Davio’s Northern Italian Steak House

-Davio’s Northern Italian SteakHouse-

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse is a Boston-based upscale restaurant. The menu focuses on regional Northern Italian cuisine with a grill emphasis. In this article, we’ll be showing all you need to know about Davio’s Northern Italian.

Davio's Northern Italian Steak House

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse Early Start

Chef/Owner Steve DiFillippo takes hospitality seriously and has been a fixture in Boston and beyond for over 30 years. Davio’s has a large wine list and menu items ranging from Prime steaks to handcrafted pasta creations.

DiFillippo bought Davio’s, a locally owned family restaurant on Newbury Street in Boston’s trendy Back Bay, in 1985.

He transformed the location into a destination as Boston’s culinary tastes evolved, retooling the menu, space, and wine list. The new Davio’s have received a lot of positive feedback.

Davio’s Northern Italian Steak House Now

Consider an upscale northern Italian steakhouse with handmade pasta, perfectly cooked steaks, and fresh seafood, all expertly prepared with only the finest ingredients.

Davio’s, at Grandscape, has private dining rooms that can accommodate groups of 10 to 140 people for a full-service sit-down dinner and up to 500 people for receptions.

The elegant private event spaces are ideal for corporate functions, receptions, and dinner parties.

Rooms are also ideal for any meeting, seminar, or presentation that causes the use of audio-visual equipment or internet access.

Private Dining Rooms For Your Special Occasions

Davio's Northern Italian Steak House

Davio’s private dining rooms are perfect for sit-down dinners, meetings or presentations, and standing receptions. See how Davio’s can meet your special event needs. Below are some of the lists of Davio’s dining rooms.

1. Davio’s Atlanta 

Davio’s Atlanta has three private dining rooms that can seat between 10 and 300 people. It is also possible to plan for the entire restaurant.

Davio’s is the place to celebrate, with their attentive staff, innovative yet classic menu offerings, and comfortable private entertaining spaces.

Allow our team to attend to every detail, whether it’s an intimate dinner or a large celebratory gathering. Rooms are ideal for meetings, seminars, and presentations that require audio-visual equipment or Internet access.

2. Boston Back Bay, Ma

These Private Dining Rooms can accommodate groups of 15 to 100 people for a full-service sit-down dinner and up to 200 people for receptions.

Meetings, seminars, and presentations that require audio-visual or Internet access are ideal for rooms. The adjacent Galleria atrium of 10 St.

James building has reception space for up to 800 people. It is possible to make arrangements for the entire restaurant.

3. Braintree, Ma

The Braintree, Ma, is a private dining room that can accommodate groups of 15 to 125 people for a full-service sit-down dinner and up to 200 people for receptions.

Meetings, seminars, and presentations that require audio-visual or Internet access are ideal for rooms. It is possible to plan for the entire restaurant.


Davio’s Gift Cards

Davio’s gift cards are ideal for any occasion. Share your Davio’s dining experience with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Except for Logan Airport, they accepted gift cards at all Davio’s locations. Please keep in mind that gratuity is not included, and gift cards have no cash value.

Contact [email protected] to purchase a gift card in an amount other than those listed. Gift cards of any denomination can also be purchased at any Davio’s location.

Shop Books

DiFillippo has written the ultimate guide to starting a restaurant, running a successful business, enjoying food, and living life, with guests constantly asking how he did it.

 This book will appeal to the 5.9 million restaurant workers who say they want to open their own restaurant, but it will also appeal to anyone who enjoys food and the restaurant industry.

In fact, anyone who wants to make money while having fun. Steve includes 12 signature Davio recipes as a bonus.

Davio’s Fresh Italian Sausage

Davio's Northern Italian Steak House

Davio’s is extremely passionate about the food we serve their guests. The flavor profiles must be distinct, and the overall experience must be flawless.

 They’ve been delighting guests with their Italian Sausage for over 30 years. They are thrilled to bring you this time-honored Davio’s recipe today.

Learn how to make Davio’s Sausage recipes that are simple, authentic, and delicious at home.

Other Italian Steak House In The USA

Below are other Italian steak House in the united:

1. Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse

They are an Italian-inspired steakhouse restaurant that first opened in Syracuse, NY in the spring of 1998.

They came to Upstate New for an exciting atmosphere in which to enjoy cooked steak and a side of delicious pasta.

 But their travels did not lead them to exactly what we were looking for, so they created it themselves! Delmonico’s takes pride in being a fusion of a casual steakhouse and one of the finest Italian restaurants in town.

 They create generous-sized signature dishes that the whole family will enjoy, with an emphasis on consistency and the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients.

2. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse

Our steaks take center stage at Johnny’s, and a gourmet selection of Italian cuisine and seafood complements them, as well as an expertly curated wine list.

 Whether you order our famous Steak De Burgo or the classic Chanel No. 5, you’ll be satisfied.

 Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse brings the Rat Pack era into the twenty-first century with new-fashioned luxuries and old-fashioned service and hospitality.

3. Bocca Grande Italian Steakhouse

They own and operate a full-service family restaurant that has been in operation since 1991. They take pride in providing friendly service and high-quality food.

 Larry and Renee Anderson own and operate Bocca Grande Italian Restaurant, which first opened its doors in January 1991.

Larry’s grandmother nicknamed him “Bocca Grande” as a child (which translates to “Big Mouth” in Italian), and it still fits him today!

Larry and Renee thought it was a noble name for a restaurant named after his grandmother because she always served large, homemade meals.


4. Caruso’s Grocery

Caruso’s Grocery

This restaurant, modeled after a classic “red sauce” joint, serves Italian-American dishes similar to those found in The Bronx or Brooklyn.

 From rigatoni alla vodka and five cheese ravioli to hand-pulled mozzarella with basil-marinated tomatoes, both the vibe and the menu would make Tony Soprano proud.

Chef Matt Adler created the concept because he wanted guests at the 65-seat concept to feel like they were at home for Sunday dinner.


It’s difficult to tell whether our Patriot Place Foxborough, MA, guests are rooting for the home team or the perfectly cooked, handmade gnocchi.

 From our chef’s table overlooking the kitchen to an exciting and welcoming bar to elegant dining in an impressive atmosphere worthy of champions, you’ll experience everything that has made Davio’s famous up and down the East Coast.

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