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What Does “DHL Shipment On Hold” Status Mean?

-DHL Shipment on Hold-

When you receive a message that your DHL shipment is on hold, it means something. In this article, we’ll be showing you what DHL Shipment on Hold means and how to solve it.

What is DHL

DHL is an abbreviation for DHL Express. Adrain Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn founded DHL Express, a global express logistics company, in 1969.

The company began as a courier service that delivered documents between Honolulu and Los Angeles. The company then went public in 1977.

DHL expanded its services to Europe in 1985. DHL was the first international company to provide postal services in China in 1986.

What Services are Covered by DHL?

DHL over tons of services and below, we’ll be listing all of them:

1. DHL Global Forwarding

By looking at the word “GLOBAL,” you would have realized that DHL makes its shipping services available to customers both domestically and internationally.

This company, formerly known as DHL Danzas Air and Ocean, provides air and freight forwarding services as well as logistics project planning.

Under the Forwarding division of the DHL brand, you can transport goods by rail, road, air, and sea. DHL Freight has a ground network throughout Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

2. DHL eCommerce

Businesses can grow at both international and national levels with the help of DHL eCommerce, a division of DHL.

You have a choice between several solutions here. Over 35,000 people use this service every year.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, a private customer looking for delivery services, or simply an e-commerce business.

3. DHL Express

You can have your documents or packages shipped both domestically and internationally with the help of DHL Express.

The most significant advantage is that you can speculate or expect when the delivery will occur. If you use this service, you won’t have to worry about any kind of delay or lag in the delivery of your package.

4. DHL Supply Chain

Its Supply Chain provides BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, supply chain management, and effective consulting, as well as supply chain logistics solutions.

They ensure products reach customers on time, and it provides services such as storage, delivery, return, production, and so on.

5. DHL Tracking Services

You can track your Shipments by using the “shipment tracking function” provided by the company.

This is a simple task that only requires you to use your browser and visit their website, and by tying your shipment number to it, you can quickly get your delivery status updated.

What it Means When DHL Shipment is on Hold 

When you receive they have placed a message showing that your DHL shipment is on hold. It means that your package is no longer in transit.

There are several factors that can cause a shipping delay. When a delay occurs, DHL notifies you they have placed your shipment on hold.

This does not imply that the package was lost or that the seller canceled the order. It simply means that something happened during transit that is preventing the delivery driver from progressing towards your location.

While there isn’t much you can do to solve the problem, there are a few steps you can take to learn more.

Why is My DHL Shipment on Hold? 

There are several reasons they may place your DHL package on hold. Here are some of those reasons.

1. Natural Disaster

DHL Shipment on Hold

Shipping companies, unfortunately, have no control over the weather. Despite their best efforts to deliver on both sunny and rainy days, some elements of the weather are simply too dangerous for them to travel through.

Natural disasters can strike throughout the year. Most people think of tornadoes or hurricanes when they think of natural disasters, but other natural disasters can also impede delivery.

Snowstorms, earthquakes, and even extremely windy days can make it impossible for a delivery driver to drive. Sometimes, the shipment cannot proceed because of a natural disaster.

More Information on Natural Disaster

If they are caught in the middle of a natural disaster, they will need to seek refuge somewhere safe. Natural disasters can happen quickly or take a long time to occur.

They cannot re-enter the road until it is safe to do so. They may discover that their van has been damaged or that the area is impassable. Natural disasters may cause your DHL shipment to be delayed.

2. Social Unrest

DHL Shipment on Hold

DHL delivers primarily in European countries. As a result, social unrest events are common. Protests and marches, whether to oppose a particular leadership choice or a law, can affect delivery.

Borders can sometimes be closed because of social unrest until the unrest subsides. Sometimes, social unrest may only cause a minor delay in the delivery of your package.

All the driver has to do is take a different route around the protest or match.

However, if there is a large-scale protest or match, this can be difficult. It’s also possible that driving isn’t safe. Before they can continue on their route, the driver must do what is safe.

