment.

You can only have a contrary answer depending on the outlet you visit.

When buying your pizza in-store at Domino, you can pay with a check but online purchases don’t accept check payments.

Can I Pay for Domino’s Delivery With a Check?

There is no need to write a check if you order delivery by using an online medium.

Check standards for deliveries can vary although cash is only an acceptable means of payment when it is in-store purchases.

An easy way to find out if check payment is allowed for your Domino delivery is to call your local franchise to order using a phone and ask them about the payment method.

Using the store locator tool on the Domino’s website, type in your address to find the phone number. 

Once you see the correct location click the “more info” button to find the phone number.

Why Are There Different Domino’s Check Policies?

Most domestic and regional restaurants are franchises. This simply means that a franchisee pays their loyalties for that indicated restaurant’s brand and food supplies.

But these restaurants can’t control individual store policies like the payment type.

Franchisees can decide not to use checks for several reasons. Yet, the most common reason is that personal checks are the riskiest way of payment.

The store would also have to set up a strategy to verify these checks if they accept them. However, you can find franchises that take checks, while some will not. 

Therefore, this type of payment requires the customer to ask if the store will accept check payments and what kind of check they accept.

List of Restaurants That Take Checks

As earlier stated, some stores, restaurants, and franchise outlets still accept checks despite the challenges they face with check verification and cashing.

So you know most of the verification processes take time and you have to bear with the management.

To avoid this waste of time and embarrassment if there is a traffic jam, you might want to pay with a credit/ debit card or cash.

If you prefer to still pay with a check, then reschedule with the listed stores.

They conveniently accept check payments and have your government-issued photo ID ready to show, as they require identification for using personal checks.

1. Pizza Hut

2. Cracker Barrel


4. Papa John’s

6. Chipotle

7. Jimmy Johns

8. Applebee’s

What Are Domino’s Acceptable Payment Options?

For loyal customers to a specific franchise store, you should always try to align with the generally acceptable payment option.

As much as you want to be delayed, make plans to pay your bills through the accepted payment channel which includes:

1. Debit and credit cards

2. Apple Pay

3. PayPal

4. Cash

5. Domino’s gift cards

6. Through the Domino’s mobile app

Domino’s payment options are vast enough to accommodate every customer who walks into their outlet.

However, don’t assume you know the payment options, always ask for clarity so you don’t remain outdated while you enjoy your meal.

An easy and fast payment method helps you enjoy a hassle-free experience and you can complain if you face any difficulty.

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