How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Crumbl Cookies Franchise?

Consider the Crumbl Cookies franchise as your new opportunity. The chain of bakeries specializes in making and serving cookies and other desserts. Check out the bakery franchise investment information for Crumbl Cookies as we provide you with a brief update and review of the nation’s fastest-growing cookie franchise.

How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Crumbl Cookie Franchise?

About Crumbl Franchise

A cookie baking and delivery company called Crumbl Franchise has franchised stores all across the United States, in addition to an online store.

The Crumbl Cookies franchise was introduced in 2018, making it relatively new. According to them, the company’s primary goal is to provide cookies in a unique way.

In just three years, the Crumbl Cookies business has expanded to over 54 franchise locations and 264 bakeries across 36 states.

It indicates that the company provides attractive franchising prospects for aspiring business owners.

How to Open a Crumbl Cookies Franchise

You must have sufficient finance in order to launch a crumbl cookies franchise.
You need to have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets to operate a Crumbl Cookies bakery business.

Recognize the Financial Commitment needed for a Bakery Franchise

Real estate costs, the price of tools and signage, the price of licenses and permits, the price of uniforms, the price of insurance, the price of marketing materials, etc. must all be taken into account.

Analyze Your Past Performance and Strengths

Before submitting an application to open a Crumbl Cookies bakery franchise, you should carefully assess your prior business experience.

Check the Market’s Availability

Before moving forward with the franchising application, you should check the market availability for Crumbl Cookies franchises and determine if there are markets available in your desired location.

Send Your Application in

The team behind the Crumbl Cookies brand will examine your application. Upon receiving your online application, you will receive a confirmation email.

In this email, we will also include the franchise owner’s contact information.

Obtain Authorization and Launch Your Crumbl Cookies Franchise

Following the conclusion of your background and financial checks, you will be granted franchise clearance.

Only applicants who fully satisfy the standards of franchise owners will receive approval.

Competition from Crumbs Cookie Franchises

Other upscale bakeries and cookie delivery services, including Cookie Advantage, Baked Cookies & Dough, Great American Cookies, and Le Macaron, are rivals of Crumbl Cookies.

They also face off against indirect competition from other fast food concepts in the baked goods sector, such as Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon franchisees for donuts.

Additionally, Crumbl Cookies Franchises have joined an industry that is quite competitive. There are innumerable shops selling baked goods and ice cream all around the United States, and they have been there for generations.

Given the current state of the economy, many consumers might be reluctant to spend more money on ice cream and cookies.

As a result of this, customers may start turning to store-bought bread products like Nestle Toll House, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, etc. because of this.

Opportunities for Franchises

There are still many prospects for new franchises to open, even though Crumbl Cookie Franchises had significant growth in 2021.

For instance, there are only 3 Crumbl Cookie franchisees in Massachusetts, which is where the Chocolate Chip Cookie originated at Station Landing, Saugus, and Woburn.

Although the state has several fast-casual eateries with a dessert theme and several specialty bakeries, there is a huge potential for new franchisees.

Additionally, there is just one Crumbl Cookie franchise in the state of New York! Even though real estate in New York City is relatively expensive, Crumb Cookies can enter this untouched market.

New York City’s Crumbl Cookie franchises will be permitted to stay open longer and generate more money as a result.

Menu and Costs for the Crumbl Cookies Franchise

A large selection of cookies and ice cream are available on the Crumbl Cookies Franchise menu. The flavors of the cookies vary every week, but some examples are the Original with M&Ms, Peach Sugar, Peanut Butter Cup with Reese’s, and Classic Krispy Bar.

But don’t worry, the renowned Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is always available! It’s awesome that fresh varieties are almost always available on the Crumbl Cookies menu.

While Cookie Dough Crunch, Raspberry Cheesecake, Brownie Fudge, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Bean are among the ice cream flavors offered by Crumbl Cookies.
Below are the prices for the Crumble Cookie franchise:


Total Price

Price Per Cookie

Single Box



4-Pack Box



6-Pack Box



Party Box (12 Cookies)



Ice Cream

Total Price

Price Per Half Pint

Single Cream Half Pint



Cream Carrier 4 Half Pints



Franchise App for Crumbl Cookies

Despite being a franchise of ice cream and specialty baked goods, Crumbl Cookies Franchise has a significant online presence.

crumbl cookie franchise

Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan recognized the need for specialty bakeries to have quick and simple ordering procedures.

They also needed to be able to deliver if they wanted to compete with big-name chains.
Customers can place orders through the Crumbl Cookies Franchise App for curbside or in-store pickup, as well as for local delivery.

The software also lists all pricing and graphically represents the various offers.

Demands for a Crumbl Cookies franchise

According to their website, Crumbl Cookies “isn’t a side venture” but a full-time endeavor.
They are searching for proprietors who are willing to roll up their sleeves and don an apron.
They need a minimum of $150,000 in cash assets, and the majority of franchisees look for funding through the SBA loan program.

Before making an investment, you should be aware of the costs and financial requirements of buying a Crumbl franchise.

To help you comprehend the whole cost of investing, I’ve listed the necessary financial prerequisites and fees the chain requires.