Otherwise, your order may never arrive at your doorstep.

3. Closed Borders

Closed borders are one of the most common reasons for your shipment being held. A country’s borders can be closed for a variety of reasons.

Countries closed their borders during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the likelihood of the disease spreading. Many deliveries were delayed because of this.

DHL and other carriers simply could not enter another country until the lockdown was lifted, and the borders reopened. A security threat is another reason a country may close its borders.

Information on Closed Borders

Finally, countries’ borders may be closed because of political conflicts. If two neighboring countries are at war, for example, they may close their borders to avoid being invaded.

The issue with closed borders is that it is impossible to predict how long they will remain closed. Because of their inability to enter the country, DHL may find it difficult to complete the delivery.

If the delivery is in a closed country, they will need to find a different route around the country or wait until the border opens. You should expect your delivery to be delayed for an extended period.

4. Port Congestion

Port Congestion

Port congestion is one of the most common reasons for your DHL shipment being held. If you order something from another country, DHL will have to bring it through customs.

For many countries, customs are the first line of defense.

Employees inspect various packages and shipping manifests to ensure that nothing illegal is entering the country. They also look for dangerous items such as bombs, weapons, and biological weapons.

Customs is extremely busy at certain times of the year. The holiday season is an excellent example. With everyone buying products from places other than the United States, customs is suddenly swamped with thousands of packages.


Information on Port Congestion

They may put your package on hold for a day or two before it resumes its journey. However, certain circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, can exacerbate the situation.

With a high reliance on online purchases and fewer employees available to work, a bottleneck situation develops. Each day, only a certain number of packages can pass through the verification process.

This can cause a significant delay, which only worsens as more packages arrive. You can expect your shipment to be held until they processed your package through the system.

5. Route Changes

Route Changes

There may also be unexpected changes in the route, causing DHL to place your shipment on hold. A delivery driver may become ill while on the road, or they may experience a family emergency.

Delivery vans can malfunction and cause service. This causes the use of a different driver or van to complete the delivery.

If you look at your tracking and notice that your package is moving away from you or in an unusual location, it’s usually because of a route change.

6. Lack Of Transport

Lack Of Transport

DHL does not have the same size as some of the other carriers. As a result, they have a few vans, planes, ships, and other modes of transportation.

 When they’ve been stretched to their breaking point, they must wait for one of those transport vehicles to become available.

One of the most important aspects of the shipping industry is weight. Many of their routes are determined by weight. This is because the heavier something is, the more expensive it is to transport.

7. Incomplete Documentation

Incomplete Documentation

Paperwork and documentation are the lifeblood of the shipping industry. Most of the documentation is done with labels, bar codes, and scanners.

However, because of shipping, it is possible that they will damage the labels.

As a result, reading or scanning them is impossible. As a result, there is insufficient documentation. The driver has forgotten where he is supposed to deliver it. Sometimes, the seller has made a mistake.

They may have forgotten to include information in their haste. DHL may be required to hold the shipment until they get the information.

8. Holidays

Another reason your DHL shipment may be on hold is that it is a holiday. DHL does not operate on weekends or holidays.

While you may not expect your delivery on a specific holiday, you may overlook one that occurs during the week or is less widely observed. DHL takes certain holidays off, so drivers are not on the road delivering packages.

This usually means that they will deliver your package in a day or two. However, if you receive a message stating that your DHL package is on hold, it’s worth checking to see if it’s a holiday. 

9. Space Shortage

DHL Shipment on Hold

The container ship may not have enough space or equipment to protect your shipment. In that case, your shipment will have to wait for the next vessel that can safely transport it to the destination port — and, eventually, to you.

If this causes the cargo delay, the shipping company is simply adhering to safety regulations. It safeguards not only your package but also everyone else’s.

 However, it, like the other sources of delays, causes inconvenience, especially if the cargo is on a tight schedule. If this occurs, the message “your package is on hold” will display your item on your DHL tracking information.

