Cultural Trips 2022 and Tours to Consider for Your Vacation

 – Cultural Trips 2022 –

Discover the greatest cultural vacations, and engaging travel experiences that our planet offers. This year’s top 30 nations and areas for cultural tourism range from Southern India to the High Arctic.

Cultural Trips

Cultural tourism is travel that prioritizes learning about and appreciating different ways of life. Also, it has never been more appealing to many of us who look for deeper and more meaningful travel experiences.

Immersive cultural experiences allow travelers to see the world from a new perspective. Form meaningful relationships, and learn new skills.

They can also pave the way for slower, more sustainable travel that benefits local communities. While having a lower environmental impact.

However, whether you’re a seasoned cultural traveler planning your next trip. Or you’re looking to venture off the beaten path but don’t know where to begin.

I hope this guide to culture and travel gives you some food for thought!


What is Cultural Tourism?

Cultural travel is as diverse as culture itself. It is difficult to define and very subjective. However, Cultural tourism is a type of travel that prioritizes activities and experiences. It immerses you in a way of life that differs from your own.

Consuming physical cultural items (museums, archaeological sites, cuisine). Or experiencing intangible cultural components may be involved (rituals, performances, processes).

It includes not just art, literature, religious monuments but also ways of life, values, and beliefs. Both ancient and modern.

Cultural vacations might include:

  • Learning a new skill, such as at a culinary class or a craft session
  • Taking part at a local festival or event
  • Join in a ritual or ceremony
  • Consuming regional cuisine
  • A homestay is a stay with a family.
  • Visiting a community-based tourism initiative
  • Exploring World Heritage Sites and interactive museums
  • Tour with a local guide

9 Top Cultural Trips 2022

Below are some of the amazing Cultural Trips 2022 you can embark on:

1. Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips destinations.

Discover the variety of a place straddling two continents as you travel across the Caucasus area. On this voyage through the ages, you’ll see vibrant towns.

Also, learn about ancient civilizations. Hike through breathtaking mountain landscapes, and savor hearty local food.

  • Georgia – Visit historic Tbilisi and taste wine in Kakheti Armenia
  • Mount Ararat– Tour ancient monasteries and stay in the shadow
  • Azerbaijan – Explore Baku’s contrasts, where ancient meets new stunningly.

Top Cultural Experiences in Azerbaijan

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips. Also, this journey visits three former Soviet nations. Highlighting the region’s history, culture, and magnificent alpine vistas.

Armenia and Georgia, which are along a section of the Silk Road in the Caucasus area. They straddle Europe and Asia. Yet they seem more eastern European.

However, owing to their Soviet background. Whilst Azerbaijan has a more traditional Central Asian vibe.

Our expansion to Azerbaijan is the ideal opportunity to see this little-visited nation. We expect the Caucasus area to rise in popularity in the future years.

So get your foot in the door before the hordes come.

Discover elegant synagogues. 18th-century mosques, and ancient cathedrals in Tbilisi, Georgia. Then get lost in Baku, Azerbaijan’s UNESCO-listed maze of small streets.

Mount Ararat’s majestic snow-dusted peaks dominate the skyline of Yerevan, Armenia. While the Hellenistic temple of Garni rises tall in the rugged terrain of the Garni Gorge.

2. Colombia’s Antioquia Department–For Pueblos, Bandeja Paisa & Botero

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips 2022 destinations.

Colombia is one of the world’s most culturally diverse and interesting locations. With a mix of indigenous traditions and colonial influences. This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips.

The Antioquia Department in the northwestern region of the country. With Medellin as its capital, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Thanks to its beautiful landscapes, colorful little towns, and coffee-producing tradition.

Also, the Paisas, a self-defined cultural group. It gets its name from a Spanish term meaning “countryman,” living in this area of Colombia. Along with many other departments.

Additionally, they have their own dialect. Consume their own cuisine and carry on their culture through a rich musical and cultural legacy.

Its region’s painters, authors, and poets have shaped modern Antioquian culture. Then there’s Medellin itself. Which has experienced a massive change in recent years.

But is now regarded as one of the country’s major cultural centers.