Let me quickly describe the financial terms you’ll see in this part before I get into the financial needs.

1. Liquid capital is the total quantity of cash you will require on hand that is always ready for use.
2. Net worth is your total financial and non-financial assets less the total amount of your outstanding liabilities.
3. Entire investment: This refers to the total amount of capital or cash you will need to invest in the franchise over time in order to get it up and operating.
4. Franchise fee – the sum you must pay to the franchisor in order to make use of its name and resources.

Benefits of Franchising Crumbl

Before starting a franchise business, there are a number of things to take into account. You should consider additional elements like training and long-term firm stability in addition to the financial requirements and business success.

In light of this, I’ve listed the top advantages of running a Crumbl store from a competitive standpoint.

Weekly New Flavors

Every Sunday, the only day the store is closed, Crumbl announces the new flavors of cookies that will be available the following week.

The chain has been successful in creating a buzz around its limited-edition cookies because to Crumbl’s changing menu concept.

It’s a savvy marketing ploy to only provide four varieties each week to keep customers interested in what will be on the menu.

Customers feel compelled to rush to the store in order to try each cookie before it sells out, since each one feels exclusive. Cookie enthusiasts never get tired of exploring new tastes every week.

Information Transparency

To assist potential franchisees in determining whether the chain is worth their investment, Crumbl distributes income statements of the company’s operating and current franchisees. However, given the chain’s high sales volume, it’s easy to see why they’re so open.

Cheap Franchise Fee

For a Food and Beverage franchise, the Crumbl Cookie location’s $25,000 franchise fee is on the low end.

Additionally, compared to one of its rivals, Scooped Cookie Dough Bar, which demands an initial franchise cost of $29,900, Crumbl charges a lesser franchise price. I contend that Crumbl also has a stronger brand.

Increasing Chain

The company has grown significantly since it was founded four years ago. The fact that so many businesses have been established in just four years is simply amazing.

In actuality, since the epidemic began, more than 180 units have been introduced, and 8 to 10 additional units are released weekly.

If those facts weren’t amazing enough, since the franchise model was made available, not a single one of the company’s locations has shuttered. This franchise, though still young, shows promise.


If you’ve been on social media since 2020, it’s possible that you’ve already heard of Crumbl. The chain has amassed 800k followers on TikTok over the course of a month.

TikTok is the newest and most popular social media network, with 80+ million users monthly, the majority of which fall within the 16 to 24 age range.

Crumbl reaches millions of visitors through a meticulously maintained TikTok page, many of whom have turned into devoted clients.

One of Crumbl’s main competitive advantages is without a doubt its mastery of social media. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are very visual, and a lot of the information published on these sites is related to pictures and videos of food.

Food items, and cookies in particular, have the ability to go viral. The organization has a plenty of material to produce and share when you combine this with a dynamic selection of tastes.

Social media involvement is generally low among restaurants. However, Crumbl is unique.

Issues with Franchising Crumbl

Before submitting a franchise application, you should be aware of the drawbacks of owning a Crumbl site.

crumbl cookie franchise

I’ve developed a list of some of the problems to anticipate in order to help you decide whether or not this franchise is worthwhile.

Menu Rotation Every Week

Weekly menu changes could make operations difficult. One drawback is the ongoing, time-consuming, and expensive need to retrain your team for every new cookie.

Additionally, you should invest more time in marketing and post the menu on social media. A more conventional food franchise that focuses more on national advertising campaigns may be better for you if you don’t appreciate social media marketing.

A concept like this, as a side aside, works best for eateries with an experimental clientele—those who are more likely to try new things than folks who just come into a restaurant knowing what they want to eat.

Training Obstacles

To adapt to the weekly rotating menu, both franchise owners and employees may find it difficult to learn and retrain.

You might also find yourself with a lot of inventory in your storage space, which would make managing it more difficult and necessitate hiring more people or paying them more.

Quality Control

One of the operational difficulties you could experience as the owner of Crumbl is quality assurance.

The customers may remain interested if the menu is constantly changing, but the quality of the products may suffer as a result.

A weekly alternating menu may be accommodated at the expense of product quality.

Additionally, the menu may draw less interest during certain weeks than others. Simply put, getting a hit in every at-bat is impossible.

In Summary

The Crumbl Cookie Franchise is a very fresh and distinctive franchise idea that has recently displayed comparatively great profitability.

Crumbl elevates the craft of cookie baking with its distinctive cookie flavors, which may be enjoyed warm or cooled.

Furthermore, with more than 300 sites across the United States, Crumbl is beginning to establish a name for itself in the food and beverage sector, and customers may easily order cookies for delivery or pick them up using the app.

In today’s food and beverage industry, prompt service and delivery are crucial. Despite its youth, the company has a promising future, and there are undoubtedly some sweet gains to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

The franchise fee for Crumbl Cookies is up to $25,000, and the total initial investment ranges from $227,666 to $567,833.

Only some states provide Crumbl franchises to qualified potential franchisees.

The American franchise company of bakeries, Crumbl Cookies, is known for its big cookies and ice cream. It began in 2017 and is based in Utah. The company will have more than 400 outlets open across the country by 2022.


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