10. Incomplete Documents Required by Custom

Incomplete Documents Required by Custom

DHL Express shipping company delivers your courier within the time frame you specified. If they delay your shipment or on hold, you can check the status of your courier online.

Incomplete documents required by customs also show the hold status. The customs department requires some mandatory documentation about the product that you ordered online.

So contact them and complete any missing documents required by customs. You can quickly get contact information from the DHL Express websites.

How to Track DHL Package

How to Track DHL PackageHL tracking has become simple, and DHL tracking is available via the website. This is useful for individual and infrequent buyers who only deal with DHL and want to keep track of a single package or parcel.

Here, once a person has purchased a package and their parcel handler they have been identified as DHL, they can go to the DHL website to track the progress of their DHL package.

Ways To Track DHL Package

However, several incidents have resulted in this becoming a less efficient method of tracking their DHL parcel. Here are a few examples:

The buyer shops on multiple marketplaces and platforms. This means they must track multiple couriers, not just DHL, and thus require a more comprehensive method of global parcel tracking.

The buyer selects different shipping methods based on the urgency of their order and the destination of their parcel. This means that the couriers may vary and they cannot rely solely ongoing to the DHL website.

DHL subcontracts delivery to other couriers in some countries, so customers will not receive the most recent and up-to-date information on their parcel’s status and location.

Can I Use My DHL Tracking Number on a Different Website?

When you ship your DHL package, they will give you a tracking number. A tracking number is a one-of-a-kind set of numbers, sometimes accompanied by letters that identify a package for national and international shipping.

 When you ship a package, the buyer will usually receive an email confirmation or notification with the DHL tracking number.

Can I Track My DHL Parcel on Any Website?

Nowadays, you can track your packages in a variety of ways. You have two options for tracking your parcels. Go to the DHL website or go to a third-party tracking website.

Although there are many third-party websites, many people prefer Ship24 for a dependable and accurate tracking system.

Ship24 is the best way to track your DHL parcels because you will always see the most up-to-date information about your parcels. Ship24 guarantees you will track your parcel from the time it leaves the origin country until it arrives at your door.

Can I Track My DHL Parcel Using an Application?

To track your DHL parcel using the WhatsApp application, you must first download the app onto your device, and install it. Then enter your DHL tracking number.

People who do not want to download and install the WhatsApp app to track their DHL parcel can instead go to the Ship24 website. Type their DHL parcel tracking number into the search bar to track their parcel immediately.

Ship24 does not require you to download or install anything on your device or computer. You can start tracking your DHL parcel right away by entering your DHL tracking number.

Can I Track a DHL Parcel Using an Email Address?

They cannot track parcels using an email address. However, users can email DHL with their tracking number to inquire about tracking details. However, this is one of the slower methods of tracking a DHL parcel.

Emailing DHL for DHL parcel tracking is a more time-consuming method. It requires more from the buyer because they must open their email and create the email to request the tracking details.

 DHL may take longer to respond to your parcel, and you may miss the email if you are not checking your inbox or have lost an internet connection at some point.

How Long Does A Shipment On Hold Take?

How Long Does A Shipment On Hold Take?

When you notice that the DHL shipment is on hold, it’s difficult to give an exact timeframe. It’s understandable that you’d want some inspiration.

You can gather a few details that will give you a ballpark answer. You can determine whether any obstacles are causing the delay by researching any nearby holidays, border issues, or road construction projects.

A holiday or road construction may only cause your package to be delayed for a day or two. A difficult border crossing or social unrest may cause an even longer delay.

Things To Do When Your DHL Shipment is on Hold 

When you receive it, they have placed a message showing that your DHL shipment is on hold, so your package is no longer in transit.

There are several factors that can cause a shipping delay. When a delay occurs, DHL notifies you they have placed your shipment on hold.

This does not imply that they have lost the package or that the seller canceled the order. It simply means that something happened during transit that is preventing the delivery driver from progressing towards your location.

