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Digital Reflection Panel Review: Make Money Using the Internet?

– Digital Reflection Panel Review –

 Did you know that you can get some cash by using your internet? Well, there is a company that rewards you for doing that. Signing promises you a reward of $200 and taking surveys. 

Digital Reflection Panel Review

Digital Reflection Panel Review: Make Money Using the Internet?

All you need is to provide data on how you use the internet in your home.

Digital Reflection, a division of comScore, is a market research company that is dedicated to understanding how people use the internet in their homes (including computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.).

Participants don’t just get rewards, they also get a tree planted in their honor through the Trees of Knowledge program.

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According to the BBB, Digital Reflection Panel has been around for about three years.

They have a one-star rating on the site, however, that is from only one review so it really doesn’t give a clear picture of what users actually think. They have a B- rating because of the responses they have to customer complaints.

Is Digital Reflection Panel Legit or a Scam?

Digital Reflection Panel Review

This platform is legit as it keeps your information private and only shares your trends of internet use with various devices.

Since it’s part of ComScore Inc., an internet research firm based in the US.

It has been registered and granted permission to take opinions on users’ behaviors as far as internet use is concerned. The platform isn’t just one of the common ones as it features criteria for participating.

You will get a digital reflection gadget from the company for free, and once you complete installing it, it tracks your internet usage. Note that your login details remain private as it’s well encrypted.

How Does Digital Reflection Panel Work?

How does Digital Reflection Panel Work?

The company monitors how you use the internet at home. They do this by providing a meter for you. You keep it connected, answer the survey questions once a month, and they pay you.

digital reflection panel review

The company also plants a tree in your name when you sign up, so it’s good for the environment.

For using the meter and completing the surveys, you earn rewards. You can request a payout when the reward level reaches $50.

Here are some of the rewards that you can earn:

  • Installing the meter gets you $25
  • If you install it within four days of getting it, you get $25
  • If you use it for the first two months, you earn $60
  • From then on, you get $10 for keeping it active
  • The first time you update the software, you get $25
  • You can then potentially earn another $5 monthly
  • Overall, that’s about $200 for the first year

Digital Reflection Panel Payment

You’re probably wondering how much you can make for just a few minutes of work, and the answer is that it varies.

Digital Reflection Panel will pay you for a few distinct steps in the process, including a startup bonus for installing your device.

Rewards every month for using the device, payment for updating and upgrading your device, surveys, and more.

Some users have reported that they make as much as $50 a month from surveys and maintaining the device, but this is likely on the higher end.

You can expect to make around $50 for the one-time payments for installation, upgrades, and more per year as well as $10-20 per month from surveys and using the product.

While it is not the best payout there when you consider that it only takes a few minutes a month, that free money sounds pretty good!

Digital Reflection Panel Privacy Policy

They mask sensitive information such as medical histories and financial information before the information is transmitted. Identifiable information is not shared or sold with any third party.

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