South Dakota State University Scholarships You Should Know

South Dakota State University Scholarships: Are you are a student from South Dakota who attends a college or university in South Dakota? If so, you may be eligible for some South Dakota scholarship funding.

South Dakota State University Scholarships You Should Know

However, you should know that some South Dakota state university scholarships are only open to residents of South Dakota, while others are available to any student who attends a college or university in South Dakota.

Types of South Dakota State University Scholarships

South Dakota State University offers different types of scholarships like:

  • First-Time Freshman Scholarships.
  • Transfer Student Scholarships.
  • Non- South Dakota State University Scholarships.

The above types are further handled by various schemes or platform.

Various Schemes of South Dakota State University Scholarships

  • South Dakota State University Jackrabbit Guarantee

South Dakota State University Jackrabbit Guarantee provides awards worth $1,000 to incoming freshmen. These awards are renewable for up to four years provided that the student meets eligibility criteria.

To qualify, student must score higher on the ACT. By this, the student is automatically eligible for this award or scholarship. For more information please visit website:

  • South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships provide awards to high school graduates who have excelled. Students are eligible for up to $6,500 over a four year period.

This scholarship provides students with $1,300 per year for the first three years of college and $2,600 for the last year of college. Students must attend one of the eligible colleges or universities from the list.

What to Attach to the Application of this Scholarship

To apply for South Dakota State University Scholarships, write and attach the following:

  • Personal statement.
  • Your interest in South Dakota State University and why you see it as a good fit.
  • Your academic interests.
  • Your career goals and how you envision your program at South Dakota State University.
  • Information about special experiences or recognition during your high school years.

South Dakota State University Scholarships Opportunities

South Dakota State University Scholarships Opportunities

1. Pre-Nursing Student Opportunities

Pre-Nursing students can apply for one of the many academic scholarships that South Dakota State University administers.

Awards are based on academic achievement, activities participation and leadership. There are options for students who plan to transfer to South Dakota State University from another post-secondary institution, as well as first time freshman.

2. College of Nursing Scholarships

The College of Nursing has a number of internal scholarships available for students admitted to the nursing major.

3. Graduate Student Opportunities

Under this scholarship opportunity, there are several scholarships and awards opportunities. For instance, there scholarships and awards available to:

  • Ecology and Environmental Science.
  • Natural Resource Law Enforcement.
  • Rangeland Ecology and Management.
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences majors.

4. Department Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships (undergraduate and graduate) presented to students specifically within the department.

The department/faculty members select scholarship winners during the middle of spring semester each year. Students are notified and scholarship funds are deposited in student accounts for the following fall and spring semesters.

5. Dave Willis Fisheries Research Award Endowment

This Endowment was established to honor Dr. Willis’ life work and to sustain his legacy through promoting excellence in fisheries education and research.

6. Kenneth F. Higgins Waterfowl Legacy Research Endowment

This Endowment honors the life and the distinguished career of Dr. Ken Higgins. He was a former wildlife research biologist with the United States’ Department of the Interior.

He was also the South Dakota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and a professor emeritus in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at South Dakota State University.

7. Kevin Honness Memorial Scholarship Announcement

The Honness Scholarship is awarded each year (31 March) to student members of the Great Plains Natural Science Society.

Applications will be accepted each year from 1 November until 28 February. For additional information, please visit

8. Curtis M. Twedt Upland Game Research Endowment

This is to honor Curtis M. Twedt, a native of Volga, South Dakota, who graduated in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences in 1959. Dr. Twedt enjoyed a 31-year career with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission as an upland game and research biologist.

The recipient of the Twedt research grant shall be selected by the Department of Natural Resource Management at South Dakota State. The long-term vision of the Department is to eventually be able to provide a graduate research assistantship from this endowment.

9. Jesse W. West Research Endowment

This Endowment is intimately tied to the Pond Boss magazine and forum. It honors the life of Jesse W. West, a Mississippian and Professor of geology.

10. Charles and Marcia McMullen Undergraduate Research Award.

This was established in honor of Dr. Charles and Marcia McMullen who have been long-time supporters of the Oak Lake Field Station.

This endowment provides support for NRM undergraduate students interested in conducting undergraduate research at the station.

In a Nutshell

The above are some of the scholarships available for students of South Dakota. To apply for the above listed and discussed scholarship, visit the necessary sites for more information.

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