Despite Funny Name Ideas, US Space Force (100+ Best Nicknames)

Despite funny name ideas, the US forces will always be known for very disciplined and focused careers. It is seen in the way they all go about everything. 

despite funny names

How to Get a Military Nickname

However, it is won’t be surprising to learn that US forces have lots of nicknames that help them go about their jobs and also find fulfillment in them.

The following are some typical ways that a soldier gets a nickname:

1. Ask, and ye Shall Receive (Which is to Say, “Never Ask”)

Just as George Costanza in Seinfeld resisted being nicknamed T-bone and was ultimately given the moniker of a gorilla, the more your friends and family will force you to “wear” a nickname. 

All of this is to say, just let things unfold naturally, and if you end up getting a bad moniker, just roll with it.

2. Based on a Funny, Crazy, or Otherwise “Epic Event

Given that it is a slow, stupid bird that flies in a group formation, the nickname “Goose” may not be the best among military personnel, but there was also “Iceman” and “Maverick.”

In order to create traditions based on military legend, the majority of badass military nicknames are derived from specific deeds.

However, you should note that doing anything foolish could also earn you an unfavorable nickname.

3. Based on a Personality Trait or Physical Characteristic

You may find some of these more difficult to get out of, especially if you’ve stopped growing or are 100 pounds or more when wet.

However, they are simple to understand and accept.

List of Military Nicknames

As promised, one must first realize that these seemingly absurd nicknames serve a much greater function within the larger context of military tradition.

Even a terrible moniker indicates that a person has survived the challenges of joining a professional military organization.

The soldier, sailor, or flier next to you needs to know that when the bullets start flying, you’re willing to sacrifice it all to finish the task.

Nevertheless, this custom can be very serious, and the naming ceremony on a Friday night can go for several hours.

Additionally, you don’t have to work in the military to want or seek out a moniker with a military vibe. 

It is fair to want a moniker that makes your adversaries shudder in the boardroom or on the field.

Without taking much time, here are more than 100 military nicknames you would like to use:

despite funny names

1. Voodoo

It’s the moniker of a player who, when necessary, bails the squad out of difficulties with their words or actions.


2. Vader

A moniker for a person who is utterly evil (see Star Wars).

3. Twiggy

Even though you might be on the slender side, being in the military is still better than worse things!

4. Tramp Stamp

A moniker for the woman who (ideally) can’t help but flaunt her lower-back tattoo.

5. Tiny Tanks

You may not be aware of it, but if you are called this, you probably use the restroom far too frequently while on a mission.

6. Tinky

As in Tinky-Winky from the Teletubbies. The person caught watching this show without their child gets given it!

7. Thrombo

You’ve earned the reputation of being a slow-moving clot, so it’s best to stay quiet for a while.

8. Teflon

This is another well-known moniker that is used to describe someone who assigns responsibility to others. 

9. Sweeney

A moniker was given by the army to the unfortunate individual sporting a horrendous haircut.

10. Space Cadet

A term used to describe a pilot, soldier, or marine who is alone and living in his own small universe.

It would be wise for these single artists to stop talking to themselves and start interacting with others.

11. Snowden

A humorous military nickname was given to the person who divulges information too readily and may cause alarm in a real-world military environment. 

12. Snake

It’s not a good thing to let your fellow soldiers shoulder the blame when someone with this nickname is constantly able to wiggle out of difficulties.

13. Skeeter

The moniker just so occurred to rhyme with the airman’s last name, proving that sometimes it’s impossible to avoid your family name.

14. Scorpion

A designation for the individual who administers the stings without being stung! Definitely keep him or her as a wingman!

15. Ronnie

Someone whose last name coincides with that of a renowned person.

16. Raven

Do you currently have black hair? as in blue, black, or purple? Perhaps you should rethink your coloring job.

17. Rajah

Although it is not politically correct, this name is used across the British and Royal Navies to describe someone who lives in the subcontinent.

18. POD

This is an acronym for the moniker Prince of Darkness. 

Although you might not even be aware of what you accomplished, you are now a badass man or dudette.

19. Pitbull

A moniker is given to a person who is unwavering in their loyalty and never gives up the fight!

