How Does Creative Suite Allow You to Make Dramatic Transformations?

Making photos and videos with dramatic transformations is a more recommended thing than you think. Without making your photos and videos stand out, they can never look interactive and catchy. If they don’t look interactive and catchy, you can’t use them to attract people, or it is useless to use them for any professional purposes.

How Does Creative Suite Allow You to Make Dramatic Transformations?

It is because a video or photo with poor aesthetics can turn off the viewer’s mood. So, let’s uplift the visuals of your photos using CapCut Creative Cloud.

It is a complete package that includes an online video editor, online photo editor, cloud backup, no watermarks, etc.

Besides, it comes with an online space to invite, interact, and collaborate with your teams by assigning them different roles. To learn how it helps you make dramatic transformations, go through this article.

How Does Creative Suite Make Dramatic Transformations?

If you are curious to know how this suite helps you to dramatically transform your videos and photos, look at the points below.

They will help you learn how it take ordinary photos/videos and transform them into professional masterpieces. So, let’s begin!

Video Transformations

This creative suite helps you make video transformations by using incredibly amazing tools.

These tools include color adjustments, background removal or background addition, captions and transcript generation, managing background music/audio, etc.

Besides, you can also use the powerful impact of words or text in your videos to make them more meaningful.

At the same time, there are tons of other professional features with one-click AI technology that can help you make impressive transformations.

How Does Creative Suite Allow You to Make Dramatic Transformations?

Photo Transformations

You can also benefit yourself through this suite’s photo editing tools. They are all powerful enough to give a more distinctive appearance to your photos and make them stand out.

By removing the background to add a more beautiful one, color optimization, text effects, stickers, and shapes, you can uplift the photo’s aesthetics.

The best thing is that you don’t need to have any professional-level editing skills to make all these transformations.

Instead, you can use the one-click editing features of this Creative Suite to create dramatically inspiring results.

Transformations via Pre-Built Free Templates

Besides photos and videos, this Creative Suite also allows you to make transformations by using free built-in templates.

These templates are available in all contexts, for all purposes, and in all varieties. No matter whether you want to use a personal birthday template or a commercial business template, it serves you all.

Just browse through the available designs and pick up the one that suits your requirements. Then, feel free to edit it in any way you want and mesmerize yourself through the results.

Backspace with Team Management

The most impressive thing about this Creative Suite is that it doesn’t only allow you the space to transform files but also provides a space to manage them.

Through its cloud backup, you can’t only save your files to a more secure space, but also easily and quickly manage them here.

In addition, it also allows you to share these amazing transformations with your team by sending them the links. Else, you can also invite as many people as you want to your space.  

Multi Context/Device Support

For many people, the most problematic thing while using online editors is the lack of compatibility of their files across multiple devices.

However, using this Creative Suite would resolve this problem for you by ensuring multiple contexts and multiple device support.

You can’t only save your files here, but also retrieve and download them in any format and access them from any device.

More Precise Results

Another important thing to remember is that this creative suite brings more precise results. While making transformations, it doesn’t alter the originality and quality of the photos or videos.

Instead, it simply fine-tunes their aesthetics, uplifts their visuals, and makes them look more impressive while maintaining their originality.

Time-Saving AI Technology

Last but not least, this is the most time-saving technology as it won’t take you hours to produce the desired results.

By using its quick AI tools e.g. color optimization, video upscaler, etc. you can make instant transformations.

It’s mind-blowing to transcribe video to text when you are in a hurry, which saves plenty of time while enjoying the quick yet impressive transformations.

How to Use CapCut Creative Suite?

Are you willing to use this Creative Suite, but not sure how to use it for making super interactive masterpieces?

Don’t worry. Just follow the simple steps here to use this editor without any difficulty.

How Does Creative Suite

Step 1: Create an Account

First, you need to create your account here by searching its name “CapCut Creative Suite” on Google. You will see it on the top research results.

Click on it and move to this Suite’s main page. From there, create your account by using the signup for free button.

Then, use the same information to sign in to your account. Once there, click on the online photo editor under the tool section. It will lead you to the photo editor’s workspace.

Step 2: Upload Photo/Video

On this workspace, drag and drop any of your ordinary/random photos from your device. You can also upload it here from your Google Drive, Cloud space, or also from your Dropbox.

Wherever you have saved your photos, just take one photo and upload it to this editor.

Step 3: Customize and Transform

The third step is the most enjoyable and fun step where you will cherish yourself through creating the masterpieces.

The best thing here is that you don’t need to worry at this step about how to make the desired changes. Instead, this editor would offer you a bulk of AI-based magic tools that you can use one by one to transform your photo or video.

Start by changing the background of your photo. See if another color’s background makes it look more impressive or not. Decide what makes it look more appealing to the eyes.

Then, optimize the colors of your photo and add different filters, frames, and effects to it. Don’t forget to use the text effects as well, along with trying on multiple other features.

Step 4: Export and Download

When you are done making all the edits, save your photo to your device. For this, simply click the download button under the export tab.

You must also use your cloud space to save and create a backup of the files you edit using this suite. It would help you reaccess and reuse your transformed photos later at any time you want.

Besides, you can also share the link of these photos with anyone else you want. Moreover, it is also free to use these transformed photos for any commercial or personal purposes.


By using CapCut Creative Suite, you can benefit yourself through many of the most impressive and dramatic transformations.

It not only saves time but also saves you money by offering you a free editor for all editing-related tasks.

Besides, it doesn’t require you to have any professional photo editing skills to make impressive transformations to your photos.

So, let’s avail of these advantages and cherish ourselves by making artistic masterpieces through this Suite.

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