Top Cultural Experiences in Antioquia

  • Eat Paisa cuisine: One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Antioquia is sampling the local cuisine.

The geography and manner of life significantly inspired paisa cuisine in the Colombian Andes. With carb-heavy meals like beans, rice. Also, maize fed bodies for back-breaking agricultural labor.

Its most popular traditional meal in Medellin is Bandeja Paisa. Which is a must-try.

Carne asada (grilled beef), chicharrón (crispy pig rind), rice, and red beans. Served with a piece of avocado.

And fried plantains, a fried egg, and a corn arepa on the side. It is the Antioquian rendition of a plowman’s lunch. This is not a game for the faint of heart!

  • Visit a pueblo: we know Colombia for its charming little villages with brightly painted facades and flower boxes.

Antioquia is home to some of the country’s most beautiful towns. These include Jardin, Jericó, and Santa Fe de Antioquia. To mention a few.

They built most during the Spanish era and have the same basic layout. A public square, a market, a church, and rows and rows of homes in the region’s vernacular style.

Pueblo Paisa in Medellin is a model hamlet in the center of the metropolis if you’re short on time.

More Cultural Experiences in Antioquia

  • The San Alejo Handicraft Market: If you chance to be in Medellin on the first Saturday of the month. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Experience Colombia’s handcraft traditions in action.

Vendors from all over the region come to sell traditional items like woven Wayuu bags and specialty cuisine in the city.

You may interact with the sellers and watch live demonstrations to learn more about how these Indigenous products are made.

This grouping of once-disgraced city districts has become a symbol of the country’s development and cultural revitalization. For tourists to enjoy, there is street art, music, and other expressions of local talent on exhibit.

3. Cultural Trips 2022: Jordan Discovery

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips destinations.


Many travelers’ bucket lists for 2021 include a visit to Petra, the ancient “Rose City.” As the sun rises into bright blue skies. You meander through the dusty Siq Valley’s tiny blush-pink fissures.

The anticipation grows as we travel deeper into the winding caves. And the exhilaration grows with each blind turn. Then there they are. In all their splendor.

The Treasury’s towering 1st-century columns, haloed by the brilliant desert sunlight.

Discover Jordan’s rugged beauty, delectable cuisine, and fascinating history. Explore Petra, sleep like a Bedouin in Wadi Rum. Then float in the Dead Sea, the world’s lowest point.

  • Mount Nebo–Follow along Moses’ footsteps and learn about Jordan’s historical past.
  • Petra – Spend two days exploring the fascinating and ancient ‘Rose Red City.’
  • Wadi Rum – Dine on a traditional Bedouin barbecue, relax over a campfire, and sleep under the stars.

Top Cultural Experiences in Jordan

Jordan’s tourist infrastructure is well-developed, with typically high standards. However, because of Jordan’s recent significant increase in tourism. Hotels are seeing an outrageous demand for rooms. Particularly in and around Petra.

Because of the strong demand, we may experience reduced levels of service and quality. As well as overbooking. Which is frequently communicated to us at a later stage. As a result, we want to stress those hotel accommodations.

Especially the standard, are subject to change.

This tour is ideal for those who wish to see the best of Jordan at an affordable price.

Your desert camp is only accessible by 4×4 and is far from any light or noise pollution. Thus making it an ideal location for enjoying the campfire, sitting beneath the stars, and getting a taste of traditional Bedouin life.

Plus, two full days to visit Jordan’s crown jewel, Petra, an ancient archaeological site.

4. Cultural Trips 2022: Cuba

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips 2022 destinations.

Cultural Trips 2022

Cubanacán was the name given to the lovely island by the local Taino Indians. When the Spaniards arrived in 1511, they abbreviated the name to “Cuba” and claimed it for Spain, calling it “the most beautiful place human eyes have ever seen.”

The country is ethnically diverse, including Europeans. Africans brought there as enslaved laborers in the 1700s, and a sizable number of Chinese indentured servants.

Regrettably, the original residents have mostly vanished.

The Cuban Revolution turned the country into a communist state on December 31, 1959. Since then, the island country has remained in semi-isolation, stuck in time.