1. Contact DHL’s Customer Service

Contact DHL’s Customer Service

Contacting DHL’s customer service should be one of your first steps. You’ll need details about your package, such as its tracking number and destination.

The representative may provide you with an update or information about the delay. They might tell you what’s causing the delay and give you an estimate of when they will deliver the package to you.

Sometimes, such as a natural disaster or social unrest, determining when the package can resume its journey is impossible.

2. Research Route

While you won’t be able to determine the exact route taken by the driver, you can get a general idea. Begin by learning more about your seller.

You’ll need to figure out whether they keep their products on-site or in a warehouse. If they use a warehouse, you must find out where those warehouses are located.

Your order is most likely from a location near you. Consider where the DHL transit hubs are located. If the carrier was located a long distance away from the seller, shipping would be more expensive. 

3. Wait


When your shipment is on hold, the best thing you can do is wait it out. Your package will be delivered to your address.

It might just take a little longer than you expected. However, if you are still waiting more than a few weeks after the initial scheduled arrival date, contact DHL again.

4. Cancel The Order

Finally, if the delay is going to be a problem, or if you won’t need the product by the time it arrives, you can always cancel your order.

When you cancel an order, DHL is notified that they will not deliver the package. Instead, they will return it to the seller.

Does “On Hold” Happen Inside Countries Sometimes?

 Although “on hold” is usually the result of something happening at a border (e.g., courier swapping, customs clearance, etc.), it is possible for this to happen within a country as well.

 It happens occasionally when the package is very close to its intended destination. This could be because customs officials decided to conduct another check, or it could be because of other issues.

Remember that this message may appear around holidays because DHL does not operate on national holidays. Don’t worry; your package will continue on its way as usual when the courier reopens for business.

Does It Mean My Parcel Is Lost?

No, “on hold” does not refer to a parcel that has been misplaced. It simply means that the package is not currently traveling, and you should know it will probably be later than expected.

 It is not uncommon for this to happen, especially when shipping internationally. You should never see the “on hold” message if your package has been lost.

This message should only appear when there is a clear delay in your package. At which point DHL workers will scan it and input the message so that you know you will wait longer for the parcel to arrive.

Will It Create a Delay?

Unfortunately, it will cause a delay, sometimes quite significant. The longer your package is stuck, the longer it will take to arrive at its destination.

This is because it isn’t going anywhere as long as that “on hold” message is displayed on the site.

As a result, your package will almost certainly arrive later than expected. It’s also possible that DHL will have to reroute it.

This could cause additional delays if it has to take a longer route or use a slower mode of transportation (e.g. truck instead of air).

What Happens When The Package Starts To Move Again?

Typically, as soon as your package moves again, you will receive an update showing that it is “in transit.” This will not explain what happened or provide any information about it, but it will notify you that the problem has been resolved.

Your package should arrive within a few days, depending on the shipping method you used and the distance it needs to travel. Make sure you monitor it so you know when it arrives.

Keep in mind that your package may deviate from its original path. If your tracking information shows its location, it may appear in unexpected places.

Will DHL Be Able To Give Me More Details About The Delay?

If you contact DHL, a customer service representative may tell you more about what is causing the package to be delayed.

 They may not provide much information. However, they should be able to tell you the cause of the problem in most cases.

For example, if they delay your package because of inclement weather, they can notify you so that the situation will be resolved soon.

Do Any Kinds Of Shipping Avoid “On Hold” Delays?

You may wonder if you can pay for more expensive shipping to reduce the likelihood of this issue occurring, but you can’t.

DHL, no matter how much you pay, cannot overcome major issues such as natural disasters and port congestion.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply pay more to ensure that your shipment does not become stuck anywhere. “On hold” status can occur with any package, whether they shipped it cheaply or expensively.

How Can You Avoid DHL Shipment on Hold Status?

There isn’t much you can do to prevent this from happening. It’s because of issues that the delivery boy or firm encountered while delivering your goods, and it’s completely out of your control.

