Cricket Wireless Review 2022: Is the Discount Carrier Good?

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Cricket Wireless is a low-cost mobile phone service that will help you save big bucks on your cellular phone bill every month. The discount carrier offers high-quality AT&T service with the same broad coverage as the corporate name but at a fraction of the size.
Cricket Wireless Review 2022: Is the Discount Carrier Good?

Cricket Wireless has been one of the small carriers with the fastest rising in recent years. The entire US is covered and Cricket offers 3G, 4G LTE, and LTE Plus coverages.

The carrier is a prepaid mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, established in 1999.

In other words, the customer pays the month in advance before service is available on the device and then chooses to continue service on a month-by-month basis.

Pros and Cons of Cricket Wireless


  • Reliable service on AT&T’s dependable network
  • Much cheaper than traditional AT&T wireless service
  • No credit check is necessary to switch over from another carrier
  • No long-term contracts
  • Flat-rate pricing includes all taxes and fees


  • Slower data speeds
  • Not necessarily cost-competitive with other AT&T sub-brands
  • Limited free phone selection

Plans and Pricing

Cricket Wireless offers a range of plans for people who don’t care about data at all to people wanting unlimited data for everyone. Their two boundless plans are called Cricket Core and Cricket More.

As a general rule for unlimited plans, after using 22GB/line/Month you may encounter slower speeds than most Cricket Wireless customers in periods of network congestion.


Single Lines

Plan Name Price What You Get
2GB – Limited Time Offer! $15 Speeds up to 4G LTE
2GB $30 Temporarily get an extra 10 GB of data, plus Mobile Hotspot is temporarily included
5GB $40 Temporarily get an extra 10 GB of data, plus Mobile Hotspot is temporarily included
Unlimited (aka Cricket Core) $55 Up to 3 Mbps; temporarily get 10 GB Mobile Hotspot; includes Mexico and Canada usage + texts to 37 countries
Unlimited + Mobile Hotspot (aka Cricket More) $60 15 GB Mobile Hotspot + a temporary extra 10 GB; includes Mexico and Canada usage + texts to 37 countries

You can also save $5 off most plans listed above with autopay.

Family Plans

Finally, Cricket Wireless has separate deals for multiple lines, like the four Unlimited lines for $100 deal that they’ve consistently run for years now.

Data Speeds

This is a reality that the speeds of the AT&T LTE network are limited to eight Mbps, leaving room for complaints from internet-obsessed critics.

Speeds will also be slowed after surpassing the allocated sum or schedule. Upon the next billing period, regular speed will be restored.

That said, the causal internet user should find themselves perfectly content with eight Mbps. After all, it only takes 0.5Mbps speed and 3.0 Mbps for good picture quality when streaming with Netflix.

It comes down to what’s a priority for each consumer – speed or price?

Phone Selection

You can carry unlocked and licensed GSM phones that help At&T’s LTE bands into Cricket to test eligibility. These phones can be used if registered, instead of purchasing a new one.

Keep in mind that older model phones may not have the technical capabilities to connect to 4G frequency towers and therefore do not receive a signal for use. Until planning on using an existing unit, make sure to test eligibility.

Cricket also sells a large selection of phones at MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) online and at over 10,000 retail stores nationwide.

While these require payment in full at the time of purchase, the buyer will own the phone and not be under any service contract or lease agreement.

This is an important consideration for consumers not needing or wanting long obligations to a carrier.

There are also mobile devices for economical use. For parents doing a test run for the first phone of a child or helping an elderly friend out with a computer, these work well.

Existing numbers can be transferred to Cricket devices. Connect laptops and handheld devices to the internet with Cricket’s mobile hotspot for an additional charge.

Customer Service

Cricket Wireless Review 2022: Is the Discount Carrier Good?

There are plenty of storefront locations to get help with your Cricket wireless plan. For the most part, Cricket Wireless reviews report that Cricket does a good job of providing quality customer service.

Prospective customers can speak to Cricket customer service using the live chat feature on the website.

Cricket provides plans and optional add-ons that allow users to customize their phone plans as needed, with variable data plans and lines per account required.

Cricket does a decent job of multi-line deals for a family package of four that cost just $100 a month.

However, when you hit your data cap, your internet use will slow drastically and will not recover until the next billing period begins again

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