Because of its mutually antagonistic relationship with the United States.

However, the vehicles that ply the streets are vintage American models from the 1950s, and the buildings, which are usually decaying, have received little attention.

Despite Cuba’s difficult history, the people’s enthusiasm lives on through the country’s rich and famous culture. Learn the dos and don’ts of visiting Cuba before you go.

Top Cultural Experiences in Cuba

  • Dance the night away at a musical venue: Several musical styles, including Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Afro-Cuban Jazz, originated in Cuba.

These Afro-European musical styles have enhanced and contributed to music genres all across the world. Make a point of attending one of Cuba’s world-famous carnivals or Jazz Festivals.

  • Art and Architecture: Cuba is a culture vulture’s dream, with nine UNESCO World Heritage sites and an incredible array of museums.

The majority are in Havana, Cuba’s capital, but there are also some hidden jewels in Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad, Cuba’s wonderfully preserved colonial city.

The architecture of Cuba spans from Spanish colonial through French Baroque to Art Deco in the 1920s. To begin, pay a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana and the Bacardi Museum in Santiago.

Don’t overlook the eccentric Rum Museum or the delicious Museum of Chocolate.

  • Stay at a Cuban Apartment: ‘Casas particulares’ are like Airbnb-style experiences. This is your chance to live with a Cuban family and immerse yourself in the culture.
  • Go hiking: The outdoor culture may be experienced at Cuba’s national parks, biosphere reserves, and 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of coastline.

5. Cultural Trips 2022: The Silk Road of Uzbekistan

Cultural Trips 2022

Take a step back in time and experience Uzbekistan’s rustic beauty. Explore colorful bazaars, haggle with vendors, and enjoy traditional kok-chai at a local tea house to get a firsthand look at the local culture.

In the brilliant sunlight, the cobalt-blue tiles and intricate aquamarine mosaics of Samarkand’s Registan square gleam, while the turreted walls of Khiva’s Old Citadel like the scene of an ‘Arabian Nights’ film.

On this tour across Uzbekistan’s attractions, travel along the legendary Silk Road, past old caravanserais, and across the isolated Central Asian terrain.

Admire magnificent Islamic architecture and learn about a history that spans millennia and civilizations.

  • Khiva – Take a step back in time by walking through the alleys of an ‘open-air museum.
  • Yurt stay – Experience nomadic life by sleeping in a traditional felt tent.
  • Samarkand. Discover Timur’s city, which is centered on Registan Square, a beautiful blue mosaicked square.

Top Cultural Experiences on Uzbekistan

The ideal seasons to visit are spring and fall when the weather is pleasant and of rain.

They may find colorful flowers in the typically desolate desert landscapes in April, while summer days in the towns and desert can be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching as high as 50°.

This tour takes you on a traditional adventure through old exotic towns and magnificent scenery along a section of the legendary Silk Road.

You will not only learn about Uzbekistan’s history and culture, but you will also spend the night in a typical nomadic yurt, which is a highlight for many people.

We have designated Uzbekistan one of the year’s best-developing travel destinations.


6. Cultural Trips 2022: Island Of Hawaii

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips destinations.

Cultural Trips 2022

Big Island of Hawaii, the biggest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, has a natural wealth that is nothing short of amazing.

The Big Island has a lot of diversity to discover, with eight different climatic zones, three active volcanoes, and the most mesmerizing waterfalls and beaches in all hues.

This one-of-a-kind natural environment is also home to several significant cultural sites.

After all, this is the Hawaiian island where the first Polynesian immigrants landed, where King Kamehameha the Great, the Kingdom of Hawaii’s first monarch, was born, and where European explorers first arrived.

It’s no wonder that Hawaiian culture is still very much alive on the Big Island, given its rich past. Here are some activities that will help you learn about the island’s history.

Top Cultural Experiences on Island of Hawaii

  • Take a tour of the Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park: A location where the royal family and their soldiers formerly lived may be found just south of Kailua-Kona.

It is exceptionally well maintained. With thatched cottages, an old temple, wooden sculptures, and fishponds still visible. But this was more than simply a royal retreat.