The only thing you can do is make sure you’re sending legal items to avoid customs delays, and that you’ve paid all applicable fees and completed all necessary documentation.

This is all you can do to ensure that your package delivery efforts go as smoothly as possible. If you have completed these steps, you have no further influence over the situation.

What Delivery Status Confirms Shipment is Not on Hold Anymore?

You will usually receive an update stating that your shipment is “in transit” as soon as it moves again. This will not determine what occurred or provide any information about it, but it will notify you that the problem has been resolved.

Your package should arrive within the next business day, depending on the delivery option you select and the distance it must travel. Monitor it so you can find out when it arrives.

Remember that your package may be rerouted. If your tracking data reveals its location, it may appear in unexpected places, but they do this to avoid whatever was causing the problem.

Is There any Special Shipping Plan to Avoid On-Hold Status?

You may wonder if you can afford to pay for even more premium delivery service to reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring, but you can’t.

Regardless of how much you pay, a courier company cannot overcome serious challenges such as natural disasters and port congestion. 

Unfortunately, you cannot simply pay more to ensure that your package is not stranded somewhere. Any package, whether it is transported cheaply or expensively, can be held.

Should You Worry if DHL Shipment Gets On Hold?

When your package is delayed, it is natural for you to be concerned. It is best to contact customer service to find out about the delayed delivery time.

You can immediately inquire about the expected delivery date. Unknown factors frequently caused shipment delays. This entirely depends on where you intend to ship your product.

When the confirmation is received, the items are pre-inspected and sealed before being shipped. For a quick process, your documents should be clear and valid.

FAQs about DHL Shipment on Hold

1. What is The Meaning of Shipment on Hold in DHL?

It means that your delivery is going to be delayed, and will not arrive when it to arrive.

2. Why is My DHL Package on Hold, When Will it be Released?

It could be because of wrong documentation, bad weather, lack of transport, route change, poor congestion.

3. What is a DHL Delivery Exception?

The term “delivery exception” refers to they did not deliver it them not delivering it. If you have a tag or door knocker with a number on it, it means they arrived and attempted to deliver the package.

4. What Does “Exception no Access” Mean in DHL?

It simply means that your package has arrived at the delivery terminal and is waiting for the cycle of been processed and to be delivered to the recipient.

5. Why Has DHL.de’s Shipment Status Not Changed For 3 Days?

They sometimes hold shipments in storage or become stuck. Obviously, the latter is the worst-case scenario: If your shipment hasn’t moved in three working days (weekends do not count), I recommend you contact customer service.

6. What Does DHL “Clearance Event” Mean?

What exactly does the term “clearance event” mean in DHL tracking? A clearance event occurs when a package with a DHL tracking number is processed at a customer, which can take up to 2-3 days.

7. What Does Return to Shipper Mean With DHL?

It is possible that the recipient will refuse to accept the package if you are the sender. This could happen if they notify the person of the delivery or if the packaging was damaged. They will then return the parcel to the sender at the receiver’s request.

More FAQs about DHL Shipment on Hold

8. How Can I Cancel DHL Shipping?

Contact DHL soonest, give the tracking and other info and tell them what has happened. As long as they have not delivered it, it should not be an issue.

9. How Long Does DHL Take From Germany to the Philippines?

How long does it take to deliver a package from Germany to the Philippines? Our low-cost courier typically takes 13 days to deliver goods between these countries.

The delivery time is primarily determined by the distance traveled.

10. What Does the Message ‘With Delivery Courier’ From DHL Mean?

The message “with delivery courier” means that your courier has scanned your package and they are bringing it to you. You should have it that day, or in the following few days.

The DHL on Hold message is extremely distressing to see. Because you will frequently be in the dark about how long they will delay your delivery or when it will resume its journey.

Although calling DHL may help ease these issues, it is still a difficult situation to be in.

If you’re tired of waiting in line for a delivery that has been “on hold” for an extended period, an online mailbox.

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