Current Mortgage Rates
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Current Mortgage Rates (Compare Historical & Current)

Mortgage rates are the interest you pay on the remaining balance of a mortgage loan. When you borrow the money, you promise to repay the loan at an agreed-upon interest rate. That’s the all-important mortgage rate borrowers are so interested in.

It’s just one factor, and no doubt the most important to consider when you are trying to determine how much a loan will cost you. To borrow the money, the lender will charge you a fee, expressed as an interest rate assessed for the life of the loan.

This article will expose you to everything you should know about how to get a mortgage, picking a perfect mortgage rate, and the current rate trends. 

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What is a Mortgage?

How to Get a Mortgage

Because a home is usually the biggest purchase a person makes, a mortgage is usually a household’s largest chunk of debt.

Getting the best possible terms on your loan can mean a difference of hundreds of extra dollars in or out of your budget each month, and tens of thousands of dollars in or out of your pocket over the life of the loan.

It is important to prepare for the mortgage application process to ensure you get the best rate and monthly payments within your budget.

Here are quick steps to prepare for a mortgage:

  1. Build your credit
  2. Make a budget
  3. Set savings aside for both down payment and expected monthly payments
  4. Research the best type of mortgage for you
  5. Get preapproved
  6. See multiple houses within your budget
  7. Apply for a mortgage loan
  8. Get approved!
  9. Close on your new house

Types of Mortgages

Current Mortgage and Refinance Rates

Current Mortgage Rates

30-Year Fixed Rate 4.560% 4.570%
30-Year FHA Rate 3.760% 4.560%
30-Year VA Rate 3.760% 3.870%
30-Year Fixed Jumbo Rate 4.540% 4.550%
20-Year Fixed Rate 4.510% 4.530%
15-Year Fixed Rate 3.880% 3.920%
15-Year Fixed Jumbo Rate 3.910% 3.930%
5/1 ARM Rate 3.260% 4.250%
5/1 ARM Jumbo Rate 3.100% 4.290%
7/1 ARM Rate 3.920% 3.740%
7/1 ARM Jumbo Rate 4.060% 3.550%
10/1 ARM Rate 4.060% 3.860%

Current Weekly Mortgage Interest Rate Trends

How does the Federal Reserve Affect Mortgage Rates?

How do I Find and Compare Current Mortgage Rates?

Current Mortgage Rates

What Factors Determine my Mortgage Rate?

Current Mortgage Rates

Lenders consider these factors when pricing your interest rate:

  • Credit score
  • Down payment
  • Property Location
  • Loan amount/closing costs
  • Loan Type
  • Loan term
  • Interest rate type

Your credit score is the most important driver of your mortgage rate. Lenders have settled on this three-digit score as the most reliable predictor of whether you’ll make prompt payments.

The higher your score, the less risk you pose in the lender’s view — and the lower rate you’ll pay.

Lenders also consider how much you’re putting down. The greater share of the home’s total value you pay upfront, the more favorably they view your application.

The kind of mortgage you choose can affect your rate, too, with shorter-term loans like 15-year mortgages typically having lower rates compared to 30-year ones.

How do I Get the Best Mortgage Rate?

How do I Choose a Mortgage Lender?

What are Mortgage Points?

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Mortgage FAQs

Current Mortgage Rates

1. What are Today’s Mortgage Rates?

For today, March 29th, 2022, the current average mortgage rate on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 4.821%, the average rate for the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is 3.951%, and the average rate on the 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is 3.499%. 

Rates are quoted as annual percentage rate (APR).

2. What is a Good Mortgage Interest Rate?

Mortgage rates published on lender websites and advertised online can set unrealistic expectations for the interest rate you’ll really earn. How do you know you have a good mortgage rate?

Once you know what kind of home loan will work best for you, it will be time to compare three or more lenders to determine the right mortgage rate offer for you.

With a Loan Estimate from each lender compared side-by-side, you’ll be able to see which lender is giving you a good mortgage rate combined with the lowest origination fees.

3. What are Mortgage Rates Lock?

Mortgage rates are an important factor when considering which mortgage loan to take. This article has been able to state factors that will help you find the right rates for your mortgage loans and we hope it helped. 

If this article was helpful to you, do well to share it with others, as this might be helpful to them as well. 

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