Hawaiians who disobeyed the law, or kapu, were condemned to death. The only way for them to avoid their fate was to reach this refuge. Known as the Place of Refuge.

You may have a self-guided tour of this fascinating location.

  • Learn the Traditional Hawaiian art of weaving palm fronds: The leaves of the coconut palm was used to thatch houses, make baskets, and even hats in the Hawaiian craft known as lau niu.

There are a few workshops where you may learn this ancient skill from an expert weaver. It not only provides a one-of-a-kind experience. But it also lets you create your own handcrafted Hawaiian keepsake.

  • Tour the Hawaiian Petroglyphs: The dormant Maunakea volcano, with its distinctive alpine Lake Waiau. They revere it in Hawaiian culture. They thought the peak was the domain of the gods and the meeting point of earth and heaven.

More Cultural Experiences on the Island of Hawaii

Cultural rites are being conducted on the slopes of Maunakea to this day.

The Onizuka Center for International Astronomy. Located atop this fascinating volcano, is home to the world’s biggest astronomical observatory. It conducts a regular stargazing program.

  • Tame the ocean in an Outrigger Canoe: Step aboard a double-hulled outrigger canoe and explore the beach like Polynesian pioneers did years ago.

They attach lateral support floats or outriggers to one or both sides of the hull in this style of a canoe.

As you glide through the Kona reefs filled with fish, you’ll learn how to paddle and cooperate as a team. You could even see a pod of dolphins if you’re lucky.

7. Cultural Trips 2022: Japan

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips destinations.

Cultural Trips 2022

Join us on a two-week journey from Tokyo to Osaka to experience Japan’s contrasting ultramodern cityscapes and ancient temples.

Because they have postponed the Olympic Games in Tokyo until 2021, this is an important year to visit.

Enjoy yourself in Japanese culture by staying overnight in a Buddhist monastery. Taking a super-fast bullet train to see the revitalized city of Hiroshima.

Also, visiting the scalding hot springs of Jigokudani Onsen to meet a swimming snow monkey.

Travel from ultramodern Tokyo to towns, castles, and temples that have remained untouched since the Shogun and Samurai eras.

In this energizing country, stay in a Buddhist monastery and a family-run ryokan. Encounter snow monkeys and gentle deer, and experience both the contemporary and the ancient.

  • Tokyo – Discover modern and historical Tokyo, as well as Mount Fuji, which lies close.
  • Kyoto – Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture by visiting temples, Zen gardens, and geishas.
  • Kanazawa – Discover the secrets of the Ninja Temple and the Samurai neighborhood.

A scenic train ride of just under three hours brings us north from Tokyo to the charming town of Matsumoto. It is surrounded by the Japanese Alps.

Top Cultural Experiences in Japan

Its 500-year-old castle is one of Japan’s oldest and most magnificent. Because of its ominous look, we know it as ‘Crow Castle.’ Therefore, it preserves its original timber interior. Which provides a really genuine feeling as we travel through its halls and chambers.

The design is intriguing. With a moon-watching pavilion, a secret floor for the Samurai, and several booby traps to help defense. We have the option of visiting the neighboring Ukiyo-e woodblock printing museum.

Right after viewing the inside of the castle and its gardens.

More Cultural Experiences in Japan

The art genre, which typically depicts famous geisha, sumo wrestlers, and kabuki dance-drama players. Meaning “paintings of the floating world.” Referring to the protagonists’ separation from everyday life.

This journey provides an economical option to visit Japan’s must-see destinations. Such as Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as lesser-known but intriguing sites, with time for independent exploration built-in.

They spent two of the evenings in temple accommodations and a family-run ryokan. Both in genuine traditional Japanese style.

8. Cultural Trips 2022: Oaxaca–Traditional Cuisine, Zapotec Rugs & Mezcal

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips destinations.

Cultural Trips 2022

Oaxaca is a cultural hotspot in Mexico. Devoid of resorts or even major hotel chains, is rich in flavorful cuisine, festivals, and Indigenous revitalization.

The city, in southern Mexico, has a diverse terrain. It ranges from verdant hills and woods to barren parched deserts and beautiful beaches.