20. PITA

The term “pain in the a**,” which is what this acronym is for, may or may not apply to you in or around the squadron.

21. Pid

What comes first, Stewart or Stuart? Got it? Let me explain it to you clearly: Stu…Pid.

22. Peanuts

It’s a humorous military term for the person who calls themselves a world-class CrossFit fanatic but may not always look the part.

23. Pathfinder

A moniker for the policeman who struggles to understand maps.

24. Pasty

Do you have trouble tanning? It’s alright; only your nickname will identify you.

25. Pagan

A moniker for someone who embodies everything that is hippy, free spirit, “Summer of Love,” “DON’T EAT MEAT,” and tree-hugging. 

26. Paco

This label is typically given to the underprivileged immigrant or the guy who adores nachos, tacos, and quesadillas!

27. OG

The term “original gangster” or “that tough” is an abbreviation for the person going by this label.

28. Nugget

You are petite but adorable! You can also dine at McDonald’s too regularly!

29. Not so

This just means it’s a clever moniker!

30. Nomad

A moniker for someone who is homeless or is regarded as a bit of a bum.

31. Nitro

a slang term for someone who experiences frequent flatulence.

32. NAG

This moniker is used for women who, um, aren’t men. Got it? Not a man.

33. Mustang

You are a rebel without a cause, which puts this moniker right up there with “Maverick”!

34. Mumbles

A ground dweller’s nickname for a person who mutters and stumbles through his remarks. 

Or, to put it another way, you mumble a lot!

35. MOTO

It stands for “Master of the Apparent” and can be subtly snuck in once you have the receiver thinking you mean Mojo or something else a little bit “cooler.”

36. Mogul

A moniker for the soldier or civilian who claims to have joined the military only for the benefit and to launch their budding rap careers.

37. Mini

Cooper as a last name? You can also be short in stature. Whatever the case, we advise you to simply own it.

38. MiG

Because this is the only aircraft they are likely to recognize or associate with the old Soviet Union.

Some people of Eastern European heritage will receive this nickname from their ignorant coalition friends, in keeping with the aforementioned moniker.

39. Midas

Some people simply possess the golden touch!

40. Merlin

This person has the power to influence the general, the boss, or the coach.

41. McGruff

A moniker for the squadron snitch and the canine detective.

42. McFly

You might be able to get rid of this moniker, which reminds people of obnoxious Marty from Back to the Future if you quit trying so hard.

43. MBA

A slang term for someone who “could be Asian,” regardless of whether they eat or dress the part.

44. Maverick

A name that, while not particularly original, at least denotes that you are an irrational rebel.

45. Marx

Call yourself Carl or Karl.

46. Marshmallow 

Given that your, eh, gut is exposed, you might want to work out a little more or refrain from participating in the military tradition of “Tiny T-Shirt Tuesday”.

47. Marilyn

A moniker was given to people whose last name is Monroe or a variant that sounds close.

48. Machete

We wager that this person’s name, which is frequently used abroad, has nothing to do with gardening.

49. Mace

A nickname for a soldier or sailor who is known to divert attention before fleeing from danger.

50. Lunchbox

A nickname for any international person who consumes their whole diet at the chow hall or common kitchen. 

This could also be a reference to a worker who injured their arm while on the job and is now required to wear a sling that looks like, well, a lunchbox!

51. Love handles

Name for someone who could require more frequent gym visits.

52. LOTR

This is a  nickname for the nerd who is always gushing over JRR Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings films.

53. Lothar

This is a term for “losers of the American Revolution” that is only used to refer to Brits assigned to US facilities.

54. Liza

Possess an eye for the dramatic? Hence the allusion to Liza Minnelli.

55. Legs

This is a fantastic nickname for a girl, but if you’re a guy, you might want to visit the gym and work on getting rid of those “pins”!

56. Leeroy

The name was given to the rogue player in military simulations or to someone with the last name Jenkins.

57. Leatherman

Unfortunately, because you often offer up your unit for misadventures or flatter the colonel, general, or military advisor, everyone views you as a tool.

58. Leaky

Fawcett is your last name.

59. Landing Strip

A term used to describe a soldier, sailor, or marine with a high-and-tight haircut that has a little too much hair trimmed off the top. 

