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Daily Standups Meeting (Pocket Guide & Template)

Daily standups could be time-consuming to prepare for. Considering these, we shall discuss in this piece pocket guides and templates for organizing effect standups, customize standup templates that meet your needs, and begin holding daily standups in minutes.

daily standups

What are Daily Standups?

Daily standups are an essential daily ritual for any agile team, including virtual ones! On a daily basis, they assist you in aligning priorities, summarizing project statuses, flagging any risks or opportunities, and building trust.

Things that Make a Great Daily Standup?

Here are some clues for running an interesting daily standup:

  • Daily standups should be brief and to the point: Make them only 15 minutes. If a topic arises that requires a more in-depth discussion, schedule a separate meeting.

  • Use the same framework: Maintaining the same daily routine assists people in preparing for the meeting. This Butter template is a great place to start!

  • Every member of the team should be present: Even if you’re pressed for time, don’t skip the standup. Remove all other sources of distraction.

  • They should be held every day at the same time: Keep that time slot sacred so you don’t double book yourself.

  • Appoint a moderator: Rather than having “the boss” lead the standup every day, rotate the responsibility across team members.

Benefits of Daily Standups

Even though they are brief, these meetings are beneficial and can provide several benefits, including:

  • Aligning everyone’s daily objectives
  • Eliminating potential project bottlenecks through knowledge sharing and retention over time
  • Enhancing team communication and encouraging collaboration

Excel Daily Standup Templatedaily standups

With this template, teammates can use Excel or Google Sheets to easily fill out their daily standup responses and review their peers’ changes.

Email Daily Standup Templatedaily standups

From: John T ([email protected])

To: [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected]

November 16 – Daily email Standup

Good day, everyone!

This is your daily email check-in.

  1. What did you do the day before?
  2. What are you up to today?
  3. What issues are you dealing with (if any)?
    Respond to everyone:

[email protected] is the sender

  1. I made some headway with my research.
  2. In the next three days, I will complete the research and draft the first report.
  3. The printer continues to jam.

[email protected] is the sender

  1. I made 20 cold calls to potential leads.
  2. I’m about to seal the deal with eight of them.
  3. The sound quality of the headphones is poor. Replacement is required.

[email protected] is the sender

  1. I fixed the software’s technical glitch.
  2. Working on assigning new recruits’ desktops.

Things to Include in a Daily Standup Agenda Template

 This format is kept simple so that your daily standups can be as short as 15 minutes.

1. Welcome

Tools: include a music playlist and a flashcard deck.

Everyone is greeted with music and a tone check-in flashcard.

Time: 3mins

2. Status Update

Each member of the team will take turns answering the following three questions in less than one minute:

  • Which did you do the day before?
  • What are your plans for the day?
  • How many roadblocks are in your way?

Time: 10mins

Start by choosing the first teammates to share, and ask them to pass the “hidden talking stick” over to the next colleague when they are done.

Tip: You can also create an agenda frame for each group member to keep everyone on track.

3. Closing

Summarize the major goals for today and say goodbye to everyone.

Time: 2mins

Frequently Asked Questions

When done correctly, daily standups can be very effective.

every day, while others opt for every other day or once a week

15 minutes

  • Meetings should be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • For consistency, hold the daily standup at the exact time and place every day.
  • Meet where the work is done rather than wasting time trying to organize extra rooms.

every team member’s current progress, their short-term goals, and any stumbling blocks that stop them from doing their work

Aid team coordination

When done correctly, daily standups can be very effective.

What did you do the day before? What are your plans for today? What (if anything) is getting in your way?

These templates will increase productivity whether your team works virtually or in the office. Using our framework as a starting point gives teams a basic structure for planning meetings and holding teammates accountable. Your team will be more efficient and effective by following this simple method.

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