Also, the communal environment of Oaxaca is what keeps people coming back. Both international visitors and Mexican citizens.

This city is renowned as Mexico’s cuisine center. Having hundreds of star chefs. Notably, having 16 recognized Indigenous tribes in the state.

Indigenous culture is extremely prominent in Oaxaca. Zapotec weaving, which hails from Oaxaca, is one of the most sought-after souvenirs in the area–and in Mexico.

Top Cultural Experiences in Oaxaca 

  • Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos: With its colorful parades, complex family altars, and many festivities. Oaxaca City is a favorite destination for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Dia de los Muertos is a pre-Columbian ritual. In which departed we honor loved ones with food, wine, and revelry. So, visit Oaxaca during a celebration such as Dia de los Muertos. But wear comfortable shoes for enjoyable activities throughout the day.

This city is a highly walkable city, and you’ll want to explore every inch of its mural-covered walls.

  • Eat Oaxacan cuisine: Because Oaxacan cuisine is so important to the region’s identity. Take a culinary tour with a native to learn about the origins of some of the most popular dishes. Also, what makes Oaxacan food and flavor so distinct from other states in Mexico.

Take a cooking lesson with a world-class chef at Casa de los Sabores. Learn how to prepare mole and other Oaxacan classics if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

More Cultural Experiences in Oaxaca

  • Visit a Zapotec village: Take a day excursion out to the Zapotec town of Teotitlán del Valle for a cooking instruction at El Sabor Zapoteco. If you like to focus on Indigenous food.

There are many things to do in Teotitlán del Valle once you finish. But you will most likely want to go shopping at the many boutique stores selling high-quality Zapotec carpets.

  • Drink mezcal: If you enjoy hard beverages, Oaxaca is an excellent place for mezcal tasting!

Take any tour and see the huge agave fields while tasting mezcal throughout the day. Depending on the season, you could even get to use the harvesting machete!

9. Cultural Trips 2022: Cycle Portugal – Lisbon to Algarve

This is one of the amazing Cultural Trips destinations.

Cultural Trips 2022

First, set out on a two-wheeled adventure around Portugal’s west coast. On our Lisbon to Faro Cycling Tour in 2021, you’ll get to see rugged beaches, quiet bays, and picturesque fishing communities.

The buttercup-yellow trams and ornate architecture of Lisbon. The wind-swept golden beaches of Vicentine Coast Natural Park. And the ancient market town of Aljezur.

All in a secluded ‘untouched’ area of the Algarve, are all cultural highlights.

Second, ride south from Lisbon’s cobblestone alleys. Via fishing villages, beautiful coves, and spectacular beaches. Then join to the farthest south-westerly corner of Europe.

Finally, discover Europe’s largest coastline natural park, the Costa Vicentina.

  • Explore LisbonPortugal’s vibrant and beautiful city.
  • Natural Park of the Vicentine Coast – Cycle the full length of this wild and unspoiled part of Europe.
  • Food and drink – sample delicious regional cuisine, including fresh fish and seafood, as well as Alentejo wines.

Top Cultural Experiences in Portugal

Setubal passes through the Serra do Arrabida’s undulating slopes. The beautiful coastline view is slightly greener than in the south. With the deep blue Atlantic contrasted against the greens of the pine-forested hills.

The early part of the ride includes a strong rise of roughly 200 meters over 3 kilometers. As well as several lesser hills in the afternoon.

We’ll stop at a few little bays and beaches along the route for a brief swim.

Finally, we arrive at our hotel in Setubal. A bustling port town where you can stroll around the pedestrianized old town. Even climb to the hilltop citadel for panoramic views.

Today, around 10% of the route is on an unpaved surface.


Cultural Trips 2022

Unpack only once to get a better feel of a destination’s distinct sense of place. Choose between a single European cultural capital or a smaller town that reflects the region’s personality.

Furthermore, whichever option you select, you’ll get an educational experience that includes both well-known and lesser-known places and an opportunity to meet locals.

Are you a culture vulture? Which of these places is your favorite? What other locations would you add to the list? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below!

We believe this article on Cultural Trips 2022 was informative. Please leave a comment, like, and share with friends and family!

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