If given to a woman, she might want to steer clear of, um, some grooming practices.

60. Kwazi or Quasi

If you desire a moniker, get this one.

61. Keebler

A label is applied to someone who is on the shorter side.

62. Juggernaut

The moniker dates back to 2005 before memes were popular. 

When a person is in a pub with other fliers, military friends, and the like, they are typically a troublemaker and a bit of a clumsy oaf who refuses to slow down or exercise caution.

63. IRIS

It means “I Require Intense Supervision,” which means that in the friction of battle, this person should never be left to their own devices.

64. Inya

Hass as a last name

65. Igor

For someone of Russian ancestry who may still be ascending and owning it like a boss.

66. Hyde

A moniker for someone who thinks they’re a Jekyll (i.e., sober) but, in fact, they’re an unpredictable drunk.

67. Hurricane

A moniker for someone who is either a complete mess or madly in love with the University of Miami Dolphins football team.

68. HotDog

A code word for a member of the German Air Force denoting exceptional

69. Horseman

This is a term for someone who, in the military, can ‘get things done.

70. Hitman

The individual to whom you bring all your practical jokes for immaculate execution is the recipient of the cool soldier moniker.

71. Hef

Whether you know it or not, you have the appearance of an ominous older guy.

72. Harry

A nickname for someone who frequently engages in nasty conversation.

73. Happy

Did you play the first nine holes of your recent round of golf as you were playing ice hockey, or as in Gilmore?

74. Gunner

Undoubtedly a nice moniker that can be acquired in the boardroom or on the baseball field.

75. Guido

Are you a Jersey Shore native? Are you shoreshore (excuse the word play!)?

76. Grim Reaper

A nickname for someone who, well, is probably going to deliver death to those who need a little reckoning.

78. Gramps

This is a  term used to describe someone who may appear or act a little older than they are.

79. G-man

A nickname for a pilot with strong G-force tolerance. 

80. Ginger

A soldier or airman with red hair is known by this term.

81. Gilligan

This is a nickname for a soldier or sailor who frequently gets lost literally and metaphorically. 

82. Giggles

A nickname for a person who can’t help but chuckle. Often, it’s a nervous twitch, and while under stress, the person may not even be aware of it.

83. Ghost

This is a term for someone who appears for a split second before disappearing with a poof.  

84. Garbage

A nickname for people who can eat their way through a military mess hall buffet and then return for more.


It goes without saying that there are other ways of declaring when one would like to get married and have children. 

86. Furball

A moniker for someone with excessive amounts of hair (everywhere!).

87. Foggy

Yes, you might not be very intelligent or bright, as they say in the military.

88. FNG

All those f***ing new people, who, yes, no one loves, go by this moniker.

89. Flash

Given by the British military to someone whose last name is the same as that of a well-known person, Gordon is an example of such a nickname.

90. Firecrotch

You sometimes can’t help that you were born with red hair, just like Big Red and Ginger (everywhere).

91. FAG

This term, which means funny accent man and is only used in and around NATO, is also not politically correct because it is used behind closed doors.

92. Emu

It is based on an old, unattractive bird that simply cannot take flight. a moniker for a person with bad piloting skills.

93. Elvo or Elvis

A name for someone with a retro style from the 1950s

94. Digger

A nickname for a person who is using a sugar daddy to strive for financial success (or momma). However, be cautious about who you hang out with both on and off the clock!

95. Delmonte

A moniker for the person who is perpetually helping others. In the military, you never volunteer.

96. DASH

Another acronym denotes that a military member is dumb as s***.

97. Curly

A stooge is known by this nickname, thus you should usually have someone nearby when the commander gives you a dressing-down (i.e., he or she will keep it light).


Can’t Remember A F***ing Thing is the abbreviation for this name, which is obviously not a fantastic nickname.

99. Corny

A label for someone who delights in their own jokes but is blind to the fact that no one else finds them funny.

100. Coma

Someone who talks considerably too slowly or is just plain boring is known by this nickname.



This is all there is to the customs, histories, and naming rules behind the names.

Having said that, always use caution when looking for a military nickname for a friend or yourself. 

At times, it could be preferable to accept a poor situation

You don’t want to get on someone’s wrong side while trying to be funny.

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