Do Speedway Take EBT? (SNAP/Food stamps Payments)

When you think of Speedway stores, what comes to mind? I guess it’ll just be a gas station to fill up our tanks. Interestingly, Speedway locations are much more than just gas stations. Have you ever wondered if Speedway accepts EBT? This article will assist you in determining this.

Do Speedway Take EBT?

Does Speedway Take EBT?

Speedway is a convenience store and gas station chain with locations throughout the United States.

While many Speedway locations accept EBT, others do not.

Before making a purchase, it is best to call ahead to confirm whether a specific location accepts EBT.

Most Speedway locations will accept EBT cards as payment.

There are, however, a few exceptions.

Some Speedway locations are owned and operated by independent franchisees who may have their own EBT acceptance policies.

Furthermore, a small number of Speedway locations are in states that do not participate in the SNAP program.

This means they cannot accept EBT cards as payment.

If you’re unsure whether your local Speedway accepts EBT, the best thing to do is call ahead and inquire.

Speedway customer service representatives will be able to tell you whether a specific location accepts EBT.

So, yes, Speedway accepts EBT / SNAP if you use your card to buy qualifying items.

What is SNAP?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a government-run program.

They help children and low-income families supplement their food budgets and nutritional needs.

They administer SNAP at the state level to ensure greater reach and smooth administration.

That means you must apply for SNAP benefits through your current state of residence.

The main qualifying criteria are income and resource limits.

When you qualify, the government creates a benefits account with your information.

Every month, they deposit your SNAP funds into your account.

Every year, approximately 42 million Americans receive SNAP benefits.

They issue SNAP recipients Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.

These cards function similarly to a regular credit card or debit card with a chip.

The card can be used to purchase approved items from authorized retailers anywhere.

You cannot use the debit card unless you have a PIN number.

Federal law does not protect unauthorized charges on benefit cards.

To protect your money, call immediately if you discover a lost or stolen credit card.

Do Speedway Take EBT?

Is Speedway a WIC-Approved Retailer?

WIC is a nutritional supplement program that assists low-income mothers and children in eating healthy.

They give WIC participants food vouchers that can be used to buy approved foods at participating retailers.

Speedway is not a WIC-approved retailer.

There are, however, numerous other stores that participate in the WIC program.

Contact your local WIC office or visit the WIC website to find a list of approved WIC retailers in your area.


What can I Buy on Speedway with EBT?

EBT funds can only be used to purchase eligible products.

Snacks, candy, soda, and other human food items are examples of items that can be purchased with EBT at Speedway.

Some examples might be:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Poultry and meat
  • Soda, juice, and possibly some energy drinks
  • Snacks such as bread and cereal
  • Cookies, ice cream, and candy are examples of desserts.
  • Drinks that are frozen (such as slushes, iced coffees, and smoothies)
  • Plants and seeds

The following items are not available with your EBT card:

  • Gas
  • Products containing tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Supplements and vitamins
  • Items for the home
  • Toiletries and hot food
  • Lotto tickets or over-the-counter medication
  • Anything else that isn’t food

Which Gas Stations Take EBT?

The following are a few of the major gas station chains that accept EBT:

  • Shell
  • Chevron
  • ExxonMobil
  • BP
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Valero
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • 7-Eleven
  • Speedway
  • Kroger
  • Casey’s General Stores


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Fast Food Locations Accept EBT?

Burger King.


Taco Bell.


Domino’s Pizza.




2. Does Bucees take EBT in Georgia?

It accepts SNAP EBT cards at all of its 1,900+ locations across all 50 states.

3. Does McDonald’s EBT?

Most EBT cardholders are unable to purchase fast food, including McDonald’s.

4. Does Burger King take EBT in Georgia?

Restaurants do not usually accept EBT payments, but Burger King is an exception.

5. Does Taco Bell Accept EBT in Georgia?


More FAQs

6. Does Subway Take EBT in Georgia?

Subway, on the other hand, only accepts EBT payments in states that participate in the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP).

7. Where can I use my EBT card for fast food in Georgia?

The Fresh Market.

Aden’s Minit Market

BP/Amoco Food Mart

Chevron Food Mart

Chu’s Convenience Store


Circle M food shop

8. Where Can I Use my EBT Card?

Most major grocery chains, as well as major retailers such as Walmart and Target, will accept your EBT card.

Some pharmacies, such as CVS and Walgreens, will accept EBT for eligible food items.

You can also use an EBT card at certain convenience stores/gas stations, farmer’s markets, and local food cooperatives.

9. What Can You Buy with EBT?

Fruits and vegetables

Meat, poultry, and fish

Dairy products

Bread and cereals

Other foods, such as snack foods and non-alcoholic beverages

Seeds and plants

As a result, Speedway stores generally accept EBT, but only for eligible groceries.

If you choose an ineligible item, you must pay for it with another method.

So, bring some extra money just in case. Before you leave the house, use the store locator to learn more.

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