Dell Laptop won't Turn on
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Dell Laptop won’t Turn on

– Dell Laptop won’t Turn on –

Have you ever had an issue with your Dell Laptop failing to switch on? While you may be concerned about losing essential papers on your Dell laptop, you can rest easy knowing that the problem is simple to resolve. This article was written to assist you with issues such as Dell laptop won’t turn on.

Dell Laptop won't Turn on

Why my Dell Laptop won’t Turn on?

The following 9 factors could be causing your Dell laptop to not turn on.

  • There could be an issue with your Dell laptop’s power supply.
  • It’s possible that your device’s power cord is broken.
  • This issue can also be caused by a problem with your laptop’s battery. Replacing the battery can work in some cases.
  • It is possible for your laptop to overheat if it is not properly ventilated. Overheating can cause a variety of issues, including the Dell laptop, failing to power on.
  • Physical damage to your Dell laptop may prevent it from turning on. When you don’t treat your equipment with care, it can suffer physical damage.
  • Liquid spills are the next reason your Dell laptop won’t turn on. Because your laptop isn’t waterproof, it can easily be harmed if water gets inside.
  • Malicious activity, spyware, or viruses can disrupt your device’s functionality and prevent it from turning on.
  • The interference by flea electricity is the seventh reason for your Dell laptop not starting on.

What to do When Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on?

Dell Laptop won't Turn on

We’ve compiled a list of solutions to assist you in troubleshooting your Dell laptop’s inability to switch on.

We’ll also tell you how to fix this problem on Dell Inspiron laptops, Dell laptop computers, and Dell XPS laptop computers. To learn more about these options, keep scrolling down.


Step 1: Perform Hard Reset on Your Dell Laptop

Dell Laptop won't Turn on

If you’re having trouble turning on your Dell laptop and you’re also experiencing problems with the Dell laptop black screen, the following method will help.

In this solution, we’ll show you how to fix this error by doing a hard reset on your device. Let’s have a look at the steps.

1. Turn off your Dell laptop’s power.

2. Remove the AC adapter or power line from the outlet.

3. Remove the battery from your Dell laptop’s back as well.


4. Then unplug any external devices such as a USB drive, printer cable, or SD card that are connected to your laptop.

5. Now press and hold your laptop’s “Power” button for around 15-20 seconds. It will use up all of the remaining energy.

6. Connect the power cord to your laptop once the power has been drained, and then place the battery.

Following this procedure should bring your Dell laptop back to life.

Step 2: Use forced ePSA on Your Dell Laptop

You can use forced ePSA to fix the Dell laptop won’t power on no lights problem. For many Dell computers, this solution has proven to be effective. Let’s look at how to implement this solution.

To begin, turn off your computer. To do so, hold down the “Power” button for 10-20 seconds, or until all of the laptop’s lights turn off.

2. The second step is to unplug your laptop’s AC adapter or power cord.

3. Now, take out the battery from your device.

4. Hold the “Power” button for 10 to 15 seconds to drain your laptop’s remaining power.

More Things to Know

5. Connect the power cord to your laptop by pressing the “Power” button. After that, put in the battery. The Dell diagnostic screen will appear as a result of this action. If it doesn’t appear, try restoring it via the BIOS recovery procedure.

6. A prompt with color bars will display. To confirm and continue, press “Yes.”

7. You can exit the ePSA by using the “ESC” key and then the “Exit” button. Then choose “Reboot” from the drop-down menu.

8. If your laptop does not recover from the boot failure after exiting the ePSA diagnostics, you can run the forced ePSA diagnostics again. This is certain to work.


Step Three: Check the AC Adapter of your Dell Laptop

Your Dell laptop’s AC adapter could be faulty. As a result, you won’t be able to switch on your Dell laptop. Check that the LED light is on when you turn on the AC adaptor.

If it’s off, there could be a technical issue. Also, make sure the power cord isn’t broken. Replace the power cord and check to see if the AC adapter now works.

Step Four: Check the Battery of Your Dell Laptop

Check the Battery

Even when plugged in, your Dell laptop will occasionally not turn on. Any problems with your Dell laptop’s battery can prevent it from turning on. Turn off your laptop to see if the battery is the source of the problem.

Finally, remove the battery. Connect your laptop to the AC adapter after that. If your laptop turns on, the problem is almost certainly with the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why aren’t the USB Ports Working on my Dell monitor?

If the USB upstream cable between the Dell monitor and the computer is not connected, this issue will occur.

2. Why is my Dell Optiplex 7010’s Power Button Flashing Orange?

Although the computer is receiving electrical power, there may be an internal power problem.

3. What are the Modern Windows laptops Without USB Ports?

Only Windows laptop I could discover without USB ports was the Dell XPS 13, which has an 11th Gen Intel Core i3 processor.

4. How do I Reset a Dell Laptop to Factory Settings in Windows 10?

  • Click Start

  • Select Reset this PC (System Setting)

  • Under Advanced Startup, select Restart now

  • At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot

  • Select Factory Image Restore

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process

5. Will a Computer Start up if there is no Hard Drive Present?

Yes, a computer without a hard drive can be started.

More Frequently Asked Questions

6. How can we Use the Type-C port in a Dell Inspiron 5402?

Notebooks and tablets with USB Type-C ports can connect to the network via the RJ45 connector using USB Type-C to Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

7. How do you Fix a “no Boot Device Available” on a Dell computer?

  • Restart the system.

  • Press F2 during system start to enter the System Settings.

  • Change the Boot Sequence in the Boot Settings.

  • Leave the menu via Exit in the upper right corner of the screen

8. How much Time does it Take to Reset a Dell Laptop?

The process of factory resetting your laptop can take anything from 30 minutes to three hours.

9. How do you fix a Dell Laptop that won’t Charge?

This issue can be caused by a number of things, including a broken AC adapter, a dead battery, outdated software, and so on. When you spot a problem with your machine’s battery, the first thing you should do is run the troubleshooter.

10. Can Laptops be Charged via USB with a Power Bank?

A power bank is one of the most convenient ways to charge your laptop.

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